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Lifestyle Batam: Combining Old Village & Urban Life

Are you living in Batam or anywhere in Barelang area? Or are you visiting Batam after a long time? If you are living in this city then you know how every part of Batam is growing gradually. Also, some places and sectors are in fast move. And, let’s have a look at Lifestyle Batam: Combining Old Village & Urban Life In fact, Batam is developing every day.  From school until job opportunity, housing and shopping, in every part of everyday life people are moving forward. Village & Urban Lifestyle: Batam to Barelang As my wife told that, for schooling in her time, in Batam, there was no school. And, from Belakang Padang, they had to move to a nearby island, example, to Tanjung Pinang for education purpose. Batam was then a beautiful green with hills, a natural landscape without a lot of small housing complexes. Now, Batam is having few Polytechnics and Universities including ship and air service related education facilities. By the way, I am here many years and I can see the upgradi

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