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How to be an Entrepreneur with Shopify

Are you curious to know about, How to be an Entrepreneur with Shopify? As long as, you have this question in your mind then I hope, you have some ideas about this well-known eCommerce platform.

Entrepreneurship With Shopify - Do you want to take a risk now for a better future for all? -  Hasan Imam Mukut
Entrepreneurship With Shopify - Do you want to take a risk now for a better future for all? 

Everywhere, job crisis. A suitable job that you need to have a better life. But, the job seeker is more than the vacant positions.

Why not be a job provider?

Be an Entrepreneur

Help others for their better days.

Literally, a lot of entrepreneurs started from scratch and they are famous now. Sure, they have achieved what they were looking for. And, most of them are not coming from a family business background.

Do you know what I feel about you, I believe you are one of the next Shopify Entrepreneurs.

Also, I assume you have decided what business you are going to start. If not yet, no worries, start from a simple idea. You can do some research according to your idea. Yes, Google can be the first choice to get help.

We can name it as 'Niche' research.

You want to establish yourself in which industry, that you need to figure out. By the way, all you can learn free from Shopify. Once you register you will have access to your Shopify dashboard.

Spend little time, click all the links one by one, you will know what you need to learn first.

However, here is a quick start.

Choose the top right corner blue button “Start free trial" after you land on Shopify Home page,  

Screenshot Shopify Home Page
Image: Shopify Home page, Choose the top right corner blue button “Start free trial’ 

  • Visit Shopify website
  • Create your account. 
  • Give a brand name of your online business, that’s your shop or store. 
  • Setup your Domain. (You can do it later after setting up your store as you like )

Screenshot Account Creation Shopify 14 Days Trial
Account Creation - Shopify 14 Days Trial

You need only your email address at this moment. You have one, right?

Enter a critical but easy to remember, password.

As your store name, provide a meaningful name that represents your business. However, you can name anything you like, it will not be shown to people after you buy and set up your domain.

But, it's better from the beginning a beautiful short name. That you can tell anybody to visit.

Till here done, right? now -

  • Customize your store theme. 
  • Add product images if you already have one or some. 
  • Write product description.
  • Publish your site.

You can go further by adding an email marketing app if you already have an idea if not, you can do it later time. You can get one and some other apps from the Shopify App Store.

By the way, if you don't have your own physical product, you can add service apps like Oberlo or another fulfillment service that provides products from various countries and fulfills too. You can find from Shopify App Store.

Looks easy, right?

To do till here really not much difficult. To overcome any kind of difficulties, there are free learning resources provided on the Shopify website.

The next is to grow up your business by selling your product or service. 

Now let’s have some other things that we can discuss. Fast or slow, depends on your previous knowledge about, physical business, marketing and managing your business.

I want to say, depends mainly on your far view. Only then you will learn those you need to start and grow your business online.

It depends on your willing power. 

However, here you can start from scratch. As long as you can use a PC or laptop, with a mobile phone to keep you always up to date while you are not carrying bigger devices, for example, a laptop. 

Why Ecommerce?

You run your show online. Whether you have a physical shop or not, you can have your own online eCommerce business. And, you can run from anywhere as long as, you are connected with the internet. 

It’s been a long time, people are used to shopping online. Depends on country the shoppers' quantity varies. Also, the availability of eCommerce payment processors or payment providers or may call it payment gateway.  

Such as PayPal, Stripe and many similar in type. 

So, you will need a payment processor for your eCommerce business. Fortunately, Shopify provides these all. What you need to do is, find the suitable one, create an account and add it to your store from your Shopify Dashboard.  

Dropshipping and Ecommerce Entrepreneurship

Here is a business model that you might know. However, Dropshipping is a business model you can think about.

In short, you display one or some manufacturers' products.

Your customer will choose one or a few products from your Shopify store, will place an order by paying the product or service you are showcasing.

Once you get the payment, you pay to your supplier with your customer's address. Your supplier will send it to your customer on behalf of you.

Meanwhile, you need to make sure to get the purchase receipt from your supplier in case your payment provider asking for, even Shopify, to avoid the future inconvenience that may arise.

