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More About Me

To know someone is not so easy matter as everybody is a living story, me and you too. Moreover, it’s a hard job even to find back from the past and write the facts publicly that is going to read by many.
Further, including known and unknown people, as you are reading More About Me right now.

Few More Words To Know More

Therefore, I hope you have enough spirit to know someone you don’t know anything or much. However, I also read a lot ‘about me’ and ‘about us’ pages on the web, to know more about the writer or about the blog or website.

Let’s see what you are going to explore, about me.

Behind The Story That Began A Long Ago

So, do you really want to know ‘More About Me’? Are you serious? Then, I welcome you to carry on reading this page.

First of all, ‘Yes, I am back to the blue’. I am back to the web, and I am back in the Computer world again, after a break up a few times with a long gap of time. (I appreciate my return, but I regret my long detachment.)

I feel sad, if I was not out of this computer world (whatever the reasons), I could help a lot of people as other computer literate people are helping others now.

Such as, web developers, programmers, Graphics Designer or maybe as an internet entrepreneur.

Definitely, I could help those who needed financial support and knowledge, rather than as I am just surviving last many years not being with this technology (because I created a good opportunity to learn and develop software but I dropped out from this adventure).

And, the knowledge that I was gathering by learning much software but detached totally even not touching a computer keyboard (anger from frustration).

So, in this way I made myself detached from the whole world. Or the situation and environment that forced me to stay far from everything.

Why I am sharing all these with you openly about my so much personal background?

It’s about far view and winning over the odds. Whatever the situation you face, you have to continue towards your dream.

Perhaps, you may face many odds that you even didn’t imagine.

Criticism and ignorance, including the denial from the people, was an ornament for a long time. Limitation and financial problem including health issues was my only companion. While my wife was all the supporting me as her ability.

And, few friends including some members of family and relatives.

No, not because of failure to become a programmer, but because of living in poverty is not a happy life. Which disturbs anybody nearby. Whoever that is, family, relatives, friends or the people we know.

Source: Pinterest Community

Sure, there were still some people in my life to support me as lifesaving equipment.

Whatever, but I failed. I am exposing to you so that you can take enough strong steps to win. Your success definitely will bring good results to the people surrounding you. Adding ‘humanity’ you can get the total satisfaction in your life.

However, I am trying to my best at the least possible to develop myself and to help others.

Indeed, the story began in 1985, while I was at the end of High School. By the way, with a hope, I am starting now, again. I have planned for the rest of my life writing on various topics and learning back a little hand coding.

Still, with Open Source Technology, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Php, also MySql and XML family.

You know, “Sky is the limit”. And this is, ‘Internet Network’ that is going to be our playground. And, definitely, I encourage you to switch to a better life than you are having now by adding a dimension to your daily life as you learn more.

Maybe as a preparation for the second career for the upcoming days.

In my most of the writings, I will show you to grow your alternative personal skills in many ways which you can think and plan to apply in your life. You can study the possibilities and you can utilize for you.

By the way, you can observe how my blogging improves as I start writing from scratch after many kinds of work experiences those did not relate me with writing a single line of code or writing a story.

Just try, and try again. Precisely, truth or fact is never sweet. But this is the real story of life.

Anyway, this is I am ‘transforming’ into a different venture while I am creating a new opportunity for me and for others.

Anyway, The Story Continues –

My Computer Literacy

Indeed, first, when I saw Computers, there were few in that room, with a baby face old man, our teacher. It was May 1985, still, I remember well. We, three friends, started together with the computer courses, DOS, Lotus 1-2-3, Dbase II or III, Basic. Later on, continued by adding Cobol, FoxPro, the whole package.

So, the story (or history) was, one of our friends, he insisted me to follow him as he was alone, and I invite another friend of us, who always follows me, and me too same, follow him (to learn Synthesizer, an electronic Reed music instrument).

Not sure, out of these Three Stooges, I dropped out first? Or together? I can’t remember.

But, I remember, at the same time I get admission to music school to learn Hawaiian Guitar/ Lap Steel guitar.

By the way, the babyface computer teacher was not a baby as his face. He was a big man, and, he slaps from behind once doing wrong. He was a retired Air Force personnel at that time.

5.25” floppy disk with two drives, as I remember and this was how our Computer lab equipped with few big size computers (PC). Please remember, it was 1985, Dhaka, Bangladesh where I grew up.

5.25 Inch Floppy Disk, Image Pinterest Community
Source: Pinterest Community - 5.25" Floppy Disk

However, not much far time, I came across with a 20 MB Hard Disk.

Friends, and kids.. can you Imagine? Now in 2018, you connect with the internet from your Handphone that is smartphone or mobile with GB capacity of the memory. What I am talking is, It was only a 20 Mega Bite data capacity Hard Drive.

