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My Colorful Thoughts

Do you have an idea of what colorful thoughts are? Serious, not funny. Am I wrong if say that, people dream in black and white, or reverse? But you can think something mixing with colors as you like. In fact, we got to make it colorful, realistic as much as possible.

Combination of Colorful Wax Pencils


No Boundaries and Drives to Anywhere - Nowhere 

I do that. While I ‘dream’ or ‘imagine’. As the colored pencils, we used while learning drawings.

By the way, most of the writing in this blog is for beginner blogger or those planning to start blogging with many articles. That’s why, many kinds of topics are arranging here, from time to time.

Of course, anybody is welcome to read and comment.

From my personal life to Mystery of Galaxy, a lot are in the queue. Perhaps, it’s time to continue writing, and you may sit comfortably to continue this long reading.

I Have a Dream

Besides supporting own living as “hand to mouth” still, I had and have a dream to help some family those are financially poor. Also, supporting them by providing some kind of practical training for the living.

And, also their underage kids for education and better healthcare purpose.

Further, the old or elderly people those need care at the end of their days, helping them with money for better living.


While I or you want to help someone, personally need to have more than enough, also need a like-minded circle. Furthermore, a suitable long-term plan including a large active volunteer team. Above all need to have the element is, ‘humanity’.

Beside this, need to be wealthy enough to distribute to the people who need.

In addition, need enough knowledge and acts to stay wealthy.

I have expressed my reasons or causes at About My Blogging Life, you can read it now or later.

Will I be able? 

Maybe you too have or had this question for yourself in many cases. Anyway, at the time of writing this, I am starting all alone with a ‘Zero’ bank balance. After a long run in life, I must start and going to start with what I wanted and willing to.

And about blogging, yes, you can say, I am starting nearly from scratch.  However, I have to overcome all the odds those I faced all the way and going to face again. So far, it is the practical experience of life.

I know my odds, I know my skills and I know my limitations besides aiming high.

Literally, to help my blog readers to understand, I am fair with you all.

I am not going to feel shy to tell clearly anything. So, you have the opportunities to overcome those odds in case you want to help others after you help yourself. By your knowledge and sharing your wealth as much possible.

Otherwise, leaving me alone, you can walk out smilingly from the stage. I will watch your satisfaction.

I won’t mind if someone teasing me or estimate me as low as possible for the person. It’s their capacity for intelligence, heart and mental power beside egoism. I met these kinds of people a lot and

I am not going to give them a damn at all, anymore.

Let’s move on. While still, I will try to increase my skills with some ingredients of life.

Personal Skill and Humanity: Most Wanted Elements of Life

However, at least, by blogging I want to talk as much possible about humanity, knowledge, self-esteem, honoring life also about blog and blogging. I know there are many books are available to read, many writers to write.

Moreover, on the net, there is a lot to read.

I love to read them as well to know more. You can do that too if you want to develop your personal skills in various fields.

Eventually, I am willing to write on my own for my blog readers. I hope, there are some will act with more innovative ideas to help people they know, or they will come to know, introduce newly.

Imagination? Dream or High Ambition? 

Or Just Tons of ‘Thinking’?

Think about those successful people are pioneer and leaders in the world. But, when someone ordinary person thinks and expresses, people surrounding us the not much open heart to accept or appreciate unless ‘success’ in later time. Therefore, like me, people fall down before a climb up. So, here is my ‘thoughts’ come again, so, how did they overcome these kinds of situations?

Or they didn’t have to face a problem like me or many others like me. Or, these people overcame the odds against them? How did they do that? How they are doing this?

Furthermore, their imagination, dream, and high ambition to achieve, to win made others either to accept them or leave them. But those imaginary people achieved what they were waiting for. And, they left the legacy for the future.

How did they achieve their imaginations?

And same like them still lot highly self-motivated people are on the same path of achievement, just the trade is different. And we get many new Entrepreneurs in many fields.

Even, until now.

In this case, my odd situation won and helped me to drop down. Yes for a long time. But not anymore. In case, you are working on to achieve something and if you are facing some kinds of odds.

Then, somehow, anyhow you need to cross the line of all the odds and difficulties.

And, achieve what you are walking to.

Stay success as well.

