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Jakarta a City To Attract You, Traffic, Food and The People of This Crowdy City

Do you want to know about Jakarta? One of the busiest, and with heavy traffic city, and it’s a ‘Live city’. Seems like it never sleeps. People are busy with commuting for job, business, shopping or hangout. Street food stalls are open till late night even till early to morning.

Menara Jamsostek, Jakarta - Image: Author
Menara Jamsostek, Jakarta - Image: Author

Jakarta: A City to Travel Again

Besides public transportations, the roads are filled with privately owned bikes and cars. From ‘village’ till high rise buildings are covering the blue sky, while flyovers are trying to keep the traffic jam to pass by.

If you like cities crowded with different kinds of people, vehicles, and foods, then Jakarta one of your choices.

However, you know that Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia.

I visited a few times.

Centennial Tower - Image: Author
Centennial Tower - Image: Author

By the way, a lot of kinds of local drinks you can find from street side food stall until elite restaurants. Yes, prices are different too. You can get people, language and cuisine of every part of Indonesia, in Jakarta.

Previously known as Batavia. However, it is a history of many years back.

Duck rice including usual Chicken, fish with rice, and many other you can find more or less anywhere. Some are especially for evening, such as duck rice.

I found fresh fruit juice is good quality comparing to many places I tried in Batam.
By the way, Batam is an island city of Indonesia, which is near to Singapore and Johor Baru of Malaysia. And, I am living there for a long time.

Commuter or Railway Transport, Jakarta - Image: Author
Commuter or Railway Transport, Jakarta - Image: Author

However, for the night stay, you can get hotels at a variable rate, as your budget. High and low, also medium, all are available for you, so, no worries at all.

There are suitable budget hotels for backpackers, also, star hotels for high earning business people.

So, many choices out there to spend a lot, or to cut cost according to your choice.

Apartemen Batavia - Image: Author
Apartemen Batavia - Image: Author

High Rise Construction And Busy Road - Jakarta

Also, about transportation. Rather than a taxi, other public transports are quite cheap. You can get an online taxi or motorbike as well, you just need to install the App. You can look for by searching online or by asking people there.

Rail or Train, which named as ‘Commuter’. A nice and comfort service in and out of the city area. I traveled by commuter to Bogor, Tangerang.

There is the footpath to walk by the road, and I found, walking and taking images is enjoying. People are quite friendly too. If you lost way, you can ask for help. As long as, you can explain it if you there is a language barrier for you.

For example, you don’t know the Indonesian language, and the person doesn’t know English or your language.

However, wherever a problem, there is a solution as well.

Just find the best way, maybe Google Maps or road direction.

If you ride in a bus or minibus type public transport, you can remember from where you get in, if you want to back to the same place. Easy way it to get a photo from the front of the vehicle, and the place you start.

Just in case, you are new to the city and afraid of loss.
I guess you know these things. Anyway, I just reminding, just in case.

Garden Waiting Lounge Sukarno Hatta Airport - Image: Author
Garden Waiting Lounge Sukarno Hatta Airport - Image: Author

If you spend a few days, or a busy week moving around in Jakarta, and out of the city by bus or train, Commuter. And, you become used with the people you pass by and with the local foods. You are going to love the place.

You will feel that Jakarta is a place to visit again. It’s a place to travel again.

By the way, Traveling is a good hobby and leisure too.

Also, you can read, My Barelang Adventure, it's about Batam Island, Indonesia.


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