And, also, DD, HD (Double Density and High-Density hard Disk.) a, 3.5 “ floppy disk.

3.5 Inch Floppy Disk, , Image Pinterest Community
Source: Pinterest Community - 3.5" Floppy Disk

While computers of XT, AT changed very fast to the latest technology, and I have to learn newly everything nearly from scratch. And, I am writing and sharing too at the same time.

Here, you can see one of the old computers.

IBM PC AT 1984, Image Pinterest Community
Source: Pinterest Community - IBM PC AT 1984

Exciting with frustration, cause, whatever the reasons, I shouldn’t stay far from computer technology. Computer, Music and Traveling, that's my love. Unfortunately, I was out of these all.

However, those days I learned those things and I started again with years of gap, but with hardware, assembling, disassembling computers. And, again I detached from hardware, software. Life goes on.

Later, around 1997 in Singapore, I touched a computer of a friend, this time with Hotmail, MIRS, Friendster and yahoo messenger.

Again, after 2-3 years staying far from the computer, I start again while I moved to Indonesia, and starting with some programming languages as, Visual Basic. The concept was Interactive Database, runtime messaging.

Also, graphics design and AutoCAD.

I failed again to continue. But the story, continued, around 2010, I tried to give a shape of my CMS, learning and trying Open Source. I was struggling with PHP 4, 5 and MySql with XML, besides HTML, CSS.

I was happy with my work but, not others, as, it was not ready to sell nor I had friends to develop it together to carry on further.

Because it was a concept that needed other helping hands. I was all alone with coding and bringing to a shape of a prototype. Internet use was not available to me due to the disturbance of technology as I was living in quite a remote area, and was swimming in financial problem.

At that time, the internet was connecting by land telephone line, and it was quite difficult too to get where I was residing.

My, Self-learning and all the trying was watching by my wife. She was busy with insurance career while I slowed down from life insurance. Even though, she was good at computer skill too. By the way, the Project closed.

However, she started blogging a few months earlier than me, at the beginning of 2018.

 Luck or situation or circumstances, whatever you say. I created the opportunity and I lost in total. But I am picking up myself to catch the web with more modern devices than 1985 or even 2000.

In the same year, I became a Domain and Hosting reseller from an American company which was an ICANN accredited registrar. I learned as much needed of DNS, C panel matters. By the way, Customer service of that company was really supportive.

However, I had to stop continuing as I shifted to Insurance activity for a living.

By the way, the friend who invited to learn computer together left us long ago and I have no contact with him at all. And, it’s about 20 years, since 1997. I heard he is in Canada, the guy who felt alone,.

And the other friend, who is a great programmer with two kids, and wife in Dhaka, having a good life in Bangladesh.

Marketing and Sales Experience

I never liked to request somebody to buy. Feeling like begging. Perhaps buying is better than selling. However, we everybody sell something every day to the people surrounding us. How? At least selling our idea.

For example, you know a nice place to eat and foods are delicious. So, you are telling your best friend and asking whether want to follow or not.

And, you are trying to sell your idea.

If your friend agrees to go, means, your success to sell. If not agrees then you can request again which means a follow up on your “trying to sell”.

When it comes to selling a physical product, means the buyer is going to pay upon agree to buy. And chances are very high to get a refusal answer. And this what I never liked. By the way, when first I started and small business on teaching computer lessons, I offered programs by distributing printed leaflet or brochure.

It was still nice as that timeless private schools were there.

But, I learned and tried and tried continuously when in the year 2004-2005 started as life insurance agent in Indonesia. First of all, the language barrier and next I didn’t know that much wealthy people in a foreign country.

I got my license after following all the criteria from the England based insurance company and from the Indonesian Government rule.

I did study language and insurance and I passed the examination nicely.

I started ‘Door To Door’ by the roadside shops and Government offices. And, not much time to wait,

My Motorbike Honda Tiger 2007 - 200CC
My Motorbike Honda Tiger 2007 - 200CC

I started getting the positive result as people were signing up. So, it’s possible. You need to learn a lot about the company, product line and obviously objection handling.

However, my motorbike Honda, Tiger was my carrier to move around the whole city.

Now, I want to spend my time blogging. I am writing. And you and some other readers are reading. Am I not selling my ideas again?

Hope you all feel good reading my writings.

My Writing History To Recent Blogging

It's better to find at About My Blogging Life.  It started and nearly ended at my primary between high school time. Now, 2018, Yes, I am into this web and blogging.

I am learning, testing, applying and I am switching to create a bigger possible opportunity, newly. And, most of my steps from my previous hobbies.

