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Reading Skill Certainly Helps You Grow Personally in Many Fields

We are reading from school. Again reading while applying for a job even at the time of working too. Also, while building a career or doing business. Now again, I am talking about ‘Reading Skill?’
Does it seem fair to you? I am not sure. But by end of this writing, we will know that.

Till that moment, let’s discuss. Is it fair to you now?

Spectacles on Book, Reading Skill - Image: Lisa Fotios - Pexels

More You Read More You Know

You read a lot, prove is, you are reading this. And, I congratulate your patience. Your hobby of reading. Only a few are possessing this charismatic manner. A lot of people are doing a lot of things.
Even many are writing a lot too.

But all are not with a good habit of reading unless those write on based on research at any level, about anything or on some selected topics. Therefore, without being a good reader not much possible to be a good writer, in some cases.

Most likely, you are someone having a special kind of hobby and, that is reading.

What benefit someone can achieve from quality reading skill?

Here are some crucial benefits that I am going to explain here. And, I am sure, you are too enough aware of these all.

Academic Better Ranking

Surely, academic books first. Besides these, if someone reads some other books to increase general knowledge which develops IQ, certainly helps to get a higher rank. The reason is, he or she can answer questions, better than many others.

Remarkable to Siblings

By reading a lot on many types of books, certainly, anybody can acquire more knowledge. And, this helps to spend quality time with youngers even with elders.

Scholastic among Friends

On a coffee table, while talking with friends, the person who has more ideas on many topics can talk better on that. And, others listen to him.

So, being knowledgeable is the plus point is, many people appreciate and can get better ideas faster.

Public Speaker

In case, you are that person with good reading skill, and these are all quality writing. What I mean quality writing and reading is, those you can learn something for your personal development and growth.

Those you can read and express to younger ones and elders you know. You are telling them about your experience. Which can turn you to become a public speaker, in future or in near time.

Speaking publicly with a handsome figure of financial exchange is not new in our society. To encourage a big or small group of people is a great job. And, this is a contribution to society, as well. Also, in high demand.

Writing Books  

Those you are reading well, on a regular basis, you can start practice to write in your own words. In your own way, own style. In the beginning, maybe on paper or on your computer or laptop.

By reading a lot, you already know the structure of writing.

You already know how to make it as good reading and interesting besides beneficial and helpful.

Then, what you are waiting for? You can prepare to write and publish a book on those topics. Or you can start a blog. Write from your heart those you know well and those you are researching well. Time will come sooner or later with financial benefit too.

As long as, you find ways to monetize your blog.

There are many online tutorials on this matter even from every blog provider CMS, even though the free one we use.


If someone wants to build a career by blogging as a blogger, no choice but need to read a lot about those certain topics.


As you read more, you will gain more knowledge.


It's a good idea to read about parenting before having a child.

Good Neighbor

As someone reads a lot and become the source of knowledge. Obviously, the neighbor can get a better suggestion from a good reader. For example, from you.


Do you want to be an educator? So, what are your sources of gaining knowledge? Sure, reading is the primary choice.


Without the power of knowledge, it's not possible to be a good leader. So, by reading more about a remarkable life story, history definitely helps.

By the way, there are many more benefits of reading. Hope, you know and you have a few more ideas now to add with yours.

However, you may read also,


  1. Grammerly can not provide enough. This Ink for all application helps optimize for search.

    1. ...helps me and helps people worldwide. Maybe, you are not getting much cause, your writing skill is better. Good luck.


  2. I like reading and I will continue reading, learn to analyze the environment around in the field of behavior, so that I can become a better person


  3. I like reading and I will continue reading, learn to analyze the environment around in the field of behavior, so that I can become a better person

  4. Hai kak mukut saya jengnala..
    Meski saya kurang paham karena bahasa yg saya copas lalu artikan di google translate.. Tp saya sedikit banyak paham maksudnya.
    Terima kasih, sangat bermanfaat sekali infonya.


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