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Hobby: Book Collection and Reading Skill Can Improve Life

Collecting anything is a hobby and become part of the activity regarding the hobby. Collecting stamp, coin, book or many other kinds we can see. However, someone may collect books on various topics or on a certain category.

Hobby Reading And Book Collection - Image: Pexels

I was collecting books on Computer, Self-development, novel, hunting, western cowboy. Teenage detective and writing on travel also including my favorite.

My Hobby: 

Collecting Book to Read on Various Topics

  • Teenage detective
  • Western Cowboy.
  • Hunting,
  • Novel
  • Computer,
  • Music
  • Self-development,
  • Religion
  • Travel
  • Finance Management and Insurance

I left all my books as I moved to another country. But later, my brother and a friend brought some while they visited me in Indonesia. As I am writing blogs on different topics, now, mostly I read online.

Indeed, the World has changed a lot, many bookstores are suffering, but on the other hand, a lot of people are doing better in writing and publishing digital online.

By the way, I moved house few times in my abroad life and those books I newly collected mainly computer related and some hardware equipment as, Switch Hub, I donated to local polytechnic, and some books and tools spoilt because of rainwater.

Collecting And Reading Books - A Great Hobby 

Having a personal library is really nice so, you can pick a book when you want to distract from mental anxiety.

Or reading as a regular habit every day for self-improvement. You can have a look at how to decorate my personal book library.

From a long time ago people are buying books online or even ebooks too. So, you can have your digital library too. By the way, I don’t remember the writer names but, you may have an what kinds of books I was reading.

And, you can update for yours, here, of course, some books are backdated so, you need the latest to read unless to collect.

Teenager Detective and Thriller Books

Beside stories like James bond 007, still, I will like teenage detective thriller books. I remember my days with this kind of thrillers, how the hours passing by so quickly.

Understood, when mother called angrily to put down the book. I remember clearly, unhappily I left the book and look at the time.

Wow, it’s already more than three hours gone. And, do you feel the power of the writer and the reader like me? You may try to become a writer too.

Why not?

However, teenage detective books and teenage thriller books on mystery or crime are always good reading as, feeling back to school life.

Western Cowboy Books

Apache, Mountain, creek, cow, Mississippi or outlaw- these kinds of words still whispers to look for a Western Cowboy series, again.

I came to know about many words related to these exciting words during my boyhood time. I miss those books.

Adventurous Hunting Books

Jim Corbet or Ernest Hemingway still can find in Google Search. In my teenage life, there was no search engine or online reading. We had to buy or rent a book, at the least is borrow from a friend.

Those real stories can bring you to the jungle together with the hunter, as the way describes in every line.

And these two special Robin Hood, Robinson Crusoe the best at my teenage time. I am not sure how many times I went thru them.

Computer Related Book Collection

Computer and IT books on Hardware, Software, Programming, and Open Source. When first I touched the computer to learn in 1985 and only then I had a computer learning book.

Music Notation Books

As I was learning Hawaiian Guitar, also I liked to sing. I had a quite good collection of books on music. But, at that time all books I had of Bengali songs notation. Love song, Patriot and modern songs of those days including some Indian favorites.

Nostalgia? Let it be. It's some kind of finding again ownself. Nothing wrong, I think.

Further, now I have all the Staff Notes books and melody, finger drill, arpeggio these kinds of words and taking place instead.
I am always, as usual, love to learn anything new. Yes, I can understand these not much bad.

Self-development Readings

Power Principle by Blaine Lee still one of my favorites. Emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman and some other really gorgeous books still with me.

As I told you, in my overseas life, I shifted house many times and my books started to reduce those I collected newly.

Precisely, these types of books sometimes may feel like talking too much, and no need. But if you search for the quantity of selling out a single or series of the books. It's supposed to be surprised that a lot of people really loves to develop their life one more step.

We have to give ourselves more chances to progress. And without many questions, better to collect and spend time reading these kinds of books.

Travel Voyage

As Gulliver’s Travel, Robinson Crusoe .. ok I don’t remember much anymore. Gulliver’s Travel was in school reading.

Finance Management and Insurance

I have a collection of some books by Robert Kiyosaki and a few other writers. Definitely good reading. Also as I applied to get my license for Life Insurance, I had to read a lot.

The most amazing part is, I have to read those of in the Indonesian Language aka Bahasa Indonesia.

And the best part is, I passed the exam scoring quite high.

However, if someone wants to be a financial adviser or even wants to blog on financial related matters, then it's a good choice to own some printed books rather than online materials those written by nonprofessionals on the dedicated subject.

But it's good to read them too. Why? To get the style of writing, how do they arrange and to know the
flow of writing.

You do not necessarily need to follow this list, usually what you like to read that’s your list. If you want to write on certain topics, surely you got to read on that a lot.

Still, I recommend, increase your area of reading related to that topic, also some other just for fun. And, it will reflect on the time you write on something.


Why I am writing my book list and reading hobby? 

From this, you can find the best tips for you. If you want to be a writer on any topics, on any subject or area, it’s possible. I was detached from reading, writing for many years. I have started again. I feel week, and only one option is ‘Reading Skill’ that’s what I say.

And the next is, write a lot. Read again and again. Then write. It’s not the matter is memorizing or reading for the final exam. But to get the skill.

Give a try. Remember, a human can write a story but a computer can’t not. Robotic technology is taking over a big job market. But, it will never be a writer with human feeling.

Ok by some programming code you can make it show the result on screen as seems it is writing.

It is programmed.

And, you can program a computer, and yourself.

Finally, this is your power, human power.

In the end, these may give you a little idea about-

And, few more -


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