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Hobby Can Create Opportunity

What hobby do you have? I had many but now left few and turned into a daily activity. Have you found that Hobby Can Create Opportunity? Literally, a hobby is an activity besides the main job or work or business that someone does for happiness feeling.

Hobby Can Create Opportunity-Creative Hobby, Image Credit Pexels

To fill the time after work. Or after school hour as for the students.

Many Success Career Starts From A Simple Hobby 

Today’s many successful people started their stories from a single or few hobbies. If you study their lives, you can find that. Here I start with my long list of hobbies. Ok. Don’t laugh at me for that.

And, my hobbies started in my school life.

I had and still have several hobbies. And, I am not insisting you to do the same as me. But, few you can pick if you like to. Certainly, you have one or some.

My Collecting Hobby: 

  • Book Collection
  • Collecting Sea Shell and Small colorful stone from Sea Beach and hill
  • Stamp, Coin, Currency Collection

Gardening as a Creative Hobby

Book Collection

By the way, more or less we all read many kinds of issues besides academic books. For example, printed books, newspapers, magazines or online blogs. These are also on varieties of matters, such as story, history, food recipe, biking, hiking, politics, and many others.

By collecting books someone may think of becoming a librarian, writer, or blogger.  So, this is a countable hobby as well.
Read about,


Sea Shell, Beach and hill stone 

Even though I am not good at collecting shell or stones, but I did. What I found is, there are many hobbies related and souvenir shops are filled with these. If you can remember, at airports, in a shopping mall, there are stores.

Obviously, this is a good opportunity for a creative hobby. And, some are writing on these beautiful natural collections too.

Don’t you agree that this is a nice hobby, even for a nice living?

You may read,

My Sea Shell and Beach Stone Collection

Also, I insist to read,

How you can maintain your Shell Collections

Stamp, Antique Coin, and Currency Collection 

More or less in childhood many of us had this hobby. Started with collecting stamps from envelopes of letters those coming from relatives. Anyway, these days we all are using emails without stamps.
But I hope, still there are stores and they are selling online.

And I found that those become as ‘Antique’, yes, quite a good price. And this really high price. So, it’s an opportunity as well.

I had a good collection of stamps, coins, and currency collection while I was a schoolboy until my college life. And, at last, I lost all.

My stamp, coin and currency collection

And these posts are especially for you,

Antique Coin Collection: A Long Story from History
How to take care of stamp, coin, and currency – tips

Gardening as a Creative Hobby

I like gardening in my childhood. Flower, vegetables, and fruits are my choices besides various types of plants with only beautiful leaves. Nature is really amazingly beautiful. I can’t pull me back from gardening.

Rose, Sunflower and many other flowers were in my small garden when I was a child. Later I had more varieties of flowers. But, due to moving to different places, my garden becomes small again. Anyway, you can read,

My Garden: I am the Gardener from My Childhood

Also, you are welcome to have look at,

How you can beautify your home with flowers

Besides e-gifts of e-flowers, still, there is a high demand everywhere for the real or original flowers. Everywhere around the world. For birthdays, weddings and also Alters, and to propose love.

Isn’t it a great opportunity from a cute hobby?

Still, there are many hobbies that anybody can turn into a lifetime opportunity. For some, as for happy and healthy living. Don't we meet a lot of people are looking for jobs? Don't we know a lot those are just having the luxury in frustration? Yes, we do.

Here I am trying to put up some of the opportunities that may help to open up a door rather than living in stress finding a job.

Why not happily try to create opportunities?

Let's have a nice happy world filled with happy people.

Reading and writing can be a good hobby to develop, and you can read from the links below.


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