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Reasons: Why you can Choose Writing as Inspiring Hobby and Innovative Activity

Before ‘why’ let’s talk a little about ‘how’. Is it ok? I guess, now all over the world, from a small kid till a grandma using and used to with social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and also, Pinterest besides blogs or websites.

Man writing on green grass field, Writing as Hobby - Image: Pixabay - Pexels

And, by a small hand-carry smartphone or mobile.

Write Everyday to Become a Writer/ Blogger

So, what are they doing with these all? Posting pictures, videos and writing ‘Hi all, Good Morning’ or something else. Are you doing so?

Mostly to share their happiness and feeling, also sometimes, anger. Many are posting food recipe and hairstyle, also motivational quotes.

What usually you post? Do you post on a certain topic or just share anything pops up in mind? As Facebook asks, ‘What’s in your mind’?

Usually in a few sentences posts and a long list of the friends who like your post. And, we feel happy as they recognized our posting.

We do the same, like back too. If you have a long list of friends, and most active posting something, and obviously expecting ‘like’ and ‘comments’.

Literally, some of us spend a lot of time on a daily basis to like and comment on other’s post.

By the way, it’s maybe important to many. A time-killing and energy-sucking way. The mainly bad effect on students of any age. If that is business and educational purpose, it’s certainly acceptable. However, let’s back to ‘How’.

Choose a topic, and write on that, it’s ok to get used to with your social media at the beginning. And next, you can have a blog site and write there. But, this time, you are not going to write only a few lines.

But, many paragraphs and pages. Some experts recommend a minimum of 500 to 600 words, next is 1000 to 1500 words, also, 2000 words more and around 3000 words. And, add few images too.

Be sure to bring your social media followers to read your posts to the blog that you created.
Let’s hold till here, and we discuss ‘Why’.

As I know from my own social media accounts, no money till now transferred to my bank account nor to my online Paypal account. Anyway, why will they do that? No reason, they already provided to space for free use.

And, those who know they are earning money. For example, you may come thru Pages, such as Facebook page, also, on links those you click and bring you to a certain Web/blog site.

What happens here? There are some kinds of payment terms from search engines such as Google and affiliates, such as Amazon shop.
No, you are not harming yourself by clicking on those, unless those are really harmful those you click without knowing. By the way, those blog owners are writing various kind of articles and related to people’s search.

For example, some people are looking for Sport’s shoes, so, they write in Google’s Search box, and a lot of results come up.

You clicked on such page or link, that the blog owner trying to make popular. Nothing wrong here. The person is trying as working hard to write and get follower also, get ranked by the search engine.

Ok, until here everything just nice. So, while I or you reach on a site, and read, take note, we may see some advertising showing aside or top or mid of the page. We are reading as we feel good till the end of the page.

And, Google pays a part to the blog owner and we get some additional knowledge or idea what we just read about.

That’s the reason ‘why’, you may choose to write. To get paid by search engines.  Unless you no need or still don’t know the technique yet as I was blur about this too. No, I am not hesitating to disclose to you.

You got to know my process of knowing too.

Nothing wrong I see.

So, choosing to write for own blog or as a freelance online writer is a choice that you have opportunities to learn, earn to build a future career.

To be sure, take note that, it takes time but people are doing good and getting a better life. Rather than writing on the timeline that brings only like, better is add a blog and utilize your social media fame.

Read more, it’s easy to get what you need to read. Days are easy now, just write what you want to know in Google or Yahoo search box, you will get a long list of hundred over pages. Read as much possible.

And, start writing anything you like that people read.

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  1. I think anyone can write if they have the passion for it. Plenty of space on the web for bloggers ☺

  2. Laura, yes you're right. Unlimited storage on the web. Thank you for your comment.

  3. INK isn't great to check grammar like Grammarly but the Grammarly solution doesn’t assist with Search Engine Optimization.


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