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I and you need to keep life in peace with some activities. Besides the job, business and family commitments, anybody may have some other interests by involving with some kind of actions for personal happiness.

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Activities to Grow Together

Such as engaging with social work or social welfare organization activity as a volunteer. Even someone may try to learn, how is going on other parts of life, happy or sad, rich or poor, fail or success.

And the experience can be educational for many others.

Which can be delivered as speaking publicly in a seminar or workshop, or by publishing as a printed book or online e-book or by a blog.

Further, some hobbies are related to some kinds of activities to keep our mind in peace. And that is to, stay out of anxiety. Also, it’s possible to help others by sharing valuable experiences.

I encourage you to have fun while reading every line till to the bottom of this page if you are not in hurry. Doing and learning something besides daily routine is quite hard to manage time.

But it can bring good results for many others. 

Social Activity and Volunteering / Volunteerism 

However, some activities those I had and some I have still now, I am mentioning here.
Such as scouting and other social activities I am going to talk to you to inspire. Even, how I am contributing to Google maps too.

Looks like silly matter.

Literally, I want to take every chance of all the aspects for a clue for you. Some activities those I am going to discuss here.

From these, you will find some ideas for a nice life in mental peace also scopes to establish harmony relation in a family with happy social activity.

However, the meaning of life is different from person to person. I just want to say, let’s try to learn more, give more and surely, get more too.

Everybody in this world is not reading my writing, nor am I able to explain in proper words those may influence you into better.

But the gist is, if you have more and if your heart is broader to give away a little. Then you are the best for living in a society, you can make a good citizen and to mankind.

Therefore, I am writing. Whether you can add any point into your life for a better every day with a happy feeling.

No, I don’t have much experience like many others, nor a famous writer. Even my experiences may not a lot as yours.

But, really I feel, I should have long experience with the people those need.

Here are some activities that many people love to do. Certainly, me too. Most likely, you too.

At this moment, I divide activities into few groups. Including my choices too.

Some Social Activities With Love and Caring 
Here some activities those I love to share with you all.

Visiting and Donating

To some people, visiting orphanage and religious places and donating is as a regular activity.

Some people spare their own money while some other collect and donate to the right place.

As a volunteer to help those need.

Orphan children, they really need support from the wealthy people besides, those share their small money. However, I’ve visited a few charity and I found, those children become so happy seeing and meeting visitors.

Even though they don’t know our purpose of a visit there. But, they love to welcome and greet any guest.

It’s a happy feeling.

Do you have like this experience?

If not yet, then give a try, take the chance. But I don’t guarantee the children’s mood, anyway.

If you visit there, you will remember, some long ago, you were at the age of those cute boys and girls. Humanity works without acknowledging. You will feel it. You can try to increase your level of income to spare a little with them.

And, religious places, regardless of which religion also need financial support from the people besides Government allocation.

Anyway, it may vary from country to country.

I am talking about in general.

As I know, there are a lot of things happening around us. And, some are accidental deaths.

Those are not identified well due to national id’s or as being living in another city, alone.

In most cases, after a certain time of waiting, the authority may take initiative to take care of the diseased by the social work organization or similar.

Religious homes take care of the total matter in many cases. And obviously comes the matter too.

Here we go. Let’s try to keep steady with our humanity. You can try as your capacity and you can increase your ability with extra work, maybe.

Besides our religious affairs, still, we can think further about the place and the people there.

Old Folk Homes 

In many countries, there are homes with a living facility for elderly people or old aged people. Especially for them. Some are financially week while some are without family, alone. Some are wealthy but not in a friendly situation with family, as all are grown up and become lonely.

So, they choose to be there, at homes for ole people, also get new friends, new community.
Volunteering and involving with such places, we can help them, learn from their life experience.

By the way, someday we will be old too.

Think about that.

Still, in our neighborhood or in our family, relatives too can be in like this situation, and, we should do at our best beside all our business and busyness.

We have to come up with a minimum of humanity. And, you need to be able financially.
You need to have more than enough. If someone’s financial condition doesn’t support to help those need, but still love to help.

Then the person somehow needs to increase incoming, an honest way. These all are of an individual’s own matters.

And, may try to increase and develop as much as possible.

Personal Development and Growth, that’s the point we have to focus much.

Personal Skill and Humanity: Most Wanted Elements of Life

Rescue Activity

Involving in rescue activity to help in many manners, and it’s possible. A lot of people are engaged in rescue besides a Government’s department.

Because of a weather crisis, accidents that we are used to watching on TV and reading newspaper or online news sites.

Storm, tsunami, landslide, earthquake and plane crash also, road accidents. We can see, most of the cases, local people reach the scene and start rescuing without thinking about the risk.

So, humanity is still there.

Even, many people rescue stray dogs and cats, also other animals depends on the situation as, where they are.

