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Effective Positive Thinking to Dust Away Negatives Everyday

Do you agree that thoughts are positive and negative? You are definitely a follower of positive thinking attitude. That’s why you are here.

Never Stop Dreaming, Effective Positive Thinking - Image: Pixabay - Pexels

Think And Act Postive

I appreciate your manner and choice of your life. You can detect what is good and the opposite. Even you know the difference between ‘I can and, I cannot' or ‘I want and I don’t want’.

Most likely you know too, walking on the footpath beside a road, and the ultimate result while running mid of a highway. So, what you don’t know then?

What you are confusing about?

Anything doing with a good attitude is positive. Meanwhile, putting others on danger including or excluding own-self, surely not a good manner.

And, not positive in any way.

Therefore, stop negative type self-talk and change it with positive thinking. Which will bring good result for you and for the people surrounding you?

“Today is a good day for a good day.”

Furthermore, if you think positive, there is more chance to happen positive things to you. While starting a day, think, how you want your day. Precisely, optimistic and affirmative thoughts, supposed to make your day encouraging as well.

Isn’t it that you want?

You can make your days as ‘good day’, every day.

“Ten years from now make sure you can say that you chose your life, you didn’t settle for it.”

You or anybody need to plan to get something from far time. We can say, a long-term plan and continue working on that to achieve.

A simple example can be as our educational achievement.

Whatever, that is completing high school or become a flight engineer. In case of achieving a degree in engineering is taking a long course of time that started from school.
Or if we shorten it then, starts from the university on the dedicated respective or subject.

“The best way to get things done is to simply begin.”

By the way, what you decide to be? Long term or short term, whatever that is. Maybe, what do you decide to do next? Is that positive? Will it bring a good result? Then just start without much hesitation.

As long as, make sure, nobody is going to get harmed by your action in any way.

So, what else?

Just begin.

“Life has no remote. You have to get up and change it yourself”.

I hope you know about TV remote or further higher technology that can control from a far distance. By the way, let’s be practical, you like to change the TV channel and the remote is out of order or somewhere else you can’t find right now.

So, what steps you may take?

Watching the same channel or go change it manually. The choice is yours. Actually, what do you want? What you need?

Same goes for styling your life. Designing your next steps.

And, we have a situation. We already know what we want.

Next, need to take action as our ‘want’.

“Don’t quit.”

To come out from any kind of odd situation need to be strong. From illness to get a cure. If someone who doesn’t know how to swim, and if accidentally start drowning, the person will try to escape without knowing.

Now, in that situation he or she if lose concern to locate the shore then it will get worse.

Stay conscious whatever the situation. Stay positive to get the escape and try hard. If you believe in praying, do that from the deepest of your heart.

Only one point, get out from the problem.

Do it. Don’t quit.

“Be brave. Even if you’re not, pretend to be.”

You have to be optimist about positive thoughts. While nobody shows that the person is thinking negative. Even the worst person on the earth never tells that he is thinking negative.

Take action according to your plan. Be brave more than you are. Surely, depends on what action. For example, you don’t know how to ride on a bicycle.

But you are thinking to go for a motor race in the busy city.

And you want to act.

It’s just a foolish. It’s not about to be brave. But it is stupidity.

Let me make it clear rather than you mislead yourself.

It’s about achieving something. And there is a full package of learning, applying, trying and failing. And try again. This is a common and normal process to get something that someone desires.

Obviously, positive thinking comes again. Being optimist and by continuously following the process, you are stepping forward to win it. If you are not that much brave enough to follow the process of success, then it’s just a big dream only.

The long process of devotion that only a brave person can do.

Your mental strength will make you brave.

“Dream Big.”

Anything wrong with this? I don’t see anything as disturbing others. Dream big, think positive and be optimistic as well. Create the path and walk on that. Modify, whenever need according to the situation that you face.

It’s your dreamland. Make it practical. I or you are not the first examples in this world.

Make it happen what the big deal you want in your life, for you and for others.

That’s you are.
“Positive mind. Positive vibes. Positive life.”

That’s what all the success people had and are having in a rational and realistic manner. A total balance of control and managing all the qualities of a human life.

Those values we studied in school and wrote in the job application. Now, this is the time, think back and stay on your positive while encouraging thoughts.

‘Not possible’ or ‘cannot’, ‘good life not for me’, these kinds of negative, bad and sad life creating words – Just throw far as much as possible.

Be stronger than you are. Mentally than physically. Take care of your mental and physical health. Also, healthy relationships with others. You can create a healthy environment that you and the people with you need.

In short, a good life is positive. And, the opposite that is, bad life is negative. Whatever the reason behind, but a sad, frustrated life is not an example of a positive life.

I am not indicating rich and wealthy is as good and positive or negative life. Here we are discussing positive thinking and positive attitude.

“Be patient with yourself, nothing in nature blooms all year.”

Whether there are all seasons flower or not, but to start flowering need time. If you have experience in home gardening like me or learning a musical instrument until the rhythm you can feel.

Really need patience and continuous trying. Whatever you want to achieve, the things fall into the same formula. Nothing comes easy. Further, if that is about building a career in a certain field. Let say, blogging.

It’s a continuously try and do, try and do easy formula. Repeat with patience. Here is your personal skill to manage yourself. Yes, all, including love, anger or frustration regarding the project you are into.

Enjoy your patience with enough caring and achieve what you want.
“The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you finally achieve it.”

More or less, human nature is, after hard work leaving it just before achieving. Because we become too tired working on that. Whatever the field is.

I was an active life insurance agent. It’s quite tuff because it was not easy for me until I made it easy. The same formula, repeat the same song with patience.

Even we need to continue work after we achieve to stay the success.

By the way, I have some posts for you as, Personal Development Opportunities to Stay Success, where I am writing for teenagers, young people and for the people at fifty’s or more.

“Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start again.”

Failing, I think it’s as normal as the word is. By the way, the opposite word of fail is the success.


Not like that you don’t have ideas.

Hold on a moment. Do you know how to cook? I am not talking about boiling water. Ok, let’s make it simple. Maybe, coffee. As I drink coffee a lot.

So, let’s try. If you make a nice coffee for the first time or repeated time. The preparation is the same.

The first time, chances are more to deliver a nice flavoring coffee.

You need to try a few times. How much coffee powder, sugar, and milk. Also, the temperature of boiling water.

Further, making a cake. You need to know the ingredients, quality, and price of those all. And the recipe with the process.

Gradually, you upgrade your learning complexity and slowly with patience practice and practice.

Think positive as you will make it happen.

Whatever the event is. It’s possible. Uncountable examples are the proof.

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.”

Start doing what you want to do. Just by using future tense maybe possible to impress some people. But the result may become intangible and not sure.

Perhaps, it’s better to do rather than just hoping someday you will start. Yes, I agree, depends on the matter you want to do.

You have a small land front of your home, you are thinking to make a garden. It’s just a nice and positive thinking. And you are just planning and thinking.

The garden will never have any flower plant in near days or years.

Am I wrong?

Instead, if you just start weeding and spading, also start giving a shape then you may figure out what plants are more appropriate than your primary imagination.

Anyway, you are not that much lazy I hope. If you are, then just dust off all the elements in you those pull you back from the fragrance of flower or fame.

“Start each day with a positive thought.”

Live your life on the track that you are creating every moment. You are working on everything that suits you the best. Be affirmative but careful about egoism.

Sometimes, ego mixes silently, even difficult to detect.

Being flexible with your judgment, you can find whether you are deciding wrong or not. So, you can go for an assessment before judging anything or somebody.

You have to influence yourself to develop your personal skill.

Stay on your positive thoughts.



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