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My Travel Experience: While Walking Around in Jakarta & Contributing to Google Maps as a Local Guide

Not the matter is Exclusive or Budget, but while traveling need to walk if you want to take photos, want to see around you slowly and also, want to know a little local dialect with local food. And, I love walking. Lonely Happy Traveler  Roof Top Garden Cafe - Jakarta  So, this is what I am telling you about my walking experience while I was visiting Jakarta. And, the interesting addition for me was, I enroll myself as Google Maps Local Guide on my Android. It’s a fantastic app that will not let you walk smooth. You know why, continuous remind where I am heading to, where I was yesterday and time to back home at 5 pm. A good assistant to assist faster run out of battery. But I liked it, and liked it, as it’s reminding me, I shouldn’t stop moving around rather than sleeping long in one small city. Image: Author Image: Author City Walk, Sudirman - Image: Author However, come, let’s back to Jakarta again. By the way, you might know, Jakarta is the cap

Traveling May Able To Create Inner Strength & Opportunity for You

Do you feel traveling is able to create inner strength while you plan to travel somewhere? And, after back from a long trip? The happy feel and excitement because of traveling somewhere, we can’t deny that. Do You Think You Are A Traveler?  However, people travel to many places for different purposes. Some people love traveling and living on a travel-related job. For example, a travel blogger, tour guide and a few others. While a large quantity of people travels while school or office holiday, job, seminar or training purpose. So, why people travel? What’s the reason that some people are crazy about long traveling? Bike, car, train, boat or ship, and sure by air too. Some even on foot or by bicycle, for a long tour. What makes people do that? Knowledge Social Travel and Volunteer  Gathering Knowledge from Traveling While we travel, we can develop our knowledge and observation capacity. Whether in the same country or in a different country, still there is

Teenager’s Spirit: The Best Part of Life to Decide Going Up or Down

Childhood or Teenage is the best time to create your future environment, Stay Success from now. Teenager’s Spirit: The Best Part of Life to Decide Going Up or Down, is from my memory that I am exploring, my view. Are you aware of a teenager’s spirit? Creating Future - Difficult to Follow Rules I really miss my childhood that is my teenage time. I wanted to do a lot, win everything I see, everything I wanted to be as a famous singer or the hero of an exciting movie. Also, like to love anybody who catches my eyes. (something like fall in love even with the Hollywood actresses) I was so obedient but elders talked as I was not. Keep my things here there, but I was not indiscipline anyway. These things happened while I was a teen. I felt all the way, why I am the one to be blamed for coming home late. I was not too sure, what was so offensive about staying a long time with friends and back home in dusty clothes. What I had was a long list of do’s and don’ts. All the wrongs were

Blogging: Internet and Technology Knowledge, Beginners Need to Learn a Little

If you are looking for some basic knowledge of blogging and social media also, fundamental information about computer hardware, software, or device, then you are most welcome to read, 'Blogging: Internet and Technology Knowledge, Beginners Need to Learn a Little'. Blog and Digital Marketing - Learn and Earn  A Long-Term Continuous Process Enjoy your time while you are reading. And, before you leave the site, remember to subscribe and share, also you can add to your social media networks like Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter.  I appreciate you in advance if you do so.  Blogging, it's a long-term process to reach a suitable earning level. But, the good point is, you are going to learn a lot.  By the way, I am always new while talking about computer technology or blogging. Also, I was totally stayed far from this technology for a long time, because of frustration.  But, I am back.  However, are you new to blogging too?  New to using a c

My Beach Findings: Sea Shell, Beach Stone and Driftwood Collections

Source: Pinterest Community First I visited the Sea beach was, Cox’s Bazar by the Bay of Bengal. And later on in Singapore and some beaches in Indonesia, mainly in Batam Island. By the way, I was a few days at Cox’s Bazar, and every morning I collected Shells and stones and carry back to the hotel. Hobby Beach Walk - Find Some Collectibles  Till the room become smelly from the shells. I traveled there with one of my friends, we are active Rover Scout that time. And, he is migrated to London, England. I miss my friends, the unforgettable time, reminds me sometimes. Even though I got them from the sandy shore and those were not alive anymore when I picked them, but lack of primary cleaning done, those became stinky and smelly enough till have to throw a lot. I think I had to wash them and must put under the sun long time to dry until loss all the odor. Anyway, I did bring back home but not less than a kilo. Also, another kilo of small stones. Those were colorful. I

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