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Teenager’s Spirit: The Best Part of Life to Decide Going Up or Down

Childhood or Teenage is the best time to create your future environment, Stay Success from now. Teenager’s Spirit: The Best Part of Life to Decide Going Up or Down, is from my memory that I am exploring, my view.

Are you aware of a teenager’s spirit?

Creating Future - Difficult to Follow Rules

I really miss my childhood that is my teenage time. I wanted to do a lot, win everything I see, everything I wanted to be as a famous singer or the hero of an exciting movie.

Also, like to love anybody who catches my eyes. (something like fall in love even with the Hollywood actresses)

I was so obedient but elders talked as I was not. Keep my things here there, but I was not indiscipline anyway. These things happened while I was a teen. I felt all the way, why I am the one to be blamed for coming home late.

I was not too sure, what was so offensive about staying a long time with friends and back home in dusty clothes. What I had was a long list of do’s and don’ts. All the wrongs were everywhere, but they all loved so much.

And, they were so much caring. Also, worried. I can feel now.

I am talking about my experience. It was too long ago. How about you?

No Matter, Whatever You are a Teenager

Hello, Young ladies and Gentlemen, you are now in your teenage life. You are passing the best time of your entire coming life, and you are welcome to your site that specially designing for you. I am feeling nostalgic as I am writing every single line.

And that is the internal energy I am creating to write and staying energetic while I see you guys here.

Hopefully, you will discover this site’s contents are as educational and recreational for you. It is going to help you beside your academic education.

Mainly teenagers beside any other surfing this site. It’s not many ‘hard’ words I am using to get ‘hate’ from my loving young readers. I am not going to write anything to lose my teenage readers.

 So, let me know guys how to make this site happier for you.

I will give a try to meet your feelings as much as possible.

Here is a small list of topics those are I am going to talk with you guys in this section. And, it’s totally only for you. Moreover, these all from my personal experience. I feeling to write. I am not an expert on children or human psychology.

But, I live in a society, also was young and crossed the days of a young life. I have things to share with you, which may come into a little help.

I hope.

  • Planning for Upcoming Days
  • A Quest for the Miracles in You
  • Be Rich in Every Means 
  • Healthy Lifestyle for Teenagers 
  • Relation 
  • Alternative / Non Formal education and Skills
  • Hobby
  • Fashion
  • Holidays and Vacations 
  • 20s Preparation for the Next

It’s a crucial and most important time period in every human life to develop or stop or break down in many ways. Such as crime, frustration or, the opposite for some as special in the family, society and in the world become as ‘somebody’.

As I see many young kids those are at their teenage are going to become somebody special in many ways, also, I see the opposite because of many unavoidable circumstances, such as school drop out because of poverty or because of a broken family.

However, you have to value a life, each and every single life, regardless of nation or financial capacity. Start from you, we can sow the seed of change newly, again without stop trying.

Planning for Upcoming Days

Everybody, in every aspect, needs a plan. So do I, and you too. When what time, where do you want to go? From this simple everyday life questions, you have the answers. Just make questions and answer yourself.

By the way, this is your life, but, your plan is effected to others as well. Those are directly related to you. And, in some cases, those even directly not related with you, also can be effected and affected.

Anyway, many of us, do not need a plan for anything.

Most probably, they are, living as a dead body.

Precisely, choose the best, as a living story. Do the best as those left positive legacies starting from human history.

A quest for the Miracles in You

In fact, what are you going to look for to achieve in your life? Ok, we all say, ' success'. I agree with you. So, you are going to determine what you are going to achieve to be a success. Is it settled here at this point? Or just another start?

Need a crystal clear picture of what you want to achieve. Need to work on that standard to win. Just by planning can’t get it. Need to look for that what you want.

Whatever that is.

 I believe you will walk for the positive quest in your life and at the same time, you will be enough broad hearted to help your siblings and friends around you too.

Be the best among the best.

Be Rich in Every Means

Do you need to be rich?

Or just you want to reach somewhere, in an auditorium or by the road to see the Rich? Are you rich with enough knowledge and skills? Beside academic formal education.

Are you rich in intelligence comparing to others around you?

You need to be, only then you can share what others need unless you are not up to any of these. Usually, they never become famous, especially in any positive nature.

However, to become financially rich, still, you need enough knowledge and skills, and to keep steady your wealth that you gained.

Only then you can come up with a full package of humanity towards human mankind.

With knowledge, skill and wealth.

Healthy Lifestyle for Teenagers

You need a lifestyle that your siblings or friends will be inspired to follow you. So, are you in that style, which is going to make you and your followers drive to a better way in life?

As you are going to school or preparing for higher education, even getting ready for the first job, you need a lot of things to prepare, mainly yourself.

You have friends besides your parents and relatives. You have your own lifestyle.

By the way, lifestyle means a lot, not only the matter is about nice looking clothing and style. It's about the style of your life, education, and career too. Also, how you are living in society.

What’s your standard and quality as a social being?

That you have to measure yourself.


We live in a family, in a society with neighbors, also, we have relatives, friends besides academic friends and teachers. Do you try to take initiative to keep a happy relationship with all the people around you?

Now, do you need to keep better relation with everybody except the favorites? If no, then you have the reasons, and these are very limited.

Days will come, you need more people besides, or except your favorites. (only limited few friends may be as favorites besides celebrities of the movies)

To conclude, I can say, childhood is the best time to develop mentally and physically beside school education. I remember my junior and high school friends. But, I cannot back to those days anymore.

Even I cannot be with them all anymore.

Also, you can begin again from the Start Menu Link.


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