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Inspiring History

Story, history or tale always comes with moral, inspiration and to motivate. You just need to catch it besides just reading for an exam or telling to children or in a workshop. So, for you here I am writing some stories those are obviously true as these are taking from history.

Inspire Typewriter Image Credit Pexels

Inspiring Stories from History

More you know about these you will have some knowledge power to regain yourself. Give yourself enough opportunity to grow more.

An inventor is an entrepreneur, I am writing the stories, those you most likely know already. So, why again? I am giving myself a chance to learn again from their lives so you can do.

Common but the specialty is in you.

You can divert yourself while you read. To motivate or ignore.

(Medicine/ Medical Science)
Discovery/ Traveler
Artist / Painter

Many years back people were discovering lands and putting on the map. And now, a lot of people are traveling around as Travel blogger that we read.

You can be too.

Inspire Choker Image Credit Pexels
Inspire Choker Image Credit Pexels

You can create your own opportunity for your future days. Just not by learning what is the ‘next generation I-pad’ that coming or another latest technology that in a queue.

But still, you can learn from the ‘old days’ to create new days.

I am trying to inspire you to read whenever you have time. ….
From history till modern days, there is a lot to know to utilize in your life.

Learn from the History - Historian

Some people contributed to look for the past, write down and some people were writing down all happening at that time. Know again to learn about the patience and work that we still read. You too can do something like them.

Some of them were working as official personnel such as, under kings or queens or some by their own. (As present world’s blogger may be.)

The patience of An Inventor

Who invented electricity, the bulb .. lot you know. Do you get inspiration, motivation enough to invent something? Or at least to bring some changes in your everyday life? 

Patience and to help the world those simple manner worked above all. Do you love to help people?

Continuous Try to Cure a Sick

Today’s modern medical science started many years back by trying to cure sick people, with no knowledge but with continuous trying.

Science to uncover

You can view spacecraft flying around the Mars in YouTube, you can read lot articles too. People with a far view with big curiosity always trying to know what they don’t know. And they let the people know what they are doing. Day by day science and technology become easy for us to know more.

Yes, by the internet technology you can learn a lot, know a lot.

Astronomy – Astronomer

Discovery of a new Land and put on the Map

Columbus or Vasko da Gama or the Dutch Indian company discovered many lands and put on the map with names. They traveled a lot. Now you can move around with a smartphone with Google maps installed and discover a new place or address and earn points so easy.

But at the time of Columbus, they traveled by ship on the high tide, high wave sea to discover a land or because of merchandise as traveling. Also you may learned about Robinson Cruso.

Artist / Painter

Monalisa – Leo Nardo Da Vinchi, do you not feel quite familiar? And, is it a recent work?


Beethoven, Bracht and many more are shining in history, and till now bright with expert musicians while encouraging the new learners. Such as me.

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