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The right place to start knowing About this blog. Welcome to visit my personal blog to explore my writing on various topics, and I am dedicating these all to the going to be bloggers. Literally, some of these you are going to love, while few may not.

And it’s very obvious and normal.

Welcome is written on black board

If you don't like much or few, you can help me to improve. Definitely, I will appreciate if you make your comment with suggestions and ideas to improve it better.

A Place For New Going-to-be Bloggers 

And, you are most welcome to subscribe by email too. Also, you can share on your social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus or any other. In case, you find any writing that helpful for the people you know.

By the way, I am writing to entertain my blog readers and also trying to make it educational and helpful. Moreover, to inspire too. Further, you are welcome to explore anytime.

In this case,

for Who This Blog is? 

Besides self-satisfaction of creativity, I am writing for the people, who are,
  • Like-minded web surfers, bloggers, and readers.
  • Anybody from anywhere who wants to know about my blog.
  • Friends around the world (I really miss them).
  • Relatives those who become unknown to me due to less communication because of long-distance and longtime detachment. 
  • New beginner bloggers or going-to-be bloggers those who are looking for concept or idea to write. 
  • Bloggers, who are already good at blogging. (Please advise/ suggest me, how to develop my blog more to get the benefit for the followers, readers.)
  • And those people, who love to devalue any initiative of others rather than own comfort zone by discouraging, teasing or by non-cooperating.   
In short, those who don’t wish to recognize a new or different concept of developing life by others.

However, you are here now, so take the advantage if you are a new blogger and starting from scratch like me. And, also if you are looking for inspiration and ideas on ‘what to write about’.

Anyway, I do not guarantee that you will find everything whatever you are looking for. But, chances are high to get some tips and clues as well. Precisely, you are going to discover verities of topics by surfing all the menus, categories and links.

By doing so, you will have an idea about me, my writing areas, and taste.

For example, Start menu link can be a good pick to get to know about this blog content.

And, you will know, how and what you can use for yourself. Moreover, we will have more opportunities to communicate and to create a friendly relation over the internet, for example by this blog.

Literally, I am more focusing to grow our skills in many ways throughout my blog.

For this reason, I am writing every page and contents with care, also I am spending much time on reading and research a lot to make the articles more informative, educational and entertaining, as much as possible.

Moreover, these all are free. So, do not hesitate to read anything that you like. Take your time. Perhaps, try to find out something that may help you bring some changes in near time.

Anyway, as I am not an expert on everything, there could be some words or sentences you may find not much interesting for you.

However, keep under consideration too, that, we all are with different choices and tastes. So, maybe some other readers find something interesting while you see that as not necessary.

And, it happens.

In this case, let me know by commenting to make that correct if any wrong information posted unwillingly. Or something uncomfortable, so that I will consider removing as well.

Further, I appreciate you in advance. I will look for the best solution for you. All my trying is to make this blog helpful, entertaining and interesting in some ways for the readers and for you.

By the way, at the end of this reading, you can subscribe to your email and also you can share on your social media if you want to.

What kinds of topics are accommodating here?

Here, I am writing about my views, those things I want to do and doing, example helping some people in various ways they need our support. For example, Orphan, Disabled, Sick, Elderly People and those are below standard income.

Even, stray cats or dogs also need our support as well. And, I am writing about this too.

As we need help from others by knowledge or financial to improve life. While a lot of people around the world are fighting to survive life from hunger. They need financial help.

Also, a lot of people need skill training too to get a better job or something else, for example, starting a small business.

However, if you stay stick to my blog, (if you want), you will find a lot of ideas to implement in your life (at your own risk). Even by providing your consultation to others.

Isn’t it helpful for many people those you know?

For example, as I am discussing some ideas in this blog. I hope some are going to be helpful. However, all depends on you, how you are going to design your life.

Anyway, this blog name is as my name, so you are going to discover,

And, the rest of the writings are on,
Also a few other more.
And all these are to give you an indication or idea to read and write on, any or many topics. In case, you want to. However, to let the world know, you may choose a blog platform.  You can think about Blogger, Joomla, Wix or WordPress.

However, there are many more. And, most of these provide free and paid facility both.

Right now I am enjoying the free one. I will inform you and update here once I migrate to paid/ Self Hosting. As I am honestly intending to share what is happening, with my blog readers, sincerely.

