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Personal Skill and Humanity: Most Wanted Elements of Life

To succeed in life, you need at least one item that you are going to master and learn more about many other things related to or not related to your main target achievement. Let's see what I have for you here in this post, Personal Skill and Humanity: Most Wanted Elements of Life

Chess, Personal Skill Development - Image: Pixabay, Pexels

Developing Personal Skill

Are you a professional? Such as accountant, economist, doctor, engineer or pilot, therapist? Or some other profession as your educational background?

If someone is an expert as on that the person studied and doing job or business as a career according to that, is just nice.

Or maybe, beside your professional skill you are trying to add something else in your life. Which means you are trying to become extraordinary. Do you think besides you, other people are going to enjoy the benefit of your skill?

Some people are centralized for their own benefit. They want to learn more, get more and no time and scope to think about the people surrounding them.

Why not by inviting and sharing their knowledge to some other people to create a community to develop together or individually? Ok, by doing this you are not getting benefit directly from them, maybe.

But, what you are doing is by sharing with other people is a great job.

Most likely, some of them will pick an idea that you discussed on and will decide to be expert on that. And, the person or some people may create a big advantage for their life and living.

Some will offer their helping hands as a volunteer to carry on the idea to become a prototype of the project idea or till complete and continue.

Don’t forget them in this case.

There is a lot of success example to achieve something in this manner.

For example, most of the CMS aka Content Management System such as WordPress, Blogger or Joomla, even Facebook.

What you will get from this if the person even hides the whole process from you?

First of all, you can feel happy that your idea worked, in case if you haven’t done well then you can focus on that.

And the opposite action may work on you, that is, you become angry and don’t mind to expose it. At least, you angry with yourself that why you disclose your ideas with these kinds of people?

Indeed, you need to ‘thanks’ yourself that you indirectly helped someone. And the person is wise enough to get that till achieving. If you become angry, then remember, your egoism is working strong.
You need to work little with your heart to make it broader. If you haven’t the success yet, then work on that.

Humanity comes here.

Whatever your skill, let get the fruit others. Offer your help from your heart, be a real human and establish a circle or community those are same minded, thinking the same way.

And broaden your heart to accept and share your thoughts with them to figure out the whole project.

In our society, not everybody is rich with knowledge and wealth. Lot of us are financially very week. In case, you are living in a high tech equipped most modern apartment or a villa. Moving by expensive car to all high-class area.

Then chances are slim you meet poor people.

Anyway, you can search on Google to see. People living in a slum area. People losing the job, making a loss in business. All are not well equipped to face a sudden problem. Maybe, someone can say, people loss job cause not working well.

I agree.

I got these kinds of people in my small business life.

But, every human need to eat. Need shelter to sleep. Need clothes to wear. Don’t say they can wear short clothes as celebrities. Those are short in length but expensive. However, people can buy cheap. But, everybody’s choice is not in short length clothes.

We are living in different countries, in different societies. We are from different cultures. Even though Western Culture is practicing more or less around the world.

Still, we do follow own culture and living in different countries.

What I mean is, we, everybody need to spare our litter time, energy to work for the people wherever they are. I can say this now because the internet is bringing everybody, anybody on your desk or in your handphone. Bringing nearer.

At least, we have more chances to grow our skills in various aspects, we have more opportunities to practice on our humanity attitude towards human mankind.


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