It looks easy, and it's easy. What you need to do is, setting up your business by niche researching, figure out what kinds of products people will love to buy from your store.

Here are some business ideas may help you

Business Ideas as a Shopify Entrepreneur

  • DIY Products
  • Wine or Spices
  • Health Products
  • Print on Demand
  • Dropshipping
  • Digital Products
Anything, as long as legal. Never try to sell anything that is not supported on your eCommerce platform, payment provider/ processor, courier service and the country you are selling from and selling to.

No risk no gain. But, illegal is illegal. So, the best is to deal as prescribed by all the institutions those you are dealing with to start, set up and run your honest business.

And, the most interesting information for you is, just look for these on the Shopify website. There are many educational materials for you. Concentrate on the one that makes you feel exciting.

Research on that.

Understand and utilize. If you face any problem, look for the solutions.

Stay happy.

You can sell your products or offer services Online and Offline, in various ways. For example, online store, online marketplaces, retail stores, pop-up shops, and social media.

Online sales:

  • Online store
  • Buy button
  • Facebook and Facebook Messenger
  • Amazon
  • eBay

And, a few more.

Offline: In-person sales

  • POS (Point of Sale)

If you are until here, you know about some business ideas, you know you need to learn a lot but, you can start anytime. Also, you have ideas on how to sell your product and service and about the selling channels.

Now, here is a short question to check with you.

Do you think you are an Entrepreneur in Heart and Mind? 

Ask yourself after reading this short paragraph.

  • Entrepreneurs like to take a risk.
  • They like to innovate something new, a new product or service.
  • They want to make money not only by hard-working but by adding taking risks.
  • They love to help others to grow. 

Consider, small businesses those you see. And, some of those become bigger and we know as a prominent Brand. Shopify, isn't it one of these?

The good news is, most of the businesses didn't become famous on their first days. It took time, and remember, started from zero or small.

Are you feeling you are one of them? Willing to learn, take the risk to fail but, consistent to learn and grow.

Fortunately, Shopify has all kinds of examples. You can learn every step to grow. Luckily, these all are free, 24 hours online round the years.

What else do you need?

Support? Suggestion? Also, available for you. You can seek help from Shopify Partners, Shopify Experts. Some may cost you a small fee.

Shopify forums and Social Media accounts also there if you need to ask and learn.

I have a long experience of learning. Also, stories of continuous failing. It's life. A lot of things we can't change then we change to something we don't want to be. From my experience, I can say, by starting your entrepreneurial journey with Shopify, will help you learn and grow.

I started learning computer basic and programming in 1985 in my high school life. Also, music besides academic education. And, in the run of life, it stopped, again start and again stopped. You can say I discovered again in me that I can't stay far from computer literacy.

And, I found Shopify. That was 31st night 2018 and the first store I started creation on 1st January 2019. I am learning. and, also I welcome to join me.

Start learning. Learn and earn. Only then you can help others those needs. Eighter money or knowledge, or both.

However, You will see Start Your Business Journey With Shopify at the end of the page unless changed with a new one. You can begin here as well.

Start Your Business Journey With Shopify
Image: Start Your Business Journey With Shopify

To start a business can be easy or can be easy depends on where, how and what business you want to do. A lot of things come up to do. Money, energy, manpower, investment, bookkeeping, marketing, and inventory.

That is, buying and stocking products, also one or more warehouse.

From many business models, you can choose the best suits for you. I've given some ideas above. You can research these on any search engine. Or, you can study the Shopify website. So, you concentrate and figure out. Then look from other sources.

Shopify is built to create new entrepreneurs and grow together. You may take advantage of it. It's a strong eCommerce platform beside many others, for example, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Ecwid and many more.

It is so real, going to reach 1 million entrepreneurs on the Shopify platform, which means, Shopify is helping grow this large quantify of business owners worldwide.

You can be one of the most famous entrepreneurs and, I hope, you will create new opportunities for others. Also, you will create new jobs for many people working with you. Digital Nomads can be part of your business workforce.

Have your entrepreneurship start soon. And, let me know by commenting below how you are doing. I will love to hear about your adventure.

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Everything depends on your willing power, you can read also,
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