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How to sell custom printed products with Printful

What brought you here? Your interest in Printing and thinking about own design and printing business? Here is, How to sell custom printed products with Printful to assist you with some helpful tips while discussing with you.

Print on Demand - How to Sell Custom Printed Product with Printful - Hasan Imam Mukut
Print on Demand - How to Sell Custom Printed Product with Printful

Business and Risks

Every business has some risks. Some are high while some are at low risk. Some are, nearly zero risks. So, you may have questions as to what kinds of risks are in business.

Money loss, shipment loss and lack of skilled manpower, to remind you of some of these reasons to make a business loss.  These are very common risks. Further, while you are thinking to sell anywhere from your home country or while traveling, still these kinds of risks may follow you.

We are going to talk about a few tips and solutions to help you become an entrepreneur with low risk.

Affiliate Disclosure: 

Some of the links below are my affiliate marketing links of a few well-known brands, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you make any purchase by clicking on the link. The links will directly bring you to the respective company's sites.

Fortunately, while you are dealing with a service partner company like Printful which is well known in Print on Demand business for a long period of time, you are not only risk-free (nearly) but also, headache-free.

Why nearly?

This little part you need to handle is your customers' complain (if any), and customer satisfaction. Your customers are paying to you by purchasing some products, most likely from your online store on Shopify or some other eCommerce platform, for example, WooCommerce or Bigcommerce.

However, Shopify can be your first choice, one of the many reasons is, Printful started their store on this store eCommerce platform many years back.

By the way, learn from this example, from a store like yours (in case, you’ve created already one), Printful has come across these many years, while Shopify is supporting from a new business owner till giant companies on its platform.

Decide to start, decide to learn, decide to act and grow step by step.

Printful, too started a store with Shopify, same me and many others. You can start one, if not yet.

By the way, I am learning, still, a long way to go. Success doesn't come to fast. It needs time.

However, it's really nearly no risk.

Benefits: Drop Shipping and Print on Demand

First of all, you just need to handle your laptop/ pc and mobile phone only. Even only a laptop is just nice. At the time of writing this post, it’s been a few months, I’m using only my Dell laptop. My Android Sony Xperia is out of order. I'm using Nokia 501 as for receiving and outgoing call, also sometimes, for account varication from Shopify, Google, Namecheap and sometimes, from Facebook or Instagram.

Yes, you got it. I haven’t got a new one. And, you can start your show with the minimum device access.

And, I am willing to run a business after a pile of records of failing conventional businesses. As I’m determined to learn and start. Also, willing to let others willing to be eCommerce entrepreneurs know, that you can do.

Am I insisting? Encouraging you?

If you make good money (business financial success), not sure you will remember me. Again, here it is, it's a very low risk to start your business.

At least learn and see whether this business model is suitable for you or not.

Printful Dropshipping Mechanism
Screenshot: Printful Dropshipping Mechanism 

Let's imagine a scenario like this:

Someone placed an order and paid to your Paypal or Stripe account, for example.  Then you need to pay to your Service provider, here we are talking about Printful.

And, Printful fulfills your order.

Means, they prepare your product and send it directly to your customer’s address on behalf of you.

And, this is Drop Shipping.

Another, fantastic and amazing info for you is, you can request for white labeling. Your own brand name.

Again imagine, your brand, your own brand and selling anywhere. Which is quite impossible for a small business. But, because of the business model and the supporting platforms, you will be able to do that.

The only thing you have to do is, continuously learning. Asking the experts. Learn more designs. Communicate with the service providers. They want your business to grow smooth. Read carefully the rules and follow.

Could you please, check with yourself now for a moment? By answering anyone from 'Yes', or 'No'.

  • Interesting? 
  • Risk-free business? 
  • Is this business model Suitable for you?

However, remember to read and follow every service provider’s terms so, you will not miss any. To grow your business what else you need, you need to find. For example, registering your business as your country’s law.

What is Custom printed product?

You can pick an image, that is a design for a certain item or for different items then you can modify as you like. You can, indeed you need to use the Printful Mockup where all the products are there. And, you can design your products, totally as you like.

Just follow the guideline for size, pixel resolution, and dpi. For example, for a high-quality print, you need 300 dpi, the minimum is 150.

Some Examples of Custom Printing

There are many kinds of products to start your store. However, you can select a few only if you don’t have previous experience and starting from scratch. For example, like me.

Printful Custom Products Example
Screenshot: Printful - Custom Products Example

T-Shirt for children, men and women, Tank Tops, Backpacks, Coffee mugs, caps, hoodies and sweatshirts and many more. Pillow cover, leggings, sports bra, even phone cases.
Visit the site to choose and see what else waiting for you. 

Who is going to buy it?

You want to sell to who? If you plan to sell only to your family, friends, and relatives, then you have less marketing or promoting activities. Now, if you want to sell to your social media friends then take one more step, post on your social media accounts and business pages.

If you don't have any business page, for example, Facebook Page then you can create one as your brand name. Example, your store name.

So, your prospective market is getting bigger, right? From family to online friends.

You can step further by learning Paid advertising. That is about, advertising on Facebook, Google and many other platforms.

Those will like your design, material, and products will buy from you. For example, a text slogan on a t-shirt or mug. Or maybe, a cartoon on the pillow cover.

Make your own design, avoid copy from others. you will risk your business.

So, anybody is going to buy it from your store. Best, start from family while you are prepared to serve worldwide. You know who is going to support you.

This way, you are selling your custom design print with Printful.

How can I let others know?

Who is going to Support me these all, Setting Up the store?

First of all, it's very simple. At least I found myself it's just a few clicks to see you in your Printful dashboard. That's your place to work, to make money.

If you are on the Shopify platform and integrated Printful from the Shopify App Store. In certain difficulties, you can contact Shopify or Printful. All the contact links are there.

What Makes Printful Different
Screenshot: What Makes Printful Different

No worries. They want your success, only then both continue the success story.

What or Who is Printful?

In short, Printful is a Print on Demand service. Where you or your online store's customers can order your customized designed products such as mug, t-shirts, tops or phone cases.

Further, Printful will fulfill the order on behalf of you. That means, this company will send the product to your customer.

Is it Print on Demand Drop Shipping Business Model?

Yes, you are right. And, because this is a dropshipping model, you no need to set up your printing company with all the expensive printing machinery or printers. You no need a big workforce to handle and pay a salary.

Also, you no need any warehouse to stock your product materials and finished products.

How can I start my Entrepreneurship with Printufl?

You can create an account by visiting the Printful website and, integrate with your eCommerce platform, for example, Shopify.

Screenshot: Create Printful Account
Screenshot: Printful - Create Printful Account

Go to the Printful website and you will see as above. The image can be different but, you will get the interface to create your account. Unless you integrate from Shopify or other eCommerce platforms.

Another option, if you already have a store on the Shopify platform, you can install Printful from Shopify App Store.

Printful -Shopify  Integration
Screenshot: Printful -Shopify  Integration

It's really easy. Just a few clicks only.

Are you here? If you are reading till here, and, in case, if you haven't started Print on Demand, then you are going to soon. You've shown your patience to read to find some facts.

Further, you can read,

How to be an Entrepreneur with Shopify?

Printing Ideas: Decorating & Designing (Physical & Online)

I've tried to provide some information in a simple way. I hope, it will help you.

Write in your opinion below in the comment box.

Learn and grow, also, help others to develop. Nothing is easy, but to make it easy, two big platforms are with you.


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