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About My Blogging Life

Why and how I choose to blog, and why on various topics, I am describing here at, About My Blogging Life page, which may help you to decide for your next step, as well as for blogging or for other purposes. Anyway, which is good and exciting to me, for some, it can be so much boring.

Even to someone, not worthy at all.

Writing article using pen
Writing Article 

Are you interested to know about my blogging life?

Blogging Changing My Everyday Life 

Glad to meet you here. As you are showing your interest to know about my blogging life, maybe you are already on this or interested to start a blog. Or just thinking, whether you can do that or not.

Whatever that is, you have to read. You have to think and you can plan about that.

No matter about blogging, it’s mostly for any major decision we make, there is a flow to reach the starting point. From where someone starts the journey to achieve something. As I am about blogging, right now.

Literally, to inspire the readers, and those are spending time in frustration, for them my little try. Perhaps, some inspiring real stories too. Therefore, I hope these will able to make at least a small impact on some, to start changing.

With a few other blogs, this is another one. You can consider me a brand new fresh beginner while I am writing this page. So, if any of the readers are, as fresh as I am, hope will get some ideas and brave to decide to start, as I am.

  • Why I am choosing to start Blog and Blogging as Full time?
  • How I am doing and developing my blogs and blogging regularly
  • Platforms I am getting used to

Learning To Earn and Help others who need

In fact, I am learning nearly everything totally newly. Perhaps, I just want to close my eyes from those I lost and I could be. Also, leaving some people as temporary as not like-minded. Indeed, I am creating a new environment to move forward.

However, I will look for them after I make sure my progress to achieve what I want. I just want to work one issue. Only one matter that is to help some people from my honest hard working earning, from my blogs.

What I want is, bigger than my limitation. Late but, I've discovered that this is not my life what I am living on. This is not what wanted. And, I need a big change, A U-turn in my life.

I believe I will make it. I am working on it, to achieve.

For me, it's time to gain knowledge, to learn again and to earn big.  And, most of the earning, if any from my blog sites. I am going to distribute and donate with some people who need, after settling my debts while keeping some for my living and travel.

It's not a promise to anybody, but this is the big part of my life that I wanted. I know, it's not easy but nothing wrong I try at my best.

Moreover, you can say, there are some causes or reasons those are influencing me.

Rescuer's Living Expense 

I want to help the people those rescue animals from the street. For example, stray dogs, cats or birds. They need financial support for those they pick and bring home. Food, shelter and in some cases medicine and doctor’s bills.

I and my wife ever rescued a cat, which now has 2 adult kitties. Further, going to give birth soon, for the second time. While few more street stray cats come to have 'cat food' that they like.

 I can feel those are happily doing their part as the caring caregiver. And I know the expense and their hassle of taking care day by day.

Mother's Skill

A mother’s skill training in our neighborhood. There is a lot of families those are hand to mouth, only the man is working and not enough for the whole month. Some women work full time while some cannot make it.

If they can add some skill such, cooking special dishes, bakery or tailoring. They can add some extra income even there is an opportunity to expand as well. I want to help at least a few families by providing training fees and material purchase costs.

Elderly People

Many elderly or aged people belong to lower income family. I no need to go so far but there are many where ever I go. I feel them. Someday I will reach at that age too if not goodbye earlier from the old age. And need money.

This is motivating again to work hard, to support at least a few people.

Suffering from Disability

Disable people are suffering mentally and many financially, certainly. While a majority of healthy people are jobless. Anyway, sometimes I want to provide them some skill training and money so that they can be independent as much as possible. So, the family members will not have much pressure because of the financial crisis.

Orphan and orphanage 

There a lot of children without parents and growing up an orphanage. There are some great kind hearted people who dedicate their lives to them. By organizing an orphanage, they are providing care, shelter, food education. Also, medical bills.

I will prioritize once I will be able financially to support them. What I do now is very little according to my ability.

Planting Fruit Plants and Improve Greenery in Neighborhoods

City area, wherever it is, getting warmer and warmer as increasing constructions. But still, there are empty lands for plantation. Fruits are my choice besides flower and trees for shade. Not all kinds of trees take a long time to grow fruit.

By providing some knowledge of the plants it's possible to create a small supply for the homes in a community. And the same matter, money, and people need to accomplish my desire.

