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Blogging: Internet and Technology Knowledge, Beginners Need to Learn a Little

If you are looking for some basic knowledge of blogging and social media also, fundamental information about computer hardware, software, or device, then you are most welcome to read, 'Blogging: Internet and Technology Knowledge, Beginners Need to Learn a Little'.

Blogging Internet Tech, Laptop, Mobile and Coffee on working table - Image: Unsplash

Blog and Digital Marketing - Learn and Earn 

A Long-Term Continuous Process

Enjoy your time while you are reading. And, before you leave the site, remember to subscribe and share, also you can add to your social media networks like Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter. 

I appreciate you in advance if you do so. 

Blogging, it's a long-term process to reach a suitable earning level. But, the good point is, you are going to learn a lot. 

By the way, I am always new while talking about computer technology or blogging. Also, I was totally stayed far from this technology for a long time, because of frustration. 

But, I am back. 

However, are you new to blogging too? 

New to using a computer? Laptop or mobile phone? Tab?

Most probably, you are not new. 

As you are here, I believe, you have some ideas. And, more or less you know about computer and related affairs as well. 

Anyway, try to stay with this site and move around the pages and articles. You will find a lot of varieties of articles on this blog. 

Site Content Info, where you can get a long list of categories and pages. 

Whether something you find newly.

And, welcome to visit this blog and spend time with the posts. 

Indeed, my purpose in this blog site is to help newcomers to the blogging world, which is to CMS, Digital Marketing and that is to computer-related fields. 

I am intending to help them from my experience by discussing some very usual matters.

That’s why stay and continue. Even though, you may want to move slow or fast. Intentionally,

I am arranging this site as educational with a lot of information and tutorial resource links of popular and useful online tutorial sites. 

Some popular social media tutorials are including here too. 

Also, we will discuss many topics. 

However, what you are going to discover in this blog section, for example, 

  • Open Source Technology 
  • Computing and Computer Information 
  • Tutorial
For basic knowledge, you may read, Popular CMS Tutorial and Learning Home.

Also, we will talk about-

  1. Device, Software, and Application 
  2. History and Background of the above Topics 

So, for who I am creating this Blogging, Internet and Technology section then? 

While in this modern world most people are using the internet even from a smartphone, earning from home on the net. So, who is going to read these all the things I am going to put in this blog?

I don’t know yet who are they. But, by subscribing you can let me know, you are here with me. However, anybody with simple curiosity with a computer or IT, or writing on the internet is welcome to stay with this site.

Though, not all but few writings may come to help you in some ways, in case you are new. 

Do you know, Everything starts with a simple curiosity?

Also, you can read about Internet Entrepreneur's Lifestyle as well to get inspiration.

Therefore, many types of topics are here I am talking about in this section or category. 

For example, the importance of blog and blogging, basic knowledge about CMS, Social Media, hardware, and software are arranging in this blog site for you. 

And I am engaging myself in this sophisticated matter to entertain the readers. 

As long as, you invest your time in reading more and, act for heading to acquire a certain amount of knowledge. Also, the practical application of your knowledge of your goal.

Very basic information but it may turn into million dollars income for you. 

Remember, all starts with a little curiosity of ‘want to’ know or do, and that starts with learning. By the way, you can subscribe and stay connected by social media with me. 

To write content for this whole site, including Blogging, Internet, and Technology,  I am recalling from my memory. And, also reading the history of IT, hardware, hard disk, software, Open source, W3C, CMS again. 

And, many more of those are related to these topics. 

With my previous experience that first I got in 1985, and after several times stop, I have started again. Surprisingly, This time with CMS free sites. 

To share my learning experience I am engaging my time to write these interesting matters on my blog. Yes, there are a lot, this blog is just adding a new one. 

I hope, someday, you are going to add a site or tutorial blog of yours, on some topics you like most and expert on that.

Sometimes, we need to give us a little chance to learn by reading the same topics but written by many. From there we may achieve what we want, for example, learning and teaching techniques. 

By the way, you can read, More About Me and About My Blogging Life. To know, how I back to the computer field again after a long gap. Really long.

Even though, by blogging only. Also, how I am getting into writing, blogging. So, if you are looking for something new, or you want to back to what you left, then let’s stay together, online. 

However, the best way is, to subscribe, and sharing on social media networks to stay touch. 

This is just the beginning of this blog site, I wish day by day it will grow up as you stick with this site. Your frequent visit that I expect. 

Precisely, let me know by dropping a few lines of your comment to improve this site content so that you will feel great while you surf posts and pages. 

By the way, remember to subscribe to get updates in your email inbox.

"However, you deserve to know the reason behind the name of this blog. ‘Network' is, from the human network through the internet network and ‘Mukut’, I borrowed from my name.

And I am writing and focusing on more than one network system that’s why comes ‘Multi’. " and, I moved this whole matter from "Mukut Multi Network" to this current blog. 

To accommodate all in one place.   

This blog site, including my few others, is totally to help learners on various topics who are the going to-be new blogger, for them.

And, all information is totally free. 

You are always welcome to read as well, 

And, you are most welcome to join the Facebook group Let's Create Possibilities, where you can share and learn together with other members. 

Good Luck. 

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