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Jakarta a City To Attract You, Traffic, Food and The People of This Crowdy City

Do you want to know about Jakarta? One of the busiest, and with heavy traffic city, and it’s a ‘Live city’. Seems like it never sleeps. People are busy with commuting for job, business, shopping or hangout. Street food stalls are open till late night even till early to morning. Menara Jamsostek, Jakarta - Image: Author Jakarta: A City to Travel Again Besides public transportations, the roads are filled with privately owned bikes and cars. From ‘village’ till high rise buildings are covering the blue sky, while flyovers are trying to keep the traffic jam to pass by. If you like cities crowded with different kinds of people, vehicles, and foods, then Jakarta one of your choices. However, you know that Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. I visited a few times. Centennial Tower - Image: Author By the way, a lot of kinds of local drinks you can find from street side food stall until elite restaurants. Yes, prices are different too. You can get people, lang

Hawaiian Guitar Also Known as Lap Steel Guitar

Many of you know Lap Steel Guitar or Steel Guitar, is also widely known as Hawaiian Guitar. Once upon a time in around 1800s Hawaiian Guitar was invented and later become famous and widely known as, Lap Steel Guitar. Hawaiian Guitar:  A Popular Instrument with Love and Passion Like me, many were familiar with this unique musical instrument. This is really a hard work out, musical instrument. Obviously other instruments too. Clearly, I remember when I was a school going little boy (high school), I started learning. And fell in love with this guitar that now not much I see, at least where I am living for many years. In Bangladesh and nearby countries this is mainly, we know as Hawaiian Guitar. But, when I search in Google or YouTube, I see, mostly mention as Lap Steel Guitar. By the way, as I found Lap Steel Guitar in Wikipedia is, “ The lap steel guitar is a type of steel guitar which is typically played with the instrument in a horizontal position on the performer’s

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