My Hobby
My Book Collection
My Travel
My Scouting Activity

Anyway, increase your knowledge by learning a lot, and then why not turn your knowledge into a good source of income. What you need is a clear vision to the end of your learning project.

However, right now, no mental strength and enough time anymore for starting hand coding using HTML, CSS,  PHP, MySql and XML and JavaScript along Ajax or JSON.

And, now I am learning CMS platforms.

By the way, still, I have a feel to do some hand coding as well to customize themes and for some pages as Blogger doesn’t support as WordPress or Joomla platform.

However, I have my concrete plan to stay forever with the sky and with you all. And, I am continuously working on this. Stay with me by subscribing so, we are in touch.

I hope I will have handsome income and I can share a part with the people those who need, as, those I know fighting with poverty even become too tired.

Some people, avoid doctors because of the medical bill. Also, those just smell nearby fruit shops and restaurants. Do you see people like this? What is your feeling towards them?

That's why, those of you have the ability to learn more, earn more then why not you try. And, not just by blogging. There are many other ways, you just need to pick what suits you the best.

Do you know that you can do better than me? It’s possible for you, and I believe that.

Have I told you, I love gardening?

Pineapple in Pot of my Garden
Pineapple in Pot of my Garden

I have an Oriole bird, that is yellow? I had many kinds of birds and turned into breeding. Love Bird, Parakeet, Shema, Black Throat, white-eyed, and also, Serama the smallest chicken in the world.

My Birds Having Sunbath at Sea beach Home Garden
My Birds Having Sunbath at Sea beach Home Garden 
This picture of while I was staying by the sea beach in Nongsa, a village in Batam Island. You can see the sea after those tall coconut trees.

My Hobby

I am also trying, Beethoven, Bach on Classical guitar, also crawling my fingers on piano reeds and keyboard. It’s really nice to hear (while the professionals play), it’s self-learning too. So, you can guess!

Music Land

This blog is growing up at its own pace. I will take care at my best with your supports. Every plant or construction needs time to raise up, so a newborn baby.
And this blog site too.

Anyway, my academic education, M.Com (attended), DHMS (Diploma in Homoeo Medicine and Surgery), LL.B (attended)

The joke of life is, nothing I could use from here in my overseas life as all the way I was trying to set up myself in computer related business including teaching.

Job Experience:

I worked only 10 months in a private limited company in Singapore. And around two years after resigning, I started a small computer training school in Indonesia which didn’t survive long.

I became a licensed life insurance agent as a freelance for a long time.

I am feeling happy to decide to survive on the Internet after many, many years of failing. Indeed, nobody is happy to be recognized as a failure. But it happens. It’the s human life.

Who to blame for your failure? We want credibility for behind the success of someone we know. But failure is own certified designation.

Nobody wants to claim the credibility of someone’s failure.

So, me too, not going to blame anybody or even the circumstances and situation that made by some people or by my fate. Whatever or whoever, I am the one who is suffering including all my beloved people.

Keep note, if you are reading till here then, my opinion, grow up, leave the whole story, create a brand new 'history' of your life.

Sure, it's possible and obviously, it's going to tuff. Create a new environment to achieve and to write the new story of you.

Invite me to read.

My Family and Relatives – My Love

Power in Friendship Relation – 

I should have an unbroken relation with my friends, starting from school. But the fact is, as time goes things change in its own way. And, we get detached from the people we spent much time. Luckily I have found some of them after many years.

With My Friends While in High school
  With My Friends While in High school 
In this picture above, I am at the center, standing with two other friends, while one posing as jumping or dancing, whatever is that style. We had a happy nice friendship with many others.  Still, I have communication with the friend at the front, as half sitting on the air.

And, this the practical flow of life. We get toughed and detached. Someday, we may reunite again.

Anyway, I was active with music, children organization, and scouting. Also, I came to know some friends while following private tuition. Our teacher is one of the most honest and caring people I know. 

And, the friends are scattered here there around the world. I feel them so much.

Are these all about me? Still, there are more. It's human life's story. So you have too, might be more than me.

However, I am living in Indonesia. In Batam Island which is beautiful with a lot of small islands too.  I started my life here around in 2000 but somehow again detached from the computer and internet use for many years.

After a big round, I am now with my laptop, internet connection with mobile devices. Engaged me with blogging while going around as contributing to Google Map as a Local Guide,

I am feeling happy with what I am doing now.  And, yes, sure someday, the financial crisis will leave me too.

I believe it.

And, next is your turn to write about your own life, if not yet.

To conclude, I can say, even though, because of busyness life seems short. by counting age life is still long. Also, you can leave your legacy behind you.

To be sure, do you want to write about yourself?

Next, you can read if you want to know About My Blogging Life and My Colorful Thoughts.

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