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50 Life Saving Motivational Quotes for Self Rescue While Drowned Nowhere

These sorted Life Saving Motivational Quotes are going to help you, whether you are struggling or you are enjoying your success. Help yourself and help others by reading these. Charge yourself as batteries need to charge. Importance of Sayings of Famous People in Our Lives While we are out of the path we take, we know we can succeed and achieve. But, most of us can't stay concentrate. Because, you may aim high, and difficulties must there. To achieve, besides physical strength, you need more is mental power and strength. In case, you are facing some odds, spend some time with these articles. I do not guarantee but, I hope, these will work as mediation. Something like self-mediation. Read and absorb, and, sure apply. “Don’t be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin.” - Anonymous “Nothing kills the ego like playfulness, like laughter. When you start taking life as fun, the ego has to die, it cannot exist anymore.” – Osho “You&#

Reasons: Why you can Choose Writing as Inspiring Hobby and Innovative Activity

Before ‘why’ let’s talk a little about ‘how’. Is it ok? I guess, now all over the world, from a small kid till a grandma using and used to with social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and also, Pinterest besides blogs or websites. And, by a small hand-carry smartphone or mobile. Write Everyday to Become a Writer/ Blogger So, what are they doing with these all? Posting pictures, videos and writing ‘Hi all, Good Morning’ or something else. Are you doing so? Mostly to share their happiness and feeling, also sometimes, anger. Many are posting food recipe and hairstyle, also motivational quotes. What usually you post? Do you post on a certain topic or just share anything pops up in mind? As Facebook asks, ‘What’s in your mind’? Usually in a few sentences posts and a long list of the friends who like your post. And, we feel happy as they recognized our posting. We do the same, like back too. If you have a long list of friends, and most active posting som

Reading Skill Certainly Helps You Grow Personally in Many Fields

We are reading from school. Again reading while applying for a job even at the time of working too. Also, while building a career or doing business. Now again, I am talking about ‘Reading Skill?’ Does it seem fair to you? I am not sure. But by end of this writing, we will know that. Till that moment, let’s discuss. Is it fair to you now? More You Read More You Know You read a lot, prove is, you are reading this. And, I congratulate your patience. Your hobby of reading. Only a few are possessing this charismatic manner. A lot of people are doing a lot of things. Even many are writing a lot too. But all are not with a good habit of reading unless those write on based on research at any level, about anything or on some selected topics. Therefore, without being a good reader not much possible to be a good writer, in some cases. Most likely, you are someone having a special kind of hobby and, that is reading. What benefit someone can achieve from quality reading skill?

50 All Time Best Quotes to Keep Life Always Developing Steady Everyday

Today, we are going to look and study some all-time best quotes to keep us continuously develop and these are sorted out from many. And, the authors are not unknown to you, they are famous and helped people to grow. Developing Life Quotes To Help Self-Development Personal development, it's a big issue and we can't ignore it. Nobody wants to say that he or she is not mentally matured and is not wise. And, you are not going spend the time to investigate someone, as well. Perhaps, it's better, add more elements to your life and grow better. And, here are 50 quotes, will help you as these helped a lot of people worldwide. Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. ― Jim Rohn “Your inner strength is your outer foundation” ― Allan Rufus The greatest development is achieved during the first years of life, and therefore it is then that the greatest care should be taken. If this is done, then the child does not become a burden; he will revea

Most Basic Qualities and Skills Someone Must Possess for Own Development

Basic qualities those we Learned In primary schools and at home or in the run of life. I am not going to teach as a teacher or university professor. Consider, we are talking while having coffee somewhere nearby sea shore over a hill. Heading For The Best Qualities In an open space while the mild breeze is touching us. While we feel so great but tiny under the big sky. We won’t take a long time as we are not going into deep about our topics. It's coffee time in a relaxing mood. Let’s consume something from our memory. That’s all we are going to do today, now. By the way, look at the picture of a hanging bridge, amazing and scary. A lot of people are not going to cross it. There are reasons those vary from person to person. Self-Esteem or self-respect You need to love and respect yourself in any situation. Unless you hurt someone, deceive someone. However, if someone hates own-self, then, anger and frustration will rise up higher. Which definitely going to

Most Influencing Quotes to Grow Personal Skills That You Must Know

Today, I am emphasizing on few quotes and these can be effective as well to grow personal skills of anybody out there. Sure, you learned a lot. Certainly, you have developed your skills a lot too. But, still, we need to sharpen as much as possible our very own qualities to grow more. The Most Important Skill Is to Stick With  Personal Development  However, to keep everything on track as you want, or I want, still, need help from experts. Here are some of these, I quoted from, who are famously able to lead people by their far vision. Thus, people get motivated and create opportunities to further progress. And that is personal development, which is a skill that someone needs to grow. Intelligence Skill - Personal Development Intelligence depends on knowledge and, knowledge depends on observation, formal and/ or non-formal education too. And bringing all together in a balance as an attitude. Controlling and managing as well. The self-control of anger, hate, or over love,

Effective Positive Thinking to Dust Away Negatives Everyday

Do you agree that thoughts are positive and negative? You are definitely a follower of positive thinking attitude. That’s why you are here. Think And Act Postive I appreciate your manner and choice of your life. You can detect what is good and the opposite. Even you know the difference between ‘I can and, I cannot' or ‘I want and I don’t want’. Most likely you know too, walking on the footpath beside a road, and the ultimate result while running mid of a highway. So, what you don’t know then? What you are confusing about? Anything doing with a good attitude is positive. Meanwhile, putting others on danger including or excluding own-self, surely not a good manner. And, not positive in any way. Therefore, stop negative type self-talk and change it with positive thinking. Which will bring good result for you and for the people surrounding you? “Today is a good day for a good day.” Furthermore, if you think positive, there is more chance to happen positi

Teenagers, Plan to Stay Success from Now, Don’t wait till You are too Old

Everybody Needs a Plan Not Only to Success But To Stay Success Forever Plan to ‘stay success’ and plan to ‘success’, also work hard to success – are these all same to you? Teenage is the best time to know and understand these simple affairs. Best Time to Learn Planning Life And, a teen is a time while you think you are not a baby anymore, certainly, it’s true. Also, this is the time when teens start feeling as they are already ‘big’. So, it’s a crucial time for you. I am really happy as you are here. By the way, once upon a time, I was a teenager too as you are now. While you are reading this, a lot of children of your age, are dreaming big, and some of them are working on to the dream. While some are just ignoring the upcoming future and some are just spending time with games. Be Creative  Be Creative - Image: Pexels Remember, your brain is like a big land to create a big garden. How do you want to utilize it?  Are you a good gardener by this time at your

Reasons You Can Choose Book Collection as a Creative Hobby

Many reasons that you can choose Book Collection as a creative hobby. By reading books anybody can increase knowledge. Whatever you read, apply as much as possible in practical life. Select those are positively effecting in daily life. Creating Hobby of Collecting Books to Read Of course, I insist on you to increase your reading skill too. Also, you can create a personal book library. So, why you can choose the book collection as a creative hobby? Hobby: Book Collection and Reading Skill Can Improve Life  In case you are a teenager then your whole life chapters coming up one after another. Certainly, if you have more knowledge, you can utilize your knowledge power at every step in life. If you are a parent and building your career in a certain field, then besides your regular reading you can add some other types. While your children can be a good follower to become a good reader as well. It’s a thousand times better than playing with internet games of social media. An

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