I rescued a cat while walking with my wife. The cat was around 3 months old while we picked. Now she has two kitties already those at their teen time. also, Mikky that cute cat is preparing herself to give a birth second time.

Nice to play with a cat family.

Red Cross / Red Crescent

I was active for a while.

Red Cross and Red Crescent are the same institutions, just different names or approach by different countries. It’s a worldwide social activity network. In most of the natural disaster, and also war situation this organization works under the supervision of the authority.

I saw blood donation programs and some other social work and I joined while I was in high school. But couldn’t follow for a long time as our gather was after school and far from home.

And for the same reason, could not join scouting at that time too. Later on, I became a rover of an Open Scout team that was quite near home.

My Scouting Activities 

I was active as a Rover Scout. By the way, scouting was introduced by Sir Lord Baden Powel, also a worldwide organization known as the Scout Movement.

Few times I was engaged to distribute relief goods to flood disaster are in Dhaka. Also, I stayed a few days and nights under tents while attending scouting camps activity.

It’s a good choice to join Scouting where can learn a lot of activities as alternative education besides the academic classroom environment.

My Activity to Discover and Explore 

My recent value-added activities and I really love these. One is as a walker or walking traveler and the other one is as blogging.

Isn’t it a nice combination? One is physical activity and the other one is brainstorming while sitting in one place for many hours.

Not bad for me, anyway.

Here they are.

Google Maps Local Guide Contributor

After I got my Android phone which is a Sony Xperia I downloaded this fantastic adventurous app. And, I become a contributor.

The other one Nokia 501, not good for the app, it is a big software. But the images are quite nice too.

Anyway, it's an amazing experience for me. Walking around wherever I go and take pictures, post them. Also, I try to write a short description in 200 characters as recommended or a short single line.

Which is inspiring me to be a travel blogger as well. I am preparing myself in heart for that starting moment.

By the way, anybody can do that. Just need a Gmail to create an account. Even though not a financial direct benefit, but I received the discount Hotel and Shopping vouchers or coupons as a Google Maps Local Guide.

Isn't it rewarding? I love it. Even though I haven’t use any. I like this contributing. Also, I enjoy joining groups on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus for Local Guides.

Writing and Blogging Activity  

By blogging, I am intending to help new going-to-be writer/ blogger to encourage. Where I like to talk more about personal development.

This is the least I am doing globally for many. And I hope, some fellows will get some inspirations from any point that I am exploring on this page besides some other posts on this blog.

Which is eventually will have a good effect on own family and society.

No, I am not going to offer any paid course. All I am contributing to my blog readers, happily.

These all about my activities in short. I am not insisting you must do the same, here I am sharing by taking advantage of writing.

You will love it if we are same and like-minded people and that’s what we need to grow together.

In fact, I am discovering and exploring my sleeping desires in me. You may have a look at the links below.

About My Blogging Life
More About Me

Recreational Activities to Improve Lifestyle

However, in our busy lives, at least sometimes we got to have some recreation. For example, as we were doing at our childhood or young age. What I am trying to indicate is to have some mental freshness besides physical activities.

Precisely, you can make a list for you.
Going to a picnic with friends or family or together with a big group, is a good choice. All of the picnickers can arrange some kinds of light games.

Fishing, cycling or hiking also fun, if not often but for sometimes, maybe on weekends.

Why I am not emphasizing on often?

It’s because of a simple reason only.

We all are busy. Students are busy with heavy books. Moms are busy with kids and managing home besides arranging husband’s schedule.

While dads are busy with a job to survive the living cost.

Moreover, we all are busy with social media networks by phones in our hands. Yes, more or less everywhere same around the world.
In this case, at least sometimes going for recreational events or activities, supposed to be helpful and cheering up for a period of time.

To keep lifestyle stress free, we no need to spend much money. But, arranging time and willingness only. However, there are many expensive hobby or activity you can recreate such as scuba diving or Sky Diving. Or similar to these.

Still, we can go swimming at low cost or even free. A mountain bike also is a nice choice, even on Flat Street.

Now we have a list.

  • Picnic
  • Fishing
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Scuba Diving
  • Sky Diving 
  • Swimming
  • Mountain Bike 

Also, the hobby is above all.

Where you can add gardening, cooking or walking every day. Without any doubt, reading is a good habit to have quality time, alone.
Try to stay out of stress or frustration if there any. These are dangerous diseases without any proper medicine. Waiting for a supportive environment or to get motivation from other is just killing the good time.

Only self-meditation and self-motivation can come in handy. Where someone’s personal mental strength works more. So, the matter is, all related to our personal matter.

In this situation, we like or don’t like, it’s not possible to avoid developing personal skills. Yes, in every possible aspect.

  • Hobby
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Walking
  • Reading
  • Self-meditation 
  • Self-motivation

So, you have some more activities on your list now, and I am sure, you are enough aware of these all.
Not much new to you. Approve and apply which is not impossible for you.

For a greater life with all others, we know.

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