Distributing Food

I don't know about you. But I see many people are having enough food. The reason is simple, less money to buy food. Many young people collect money and food then distribute among the people those are living in the slum area. 
Or somewhere besides roads, in parks and bus halts. I saw, and if possible I want to as much as possible. 

My Writing Story:

At the time while I was a primary standard schoolboy, my mother first helped and insisted me to write a short story. And, the first and last for that time, it was published on a News Paper.

The story is about a little one eye blind poor boy, who was striving for food and schooling. One day, while crossing the road and running after a rich man to beg some money and holding his books as not in a school bag, a car pushed him suddenly.

And, it was an accident. The name was, ‘a street boy’. ‘Pother Cheleti’. Yes, I still remember. I was around 12-14 then, most probably.

Later, in high school, I started again, this time with children groups, an organization of News paper’s children section. I and my friend, succeed till publish the first and last ‘publication’ by borrowing money from my mother and saving transport and tiffin money. it’s about 30 years back from now, in my 20s.

Most of them, people didn’t buy as approached to sell, and we just kept a big quantity as the souvenir and the rest distributed to the ‘Contributors’, those wrote poems and stories. It was about 20-30 pages.
We tried.

Stopped again for a long time, next I wrote for a while, in the first Bengali News Paper that published from Singapore, it was, ‘Probashi’. And, stopped again.

I am writing again. This time not going to stop. As before publishing, I am filling the laptop hard disk as much as possible. Which means I have a long-term preparation. And beside this, I am creating few more blog sites,

And, also I have the plan to think like before. Further, think back as ‘young’ me, to create a fund to help people, as I mentioned above.

For example, donating to charity. Helping by volunteering. I do as much as possible.

Blog CMS Platform 

Friends, ‘Stay cool!’ Feel happy as long as you are here with me. By the way, this blog site, which is a free hosting site of the big-hearted Google’s service,, and shows as,

Anyway, my best choice is to start with the free one at this moment and later on to own a domain name and get a hosting service as the site grows.

However, I like the Blogger platform, as it is more challenging and I get the flavor of hand coding too. Moreover, to monetize is faster and free, as Google AdSense comes along, you just need to wait a few months for this.

By the way, you need to be very cautious about the Terms and Conditions and the Webmaster Guideline carefully. I did a mistake of being too excited.

Also, I am using WordPress as well.

To be sure, I have a long-term plan with these my loving blogs. As a blueprint for a huge construction, and I have the plan. Definitely, you can write your expression in the comment sections if you like to share your idea with me.

Surely, I will appreciate that.

Reasons Why You Can Read My Blog

Cause, I am writing for you. The reason is very simple. And I am writing without hesitation while about my failures and opportunities.
Also, my writings are to entertain my blog readers.

(To give you the clear picture). I don’t know your age, gender nor your social status or country. But, human fails and gains. Facts and factors are there. You can wisely choose your next steps while reading any page or post from my blog.

Unless someone judges me low. I can’t stop or not I am going to argue with them or with you.

We all have ups and downs. Some willingly, some without hoping to fall down hard on the street.
But, it happens. Most of the time, it happens because of some situation that we can’t avoid. And, we fail to carry on our dream. Who wins, is a winner.

And who fails is the opposite of the winner. Avoid choosing ‘fail’.

For You I am Here

If you are going to start living on blogging, and plan to have a better life then you need to grow your mental power to give a big share of your knowledge and cash. Your success is there, this is a simple secret.

So, learn a lot and turn them into your words. Grow and share with people around you. Be brave to achieve something that many people not even want to think. I am not sure when you are on this page.

I read many blog articles those are of more than ten years back.

Time passes very fast, as we feel. Or maybe slow as we face it. But, surely it is moving as it is and was from before. “Time and tide wait for none”, that is what my mother often reminded. When I think, it’s already many years gone.

Around 20 years and more, maybe.

However, my blog and I both will move together with you all. I don’t know when you are stepping towards this page.

Life will go on.

If you like to Buy me a lunch/ dinner, then you can do that by clicking on the button below. Which will bring you to Paypal website.

Also, you can read, More About Me and, My Colorful Thoughts, About or back to the Start Page


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