Here Thoughts Come Again

Not necessary, to think I need to close my eyes, it comes, they come without inviting. They are as black and white also, in colors. Moreover, cups of coffee and sleepless nights are accompanied by many kinds of thoughts.

Mostly imaginary but somehow some of these look like practical, look like possible and some, really no clue for a solution.

Do you have this kind of time, imagining something or many?
Do you face a situation like me too?

Stay happy, I am not going to ask you what are you thinking about or why? There got reasons, and some, I believe, you may work on to find a better solution. Not only for you but for many others too.
That’s you are.

Do you think you are looking for something for getting the best for your life?

Or just wasting time on the imagination that no reason to accomplish? Find out by asking mildly, to yourself.

In your absent mind, you are looking for something. Therefore, make use of your inner power. Looks like you are not so far. However, just sort them out as, what you want to do first. In the meantime, try to pick something that ‘result-oriented’ from your sorted list.
Find out which you will have positive good results.

The best way is, write them roughly on a paper and sort them out in clear words, also make them as sentences. May look funny but, read loudly. And feel, is it that you are looking for silently?

However, you can use a computer, laptop or your mobile device such as, smartphone, Android or iPhone, whatever you like.

Further, a lot of things are happening every day, every month around the world. Some we observe and some are not. Few of these make me sad, also, a few make me excited while few make me fly to catch the event.

Such as,
Months of the Year
Zodiac of the Months
Observation Days of the Months

Talking to Myself 

Sometimes, really mess up. I feel disturbed. What I think about, are these baseless or will bring good result, good life. I talk to people, and I get the total opposite thoughts from some of them I like more, love more.

Anyway, everybody has own choice to reply and response, not just as I expect and need support as my thoughts.

But there are some, they are the people you need. And you need to wait till you meet them as the same kind of thought or like-minded people. And, we lose a big quantity of time, in some cases, from our lives. And it happens.

I am the proof.

Create a supportive environment for your days, where you can support each other at least by communicating to achieve something uncommon or common.

When you think and plan for far future and that is not usual, not sure people are there for you until you prove them the extraordinary result. Still, from them better not to expect any ‘wow’.
Go ahead on this long journey to achieve the best that you think.

Stay on your ‘result-oriented’ thoughts and plans you have. Make it true.

I lived in ‘frustration land’ for a long time with deep love with energy losing sleepless nights and hopeless days.

Good news is, I left the bad events of frustration.

Join me, let’s move forward together. At least you can subscribe, share and make your comments. Without any question, I admire your support.

Learning from Failure – From Failed People

“Failure is the pillar of success”, I believe you ever heard it. And it’s time for you to believe it. So, back to ‘think’ again. Put your all the thoughts on paper, or maybe on a laptop, tab whatever. Read them as I mentioned earlier.

You will find where your mistake was. If your failure was because of other people, leave it. Keep your energy to move forward. Chasing them is just a waste of time.

I have a long list of failures. I know why. And I decided not to look back at this moment, even though they come to make me busy with those time-wasting thoughts. For me, it’s time to just move forward.

You can read if you still have time and energy. I will like it anyway.

Sometimes, you need to learn from failed people, those had plans for success and tried at their best.

More About Me

Not only the success people can train you better but those accepted their ‘Fate’ as ‘Failure Man’.

Whatever, first of all, you need to create your ‘Success Environment’ as my version. You need to link up with the people and study the materials those you need on the road of your success journey.

Write your stories, maybe, a blog is better than writing on a social media timeline. You need to steady towards your achievement in any aspect.

Tuff but possible.

Engaging with Hobby and Social Activity – part of daily life

Literally, having one or more hobbies can be worthy to distract yourself from tiredness of work or frustration for some reasons. At the time you may under pressure of the situation, a hobby may bring some peace and happiness as well.

As long as, keep in mind that better to avoid an expensive and risky hobby.

Further, visiting and helping orphanage or elderly home also you may add in your life as they need us as a human activity. A little contribution to society is just a normal activity that we can do.

Rather than waiting till to get rich to make a donation. Anyway, this is my personal thought only.

By the way, I was collecting stamps, coins and currencies of many countries also, some were quite old, you can consider as antique. Anyway, I lost them all and lost that collecting hobby too. And later gardening, aquarium took place.

And further collecting sea shell and small colorful stone from sea beach and hillside and later all changed with the bird. And quite a lot with many kinds, nearly 300 birds.


