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Hobby: Book Collection and Reading Skill Can Improve Life

Collecting anything is a hobby and become part of the activity regarding the hobby. Collecting stamp, coin, book or many other kinds we can see. However, someone may collect books on various topics or on a certain category. I was collecting books on Computer, Self-development, novel, hunting, western cowboy. Teenage detective and writing on travel also including my favorite. My Hobby:  Collecting Book to Read on Various Topics Teenage detective Western Cowboy. Hunting, Novel Computer, Music Self-development, Religion Travel Finance Management and Insurance I left all my books as I moved to another country. But later, my brother and a friend brought some while they visited me in Indonesia. As I am writing blogs on different topics, now, mostly I read online. Indeed, the World has changed a lot, many bookstores are suffering, but on the other hand, a lot of people are doing better in writing and publishing digital online. By the way, I moved house few time

Personal Skill and Humanity: Most Wanted Elements of Life

To succeed in life, you need at least one item that you are going to master and learn more about many other things related to or not related to your main target achievement. Let's see what I have for you here in this post,  Personal Skill and Humanity: Most Wanted Elements of Life .  Developing Personal Skill Are you a professional? Such as accountant, economist, doctor, engineer or pilot, therapist? Or some other profession as your educational background? If someone is an expert as on that the person studied and doing job or business as a career according to that, is just nice. Or maybe, beside your professional skill you are trying to add something else in your life. Which means you are trying to become extraordinary. Do you think besides you, other people are going to enjoy the benefit of your skill? Some people are centralized for their own benefit. They want to learn more, get more and no time and scope to think about the people surrounding them. Why not by inv

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