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Popular CMS Tutorial and Learning Sources for New Going-to-Be Bloggers

Some of the most essential official web learning references of Popular CMS Tutorial and Learning Sources for New Going-to-be Bloggers, presenting here to develop your web building skills, especially for the fresh beginners.

Well…. Learn, apply, and create a simple learning environment for you, to start earning from a small amount. That's what I am intending to focus on as I am learning and going to present here with you guys.

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Blogging With Popular CMS 

- Official Resources -

Are you already blogging?  

Just nice if so. If not then you may check with official links of the sites I am going to providing while giving you some ideas. 

Spare your little but valuable time to develop more. Learning has no ending. And, it's better to learn from the providers besides other writers or bloggers.   

This post is filled with some official site links, you can follow those tutorials. By the way, only a few are my Affiliate links. If you purchase by clicking, I will get a little commission which will not increase your purchase price. 

However, in case, if you have not started yet, but looking for learning materials. Meanwhile, are you started feeling messy? Don't know what to read, where to start?

 I just want to say,  " I had and still having days as you are." You will get millions of results while you are looking for a single piece of information. 

Definitely, it helps to pick one from many, and no guarantee that is the correct one you need. As you are new, you may not detect that it's not for you and backdated. 

It's old enough, not for the present time. But however, the search result brought the scrap on the screen. 

I wasted, or those made me waste a lot of time and energy. 

Are you totally new and planning to start the journey in blogging?

That's you are. Stay cool.  I don't guarantee as "this is the best learning place with guaranteed success". 

But, I insist you move around with me, get some ideas to learn from the best places.

By the way, to me, still, the best learning places are the CMS itself, and some other learning sources.  So, you have a crucial point now. Follow the official sites or pick one from millions. 

You can do both. Cause, different writers, explain in different ways. 
So, exactly from when the term “CMS” is on the internet? Why it is so demanding around the world? Who are the people making it popular? 

Let’s go for a little research. 

By the way, CMS is for, Content Management System. Examples are on the way. Carry on reading. 

History: Starting of Present Popular CMS

Around the 1990s started today’s future story of CMS. And, it will develop more as related technology progress more. And the whole matter is related to Open Source technology. 

Which brought to the world free use of the software. 

Server-side scripting those are using by the CMS platforms are, mostly Perl, PHP and database as, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL also, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, and Percona Server. 

I was familiar with PHP, MySql, HTML, CSS and later little of XML Family with JavaScript Family. 

Reasons behind High Demand 

Mostly no need for coding. To beautify more, need some coding knowledge that someone can grow step by step as need, such as HTML and CSS. 

Knowing some other programming languages such as JavaScript and jQuery will add a better user experience. 

Still without these all programming languages, it's possible for you to carry on blogging. 

So, we can say, anybody who loves to start a blog, a website, it’s possible. And, without making an arrangement with a web developer. 

Once you have an idea for a complicated website, and not possible to create it.
Then the best is to engage someone who has knowledge about that. 

A few CMS platforms are competing to stay top with a lot of techniques. Including making the software easier, more user-friendly with more choices to develop. 

Above all, their free learning materials with a creative teaching method besides marketing policy will help you learn better. And, this easy to learn and use technique is making high demand to use that CMS. 

And, most of them are free to start a blog. 

In fact, later on, you can migrate to a suitable paid service for better web performance. For example, more space, handling high traffic and customer service. 

Who Are The People Behind Making CMS Popular? 

Not a single individual but a large community base contribution is behind the success of today’s most popular CMSs. Surely, the idea may be started from one person or from a few. 

And, later on, that person or the group, invited the world to start joining and contributing in many ways. 

What is the Minimum Basic Knowledge Need to Use a CMS?

What I found myself and by reading experiences from many bloggers those using CMS platforms, is very simple. As long as, someone knows any word processor, such as Microsoft Word, it is just nice. 

Nowadays, everybody familiar with a smartphone or higher and usually comes with a camera. 

So, everybody knows how to do a photoshoot. Moreover, because of social media accounts, for example, Facebook or Instagram. We have the idea of posting. 

And, these all are just nice to start working on a CMS platform like WordPress or Blogger. Or any other similar.

Now, there are many popular Content Management System platforms. However, I am mentioning here a few those I know a little. 


Creating Website or Blog by Google’s Blogger Platform

Google's CMS platform for free blogging and website building, Blogger is quite popular. You just need a Gmail account for your email. And, you can create a free hosting account and start blogging, as well.

Blogger, and you will see your blog is created at the Blogspot sub-domain. 

And, to learn, you can find the Help link in your Blogger's dashboard. Also, you can join and learn from the dedicated forum. Blogger Help Forum.

And, for all forums, you can visit Google Product Forums. This is a great place to visit to learn free most of the products of Google. 

WordPress One of The Most Popular CMS

If you intend to buy the hosting package from Wordpress, then learn from the link below of Self-hosting. And, in case, you want the free hosting site, as a sub-domain, and learn from the link Free hosting. 

Wordpress Self-hosting
Wordpress Free hosting

For the Wordpress Beginner, this is a valuable and obviously fantastic free learning source is, "wpbeginner". 

And, this a good start if you really intend to learn techniques from the beginning, How to Learn WordPress for Free in a Week (or Less).

Wix Platform

And, here is about another popular CMS platform and a beginner learning guide, 
10 Essential Tutorials That Every Wix Newbie Should Know is a fabulous post from Wix to study. 


Joomla Forum/ Learning site

Joomla! Video Training 

Learn Joomla! with FREE Video Training

These are the learning materials provided by Joomla

Popular Ecommerce Platforms


You may read this, How to be an Entrepreneur with Shopify


Online Graphic, Animation and Video Sites



POD - Print on Demand 


You may read, How to sell custom printed products with Printful



Email Marketing


Joining Forums and Groups to Learn More   

This is a very useful and helpful trick to learn more by joining a forum of any CMS. Register and learn silently. Ask a question and wait for the reply. This learning policy really works well. 

Usually, senior members reply with enough care. 

Some replies, you may get real with a proper solution. 

Some you need to learn more after you get an answer. And, before the next step. 

Digital Marketing - Social Media to Expand Your Learning Result

Facebook Blueprint: Free Online Training for Advertising on Facebook

However,  I am writing from my experience of research 100 over sites. All of them try at their own pace. So, do I.

Keep on return.

Blogging: Internet and Technology Knowledge, Beginners Need to Learn a Little

You can see, there are many free online tutorials and from the official sites. Isn't it good to start learning from these?

That doesn't mean I'm discouraging you from paid courses.


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