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You are here now. This is the page that you are reading at this moment.

Legal Pages

By the way, most of the images I am collecting from the internet, mainly form stock photo websites, such as Pexels, Unsplash,  and Pinterest. In some cases from websites, those I mention photo credit as well.

Unless mistakenly not mentioned.

In many cases, it's quite difficult to detect who is the owner of the image.  However, all my trying is to make this blog entertaining and helpful purpose.


Welcome - About Page Hasan Imam Mukut
It’s a usual ‘About Page’ like other blog or websites. And this is a ‘must’ page any web or blog site should have.

In the case of more than one writer or company website, then usually ‘about us’, ‘we are’, something like that you can see.

Hopefully, it may be inspiring for you.

However, I invite you to read it.


Note book, Pen and smartphone to contact
This is the best place to contact me for any reason related to my blog. I will reply faster or late that depends on the situation.

As I am writing for more than one blog and all as ‘one man show’. So, let’s just be understanding for the reply if you expect from me faster.

I hope you don’t mind.

However, these are some pages you may read in case you want to know more about me. And, about my hobby, activities, view,  and thoughts. You can guess.

The Author of The Blog

Yes, you are right, here I am introducing myself, more. If you are interested to know about me a little bit more, then you are welcome to read it.

More About Me

Otherwise, skip to another link you are interested. By jumping all adding ‘My’ or ‘Me’ headings.
Don’t worry, I am not going to unhappy with that. (Smile)

My Blogging

Why and how I choose to blog, and why on various topics, you will have an idea upon reading this page. Anyway, I am writing my own biography (as none has shown interest to write about me yet. Precisely, people write about those who are famous so you can assume well).

About My Blogging Life

My Thoughts

Give a try to read this page. As a story,  Literally, I am expressing my colorful thoughts, even some dreams. It's a must read if you want to know about my willingness towards some social issues related to humanity.

My Colorful Thoughts
Words went on increasing to more. Which makes, ‘it’s possible to write’. Do you get what I mean?

Anybody needs to try what he or she wants to do.


A lot of successful careers start from hobbies. Then it becomes the main activity.
Some hobbies are since my childhood as, playing football or badminton (nearby home only).

Learning anything new, such as learning a foreign language, computer software, hardware and writing or blogging (as I am doing now).

Further, collecting Coin, Currency also stamp at my childhood until young life. (That doesn’t mean I am so old now, but getting old, that’s true.)

Finally, I’m also a Google Map’s contributor as a local guide. I enjoy doing it. So you may spend some time on this page to get some post links as well.

Hobby Can Create Opportunity


In this section, I am introducing some musical instruments. Most likely many of these you know, I am sure about that. I am dedicating this part to my love for music. If you spend some time with this page, you will find something that you may like.

Music Land


Scouting, writing and social activities and a few other topics I am allocating here. Maybe, someone can find a way for a nice living in mental peace in a harmony family and social relation.
Many people choose to work as a Social worker, also many people serve as volunteers.

Meaning of life is different from person to person. I just want to say, let’s try to, give more get more as ‘more you give more you get’.


In this section, I am about the Scouting Movement. We know more or less that, it is widely following by many as part of outdoor learning. Starting from school children as Cub Scout till adult as Rover scout.

“Once a scout is always a scout|, and, so I am. This is the reason behind, why I am expanding my writing area.



Not only me, everybody travels by any means, some of you also have travel mania. I love to travel, visiting historical places, Sea beach, river, canal, and pond or exploring hill.

Often just walking around in a new place.

I am trying to recall my memory and putting them in words here. Whether you find something as inspiring tips for your blog or recreation or even join in the travel and tourism industry to set up your own business.

Hoping to listen from you as you make comments.

Travel: My Experience

Inspiring History

I invite you to read some inspiring stories from history those who made their legacy to live forever.  So, feel comfortable and be motivated while reading them, as these are specially created for you.

By the way, this is one of my fantasy reading area that I like so much to learn from them.
Read and find, whether a single line or the name can fire up you for your next step. And, really it’s for you.

Inspiration from History

This Month

In one place all the links related to months that you are to discover. Also, you will find the reason behind to write these.

This Month

Months of the Year

A little history of each name of the months with some additional information. Nice to know these, I didn’t know before I research on this.

Observation Days in Months

In this category, you will get some information worldwide those are well known. Such as, ‘New Year’ or ‘May Day’ or ‘Valentine Day’. Also, ‘Father’s Day’, ‘Mother’s Day’, ‘Siblings Day’ and many more.
These all to help you to remember in case you are busy and forget. Hope will come handy to you.

Seasons of the year

Spring, Summer or Winter, even Rainy season, each has its own glory. Also, with fun, festival happiness and destruction too. We are following seasons, and it is different from one part to another part of the world.

Surprising? That’s why here in this section you are going to find some articles to read. And, try whether any or few you can utilize for your next move. For example, to write on or to add in your business.


From long before, months are divided into some zodiac signs and also horoscope. Here at a glance, you can find them. However, a lot of people are studying and living on ‘Zodiac’ related affairs, also buying and selling precious stones.