What I Will Repeat A Lot in My Writings?

  • Read a Lot (Knowledge is power)
  • Learn More Earn More (So you can be wealthy and will be able to help others)
  • Be Brave to be Rich in Knowledge, Culture, Asset and Cash besides a Good Citizen also in your belief 
  • To The Human Mankind (Help the sick, disables, Orphans, Old, rescue stray cat/dog or like this)
  • Be a Blogger (You can read and learn a lot and certainly you can write a lot)
  • Be an Entrepreneur (follow the success people, they came across a lot of odds while decided to become somebody special)

Perhaps, I can tell a little bit about me. As I started learning Computer and music, mainly Hawaiian guitar/ Lap Steel guitar in back 1985 while I was migrating from High School to College.

I did writing in my primary school, with the inspiration from my mother and luckily published in a newspaper too. If you feel the interest to know then you may read,
Further, with a wave of breaks in learning computer, I continued learning guitar beside academic education till able to pass Audition in Radio and Television (performed one recording each and broadcasted too).

However, my computer literacy, with long gaps mainly self-study, which, ever turned up into building the primary stage of my CMS sample before many famous CMS now. However, it was left as a learning process in 2010, and always I was all alone.

I was using Open Source such as PHP, MySql and HTML, CSS, JavaScript and also XML.

Literally, before that, in 2000 total interactive web project (such as present social media) just left behind and shifted to survive daily life in a different profession, such as life insurance agent, marketing, and sales.

You can explore,
Even though nearly detached from music, computer, and internet, but the love was never lost. And now in 2018, I am using Blogger, Joomla (for a while) and WordPress platform for blogging. 
And, also learning Piano, Classical guitar (self-learning too) while practicing Hawaiian Guitar a bit too. 

I believe, this time I will pick up and gear up these (hopefully as I am trying at my best), slowly. However, I don't mind as it is taking a bit long time to start publishing. 

I am learning every day to develop nearly from ‘no knowledge’ and trying to share with you all at the same time. In fact, ‘Life’ is a big learning place and I am learning from many blogs. Which means from many bloggers, who are writing on various matters and mostly free of cost.

Anybody can do the same way to learn. Also, a lot are charging low or high price too. Here with me, it's all totally free, if you can learn something that is your gain. 

Literally, it’s possible to become a good writer too besides playing with social media. As I see, a lot of internet user just spending most of the day with social media network only.

Eventually, the way of my approaching or expressing, some people may not be going to appreciate at all. Surely, no ‘welcome’ from them. So, 

Not Advised To Read This Page 

  • Those who do not need any idea from other
  • Overestimate about own intelligence 
  • Not able to differentiate between Ego and Self-Esteem
  • Not open-minded and not open-hearted to accept the reality but moves as TV/ Radio – Oneway transmission
  • Not ready yet and never will be ready to help others by any means (time, advice, energy or money)
Can I welcome those are having these qualities? The reason is, these kinds of people live in own world for own happiness only.

I prefer to stay far, hope they too do so. 

So, in every step of our lives, we need a happy life with like-minded people, friends, and community to prosper. Only then we will be able to grow our quality higher to help others without expecting material in return.

Such as, helping and expecting money in return. (unless the matter is a paid job). 
What I am trying to say is, to help willingly, as a volunteer. Sharing knowledge, educating others or influencing to develop lives. 

Also, by donating to charity or those deserve in need.  

By the way, here whatever comes useful to you, use wisely as you like, as your way at your own risk. And, start developing from your next step by adding little bit more humanity to the people you pass by every day. 

As much possible and if you need to.

Anyway, I don’t know about your standard of anything. But, always we can develop one step more if we have opportunities. However, if you are new to blog and blogging or planning to start a blog.

Sincerely speaking, you are welcome to learn more from anybody you know personally or from web/ blog sites. 

You can earn more too, and you can share your knowledge and money with the people who need your help.  There are many blogs on these topics. All you can find just by searching. 

And, I will try to stay beside you with some information, or some ideas which may help you a little. By the way, this blog and my other blogs are to encourage and entertain fellow going-to-be bloggers.

I am leaving every single word to the world of the newcomer to blogging. 

Greetings from,

(Hasan Imam Mukut)


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