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Relaunching Blog & YouTube: Exploring Self-Dev, Travel, Hobbies, Music, Fitness & More

Relaunching Blog & YouTube: Exploring Self-Dev, Travel, Hobbies, Music, Fitness & More

Playlist Transformation Progress Update 

Hey there, wonderful people! Welcome back to my Blog and YouTube channel, HiMukut, or simply HiMukut, and to this post, Relaunching Blog & YouTube: Exploring Self-Dev, Travel, Hobbies, Music, Fitness & More

Today's episode is about relaunching my blog and YouTube channel, where I'll explore the realms of self-development, travel, hobbies, music, fitness, digital activities, and more. 

So, let's dive right in!

Long Break

* [insert Image ] ?

Here I'm at Blogger dashboard, I can see

The last I posted on my blog 

was October 24, 2019, and now it's August 2023

You can see the date and my name

The last post on YouTube was on August 17, 2023, recently

Here we can see, YouTube Subscriber at 186, 

and in the last 48 hours view is 0, no joke

And, this is the present status of my blog 

Yesterday visited 24, This month 0, last month 578  

All time visited 62,206, Today 0 

By the way, this is Sep 01 and just started the new month

However, it's totally organic reach, I'm transparent, so, you'll have a better idea

But unfortunately, this status or statistics is quite poor, 

this view quantity won't make money.

- Preparing New Blog Post - 

[Insert Clip Creating Draft]

As I've decided to start posting again, 

So, I am creating a new post, I'll keep it as draft, 

It's Blogger dashboard, I go to Create New Post

I paste the Titile for this blog post 

Hold on, let me copy and paste a little text I'm writing for this episode, 


Oh, I need to check grammer and modify the text a little more, and that's fine. 

By the way, I wanted to publish this post on September 07,

but later I changed the date to Sep 30, on my 23rd Wedding Anniversay

So, I'm publishing this blog post with this Video on the same day, 

And, hopefully I'm going to start the process to publish my songs too

please, check out the playlist, 'Lost and Found my Songs', 

it'll be there soonand, other playlists related to music

So, I keep post as draft now, 

By the way, while I'm recording this it's September 01, 2023

[Insert Screen Record - Merging 3 Blogs]

Merging 3 Blogs

Also, I'm going to merge 3 blogs into 1

I was trying to develop the travel blog, Barelang Adventure and Scenic Indonesia.

Looks like not possible to continue these

so, I'm merging these two blogs into HiMukut

I'll have a post about merging blogs in the Playlist 

CMS or - Content Management System * Blogging - CMS Blogger Platform

* Need to record voice for the last line? or Show as big Text? 


- Creative Roadblock - * Create Text Image 'Creative Road block * Canva

In addition, for all you creators out there tuning in, 

if you've hit a creative roadblock, 

I hope my journey inspires you to reignite 

your passion and get back into the rhythm

By the way, how's life treating you? I genuinely hope you're doing great. 

Now, as for me, I'll be honest—

I experienced a creative blackout for the past few weeks. 

Nearly three months, to be precise. It's been quite a long break. 

During this time, I wasn't able to maintain my regular YouTube uploads 

after sharing "Celebrating 50th Freehand Shorts."

- Before Going For a Break - 

[Insert Clip from Celebrating 50th Freehand Shorts]

Speaking of my YouTube channel, just before the break, 

I managed to squeeze in a YouTube short before going for the break

However, I admit there's been a delay in picking up the pace again. 

Mark the date: I posted that short on YouTube on May 07, 2023, 

and now it's the beginning of September.

By the way, Here it is, from the YouTube short

"We've completed 50 days of 101 Short episodes. 

I've posted continuously,  daily 1 YouTube short.

And, now I'm going for a short break for the next few weeks from

posting Freehand Exercises.

I'll continue the rest 51 shorts of 101 short episodes soon."

By the way, about 

- Resuming Daily Posts - 

Before taking the long break, I was Posting Regularly

I was consistently posting content on my YouTube channel

Have a look at this screen recording, capturing the momentum 

before the post "Celebrating 50th Freehand Shorts."

* [Insert Image ] ?

Here you can see, the latest post was on August 17, 2023, 

and, before this post, I posted on Jul 27, Jun 11, May 22, May 07 

it's evident that life has been bustling with activities

But, if you see, you can see that from March 17, till May 05,

I was publishing every day.

I was publishing YouTube shorts of Garden, 

and Cats besides posting nonstop 50 Freehand shorts

- 140 YouTube Shorts - 

[Insert image - Shorts posted more than 140]

And, here, in the image we can see, I've  posted 140 shorts in one playlist 

before I started separating in different shorts playlists

-  So, what I was doing - 

Creative Pursuits During the Break

Actually, I did not take a rest continuously, but sure, I had enough sleep. 

I spent quality time with my cats and with the Garden Plants 

Moreover, I was trying to practice musical instruments too. 

For example, creating background music for the video episodes 

and content for music-related playlists

* [ Insert Image - I'm holding tiger and at garden ]

Additionally, I was preparing rough content, and redesigning my ideas 

for the rest of the playlists to continue this YouTube Channel 

for a long time, for the next few years

- Playlist Serial - Crafting Playlists and Channel Page


I've been curating a variety of playlists to cater to different interests.

For example, Mixed Taste - Unlisted Long and Short Videos, 

Shorts Playlist Trailers, Long Video Playlist Trailers, Shorts Pot Garden

Shorts Stray Cats, Shorts Otis Cat 'Tiger' and a few more

I've invested time in planning upcoming episodes and 

brainstorming the playlists that best serve my channel's vision.

