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Most Basic Qualities and Skills Someone Must Possess for Own Development

Basic qualities those we Learned In primary schools and at home or in the run of life. I am not going to teach as a teacher or university professor. Consider, we are talking while having coffee somewhere nearby sea shore over a hill.

Heading For The Best Qualities

In an open space while the mild breeze is touching us. While we feel so great but tiny under the big sky. We won’t take a long time as we are not going into deep about our topics. It's coffee time in a relaxing mood.

Let’s consume something from our memory.

That’s all we are going to do today, now.

By the way, look at the picture of a hanging bridge, amazing and scary. A lot of people are not going to cross it. There are reasons those vary from person to person.

Self-Esteem or self-respect

You need to love and respect yourself in any situation. Unless you hurt someone, deceive someone. However, if someone hates own-self, then, anger and frustration will rise up higher. Which definitely going to harm any kind of progress and personal development.

No peace will take over.

Act as you can respect yourself. Keep your self-esteem. No egoism. Not proudness. But, self-confidence.

Ego is destructive. Where self-esteem will create a relationship with your other qualities.


A must quality or value, for the people who want to stay and develop against all the odds they face. It’s not the matter is to shouting with people because of the power he or she has. As holding a position to do that.

Here we are talking about the power of the quality of courage. It’s not about to destroy other people unless war zone. The courage I am talking about is winning over own egoism, own laziness, and limitation.

It’s about to increase the ability to move forward, to gain what someone wants in life.

By the way, other qualities must integrate too, such as honesty and discipline to till it becomes a skill or yours.

A skill of practicing these all qualities.


Do you need some example? Let’s observe from nature. Ant, Bee or pigeon and many more of this kind are the simple but practical sample of discipline. We can talk about a soldier’s life too for example. Find out more, make a list to study.

What we see and learn from them all?

Teamwork, honesty, leadership with obedient followers, abide by the rules and timing to start and accomplish a job. While all moving towards one goal to achieve. For example, we learned at our early age that,

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man perfect and wise.

It was about discipline.

However, it goes not only for man but woman too.


Not the matter is, not stealing something from someone else. But, honest with self-commitment. Become honest with own doings. It’s an ingredient that without this, it’s not possible to practice any other quality or value to achieve.

Because not honest to own commitment and confidence. Too much fragile and hopeless. So, make all possible, need to be honest with own promises.


Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. Respect yourself. Being too much hard with anger, frustration, someone may forget normal life as a human being.


Humility, in other words, we can define, such as shyness, humbleness, modesty and the opposite meaning is arrogance. From here, you have an idea, what it is about.


Someone who wants to develop in life must have this quality. By applying repeatedly must try to make it as a skill. We all show we have this quality but is it true?

Then why the people around as suffering in many ways by some other people?

Which proves without any doubt, zero percentage of the humanity of those people. Let’s stay far from those cruel mannered people. While we can increase our ability of humanity toward mankind.

As much as, possible we can try to help others we know and don’t know.


Besides those qualities, we need to have a few more skills in various aspects. Also, some job skills as well. Personal skills have no boundaries. More we focus to develop our skill, the more we will grow.

Communication skill is an example, also, cooking and driving too, as a quick sample.

Continuous Trying

As you see in the above picture. A man is walking upward one by one step over the staircase carrying another man as upside down positioning on the head on head.

Amazing! Marvelous!

It’s didn’t happened on the first day. Both of them had to pass days on learning and practice. And, practice and practice. Repeating the same thing continuously. To achieve what we see now.

And, here is a beautiful young lady, obviously looking sexy too. But, what you see that depends on you. She is balancing on two stick above the floor, looks quite high too. Posing with bow and arrow as upside down. Isn’t she smiling too?

Fabulous! Dangerous too, but she has crossed all the odds while training herself for the event. What do you think about her? Is it possible just on the first step?

All the words above I mentioned, those belong to her. Self-esteem till personal skill. She grew up day by day as continuous trying. Practicing without giving up.

In any field, we want to succeed or achieve something. The total process is the same. Need to be honest towards goal.

Here, famous Alex Morgan says, “Keep working, even when no one is watching.” She wanted to achieve something and working on that continuously. Without waiting for someone to appreciate or to be kind to her.

She was waiting only for her achievement.

Some Worse Qualities You Must Force To Throw Away From Your Life

You can say someone’s characteristic or attribute that the opposite is bad or inferiority. I say gently as Worse Quality.

Would you mind?

These will make sure someone’s failure in life and confirmation of buying the ticket to hell after death. Even, living in, hell like situation while still alive.
With smooth care avoid these.

  1. Dishonesty
  2. Lying 
  3. Forgery
  4. Misleading or Misguiding
  5. Laziness
  6. Frustration
  7. Depression 
  8. Loneliness
  9. Hate
  10. Misleading 

Perhaps, there are many. You may have a list of good and bad, then throw the bad one is at a garbage with is enough far from you.

Stay out of evils and have a better life with the fragrance of the beauty of your soul.

By leaving these bad characteristics from everyday life, anybody can increase the opposite qualities. You got it. Good nature or feature adding to life, as copy and paste.

That we do while writing on social media or on a word processor. Writing means, typing.
Just copy and paste into our daily life. For example, if you want to throw away misbehaving with people, then left with you is behaving well.

Roar Like a Lion

To get rid of worst nature, let say, frustration or sadness or even cowardliness, it’s better to shout loudly as much as possible. At the beach or on a hill can be the best choice.

Just roar like a lion or tiger.

Let go out all the fears, proud, sad, frustration and all the words those pull back to progress to good life. Push down from success to failure.

Practice your kindness and love as a Mother

Be caring, be kind and loving as a mother. Even as a father. Love yourself the way parents do to a child.

Leadership – Be a Follower and Learn to Lead

Be a leader. If you don’t have people to lead then learn from a leader. So, be a good follower. Just follow the path. First, lead own self on the track with others. So, you will learn about walking with others.

As a team, here you have a chance to learn to work as a team.

Let’s study a simple example from our lives.

From childhood? School time?

Football or soccer team? Volleyball player’s team? Or cheerleaders? Or chorus song?

Which you like most? Maybe, an orchestra group? Many kinds of instruments are playing by the waving a stick. Let’s learn from them.

Each showing, integrity. Each telling about discipline. All proving, be an expert to follow and to lead self-consciousness.

In fact, a follower of what?
Can we find that, the follower of leading capacity?

That starts with teaching own self.

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