Interested to know?

Zodiac of the Months

Mystery of Galaxy 

Many mysteries aka unsolved matters are around us. While the scientists are discovering many things, from the earth till the universe. Even human life including human organs.

Not only outer space but in this world still many those still unknown.

Some of these I am arranging on this page. Read them in case, you have an interest in science and mystery.


Nature is so beautiful, to prove that we do not necessary to research a lot. Just looking at a flowering plant or even to green grass we can think about that. How about a silent river or a fountain.
Or a roaring live volcano.

On the earth or under water. Even eagle and hummingbird.

Miracles around us.

The natural nature beauty is that drives many to become traveler, writer or scientist. Also, poet. What are your thoughts anyway?

You can surf this page as well.

Personal Development 

Everybody wants a better life, a happy life and to needs to develop a lot. So, we have to more focus on personal matters to grow with better quality.

Personal Development Opportunities

Stay Success

Recreate Lifestyle - No Matter Whatever

Blogging and Technology

human and internet network venture
At this moment, either someone is writing or reading a blog,  or may be engaged with Vlog that is by video blog. While obviously using the internet by a smartphone or higher technology.
Here, I start sharing with you my experiences those I am gathering again after a long period of time.

Blogging: Internet and Technology Knowledge, Beginners Need to Learn a Little

How To Do

This is a collection of the posts heading with ‘How to’. And these are on various topics. For your easy find, I created this page. So, sometimes the links will grow fast or slow for a long time.
Back to this page whenever you like to.

How to Do?


Many famous people, writer, scientist, policy maker, entrepreneur, business owner, and many more good-hearted people mentioned some words those are of real value in our lives.
And, also they are parents, they are from a family, a society. We can learn and use in our days.

I am arranging for you some selected from these. You will have a clear idea of all the posts about quotes.

However, here is the complete list of the links.

What I am writing About

This loving blog is turning up as a ‘mixed fruit juice’ or ‘Cocktail’ that assorted with many kinds of flavors of varieties topics. If anybody looking for ideas ‘what to write about’, then this site may work very well to find clues.

Willingly, you can subscribe to my blog to get updates in your email inbox. Sure, I will love if you share on your social media network too. Literally, there are many, like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, and many others.

NOTE: This page may become helpful to a new and going-to-be blogger who are starting from scratch as me. But, I don’t recommend to follow as my arrangement. My recommendation is, learn from many others and apply the best ways for you.

Gaining more knowledge is the best way to start anything.

Google’s Webmaster best practice is a nice, moreover must reading and I highly recommend to follow. In case, you are willing to blog or going to create a website. Beside learning form CMS learning sites, W3Schools can be a good choice if you intend to learn web programs. 

However, if you want to know what is happening on this blog, what is coming next one by one, then spend a bit time on the page. I am introducing menus and categories here to give you a clear picture, at a glance.

Here is the list of all pages you can find above, and below are some Labels/ Tags links to find easy by category.

Label or Category or Tags List

As I am using Google’s platform, which has no category facility as other CMS aka Content Management System. For example, you can find Category, Sub-Category, and Tags in WordPress CMS.

Here I give you a list of these.
Personal Skill

My Hobby
My Travel
My Scouting

Important Helpful Instruction: 

Here ‘My’ is meant as mine. To be sure, it’s not as the online account as ‘My Store’ or ‘My Account’ where it means, belongs to the user. In this blog, ‘My’ representing ‘My own life or my own experience’ related posts to separate from the other articles.

Such as, My Book Collection, is separated from How to decorate Your Personal library and, or Why You Can Choose Collecting Book as a Hobby.

By the way, this blog is on If you are planning to start a blog on a free hosting, then, Blogger is a nice choice beside some other famous, such as WordPress or Wix and many others.

However, comparing to other CMS, may be a bit difficult at the beginning. I think it is the same tough situation for other Content Management too.

Eventually, we have to learn and apply. And the things go as,  “Practice makes perfect’.
Once things become alright, I hope to add a domain name. Right now it is as a sub-domain, as, where ‘blog name’ is my blog’s name.

We have to upgrade steps where it is possible, sooner or later.

However, don’t think I am teaching. I am not offering any paid ‘learning courses’ or ‘teaching’ anything those you already know. I am sharing with you as much as I feel as sharable with you.

However, I am trying to communicate to set up a friendly relation with the people who feel, “something useable, interesting and helpful’ from this blog site.

My energy, time and knowledge for them. I feel good by helping readers as a ‘volunteer’ by writing one after another piece.

Whether you or someone will get benefit from my writing.

Next, you can read My Colorful Thoughts or jump to any menu you like, even you can choose any category link from My Hobby My Travel My Activity or get a complete list of articles from pages Hobby Travel: My Experience Activity Scouting

I hope it will be enjoyable for you, this ‘mixed topics’ blog. Where you get a lot. Certainly, you deserve to hear from me, ‘Good Luck’.

Bon voyage.


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