I left now one Oriole only and changed again with the cat. She is Mickey and has two naughty kids. (at the time of writing.)


However, some are fun and headache too of maintaining. I am migrating to ‘Writing’ as a full-time hobby or activity whatever you say, and continuing music practice as additional to distract from blog writing “stress”.

Music – A Long Left Behind Hobby

I was learning instrumental music, Hawaiian Guitar AKA Lap Steel Guitar, also performed in National Radio and TV while I was active in Scouting as a Rover Scout. It’s sad but, nearly 15 years I didn’t touch guitar.

I was able to sing till record in a prominent music studio too with my co-singer friend. We both were writing lyrics and tune them. However, it was not completed to sell.

We did nine songs out of twelve as we wanted. It’s become a story. Even though, sometimes I want to continue that to make it complete.

Now I do little practice this fantastic string instrument, as well, Classical Guitar, Keyboard, and Piano.


Being with the people who Need – Volunteering is a peace
You can see there are some people those devote their life to help people or rescue stray animals such as a dog or cat. Some are working as a social worker under a banner while some are on their own.

And here is the matter comes of mental power ability. Volunteering.

Besides physical, need mental and financial ability to help any kind. Not only being enough kind is enough but you need financial solvency, of course, good practice of kind heart too. So, you need to grow up your financial ability and mental power with a kind heart.

Further, take care of own health if you are involved with some kind of acts like this.


Nature, World and The Mystery of Galaxy
Sometimes, I surprise looking at flowers or a flying bird, mountain or Sea waves breaking the silence at night. The world and its natural elements those we enjoy every day. All are, as a mystery.

Mystery of Galaxy

A lot of people are studying these, writing on them, making video clips and having a nice living. Wikipedia, Nasa sites are just nice to know more besides other websites.

You can try too.

Life is only for once. Learn a lot and apply as much as possible. Pick the good ones like many famous people.

Need A Big Time From Life To Build a Suitable Career

To become a professional in any aspect, such as a teacher, nurse, doctor, engineer or pilot, even a certified social worker, people need a long run to go. Unless someone wants to be a biker or a taxi driver.
Even to get a professional license need to go thru some tests and so on.

Whatever is that the person who wants to be an expert on a certain field, need to work continuously on that. In fact, blogging looks easy but creating the career not that much easy, as I feel. I am not sure about all.
Surely, it varies from person to person.

You can write anything

Flying Drone

Or any other topics you like.

Traveling on my colorful thoughts

I love to travel. Sometimes I think to be a travel blogger. I am not financially well to fulfill my hope. Anyway, I am working on that. Nor I got someone offering to sponsor my travel. (I haven’t tried yet.)

Travel: My Experience

If you are already here, you can find that, I am focusing on humanity, kindness, prosperity and your personal skill. To become someone in your society, in your family. Why not broader than that? As now the world is at your fingertips.

Be an expert in any field. Try to help people as a volunteer by heart and willingly, without hoping something financial benefit from them.

A poor man can’t return your help by converting it into money. But, can pray for you. They can keep you in their prayers.

You can put your effort to be someone special with a big heart to help others by any means. You, supposed to not get bad in return. Even though maybe you get nothing. But will add new experience on your resume.

Back to Marketing and Sales But this time – Online Store

In my overseas life, in a different country, different language, and food, including the people and society. I enjoyed a nice struggling time while I started my small Computer business and later on as a Life Insurance agent.

After many times breaking relation with computer field, now I am trying to back on this tech and feel to learn more about online marketing and sales.

That’s having my own too.

To increase your knowledge and experience you can learn more about setting up an online store. If you follow the path of the success people, the choice left only is your success too.

Failing must be in your count too. Every success comes with a full package including failure beside hardworking on that matter.

By the way, more or less these are my writing areas on this blog, hope you can guess. You will find more as you subscribe and visit me sometimes here.

Pick your piking point and move on that.

Help yourself and help others. A lot of people need your success story to write on their blogs. or in their stories, while speaking to a public seminar.

Being failure is just making a burden for others and frustration for ownself. So, your choice is, choose a nice life to become really expert on that and grab your success.

Stay colorful and stay above lot.

Believe me.  Believe in your success.

However, you can visit Start, About or any other as you like to.


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