I was trying to figure out how to maintain the playlists serial.

- Channel Page - Solution for Playlist Serial -

* [Channel Page image ]

But Looks like, I spent more than enough time to make the serial of the playlists, 

and it was not happening as I wanted. 

Then, I found the solution for the serial is, actually the 'Channel Page. 

In fact, I can arrange the Playlists in Sections or in groups 

as I wanted to see the playlists in the Playlist tab

I hope, I'll cover more about YouTube in the playlist, 

Youtube - My Learning Process

- Navigating Challenges and Competition -

The road to content creation comes with its share of challenges. 

I've learned that mental strength is key, especially when faced with criticism

Surprisingly, some videos, like "Otis Cat, 'Tiger' Drinking Milk" 

gathered dislikes, even Moringa, Malabar Spinach, 

Bitter Melon plants growing in Pots, too

* [ Insert Image - Tiger drinking milk that got dislikes ]

But here's the thing: I'm not in competition with others; 

Not with anybody else, You can say, I'm on a mission. 

I feel, I need to share my experiene and feeling with you all.

I'm challenging myself to grow. 

I need to help myself, my family and my cats, 

also the people I know even I don't know personally 

For example, those who are reading my blogs, watching YouTube... 

at least by documenting development of my 

day-to-day real-life examples may inspire them

Also, I was going through too much mental anxiety as a 

new channel, as a new YouTube Creator. 

- New Playlist My Life, My Mind's Playground

So, I've created a playlist where I'm willing to cover

how I try to handle my mental health, something like self-meditation. 

You can say, It's like, talking to myself

Feel free to explore it; you might find it resonates with you.

It's really too difficult to create, edit, publish original content 

and these all by myself, alone. 

What I mean is, I'm the scriptwriter, I do the voice-over, 

I come in front of the camera, 

mostly I handle the mobile phone too, to capture video

it's a one-person show. 

I know, not only me but many others are facing like this, for sure

Thankfully, my wife occasionally lends a helping hand in capturing footage

My cats don't help me, but they try to keep me engaged 

with them as much as possible for them. Mainly the Otis cat, 'Tiger' 

Sometimes, you may hear his loud voice while I'm recording voice or music

Also, you can see him in my Freehand exercise videos

Aso, I'm doing these all within too many limitations 

arranging time and situation with my sick cat, 'Tiger', 

who battles epilepsy, adds an extra layer of complexity. 

And, often he gets seizures. 

Also, I'm developing this channel and blog in too much 

money problem and mental anxiety. 

- New Playlist about YouTube and Blog - 

So, here comes two more new playlists, about YouTube, and Blog

I'm going to introduce two more new playlists, 

one is YouTube - My Learning Process and, other one is 

CMS Blogger Platform: Restarting My Blogging Journey

/ Blogging - CMS Blogger Platform (show this on Video as Big Text so need to record voice again)

I'll explain how I'm developing this YouTube channel and my blog 

in these two separate plalists as I mentioned. 

Further, I want to know, whether I need these or not, 

so, these two playlists will cover a lot of questions besides technical terms

I hope it'll help you


However, I found, sometimes, it's good to take a little break, 

But too long break shouldn't be a good choice

By the way, 

- Problem and Temporary Solutions for Sound and Lighting - 

I watched my videos a few times. I found sound problems,

mainly my voice and lighting. 

* [Insert Image - Changing bulb]

So, I changed the light bulb to brighter than the earlier one

* [Insert Image - Sound Card]

Also, I managed to buy a sound card or Mixer to use with my Guitar. 

I hope it'll give me a better sound. 

About my voice, I think, I need to speak louder 

than usual when I record voice

- Little Flash Back - Balancing Challenges with the Journey Ahead 

I have detached myself from technology and people for the last many years. 

Even though first I started learning, using Computer and Musical instruments in 1985.  

I mentioned it in other videos too

Furthermore, I was a domain and web hosting reseller 

in the year 2000, also I was writing code to create Website too. 

But, it's a game of life. 

Things didn't go as I was preparing myself for the future

However, it's taking a little time to start over again

Why I'm repeating it? 

The reason is to help you open up your mind. 

If any of you stucked somewhere in life, I like to say, 

come on, get up, sart again. Enjoy the process. 

At least, try to feel happy that we've tried our best. 


- Results of Experiment of delaying Publishing - 

I'm setting up the playlists as I am trying to develop my skills 

I'm trying to make the flow as I want to grow myself and this YouTube channel. 


By the way, It's a transition period of my personal transformation. 

I understand I need time to develop this channel and the blog.

And, I want to confirm with you, that I'll continue my blog

and this YouTube channel as long as possible for me. 

Please, whatch the next video in this playlsit Transformation Progress Update, 

where I'm showing how I'm setting up my tiny workspace and adjusting to my

sick cat, 'Tiger'. 

It'll help you to overcome from procrastination

The link in the Description.

- A Heartfelt Thank You

To those who've been on this journey with me, a heartfelt thank you. 

Your support means a lot, means the world to me

Shout-out to the encouraging comments and likes that keep the positivity flowing. 

Dislikes? They haven't deterred me; they're part of the process.

I'm okay with this. 

As we step forward, my aim is to regain regularity in my posts.

Thank you for being here, and until next time, take care and keep creating!


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