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Teenagers, Plan to Stay Success from Now, Don’t wait till You are too Old

Everybody Needs a Plan Not Only to Success But To Stay Success Forever
Plan to ‘stay success’ and plan to ‘success’, also work hard to success – are these all same to you? Teenage is the best time to know and understand these simple affairs.

Live Breathe Create Achieve - Image: Pexels

Best Time to Learn Planning Life

And, a teen is a time while you think you are not a baby anymore, certainly, it’s true.

Also, this is the time when teens start feeling as they are already ‘big’. So, it’s a crucial time for you.

I am really happy as you are here.

By the way, once upon a time, I was a teenager too as you are now.

While you are reading this, a lot of children of your age, are dreaming big, and some of them are working on to the dream. While some are just ignoring the upcoming future and some are just spending time with games.

Be Creative 

Be Creative - Image: Pexels
Be Creative - Image: Pexels

Remember, your brain is like a big land to create a big garden. How do you want to utilize it?

 Are you a good gardener by this time at your age?

In 13 between 19 are known as the teen. Do, you know enough about a success gardener? Do you know how the gardener keeps grow and stay grow the seasonal and all season flowers and fruit plants?

You can learn, from a gardener, or you just can try as you want. Weeds and wrong harvest can be big possibilities. What I am indicating is that you really need to follow a good guide to train your upcoming life.

And, obviously, you need to be a good follower and student to learn those matter you really need.

You have those expert gardeners for your big land (that is your brain.) What you learn, what you hear from your friends may impact on your life besides your school and family.

Because, most of us, we live with parents, family but we ‘follow’ friends.

And, the same, in what kind of environment your friend is growing up? How they are cultivating their ‘brain land’ for life?

That is what they talk, encourage you. Here is your ‘teen’ comes.

Stay cool, listen and keep a note from your school teacher, parents, and relatives and from your other activities, such as Scouting or other school programs.

Their job to tell you what you need, they are showing you the ways to cultivate and nurture your life.

Stay with the stream those who are employed to show you.

Not the call of amateur and not an expert for future. However, again, it depends on the environment the person representing.

Learn ‘Boss is always right’ 

Your parents, family or those are taking care of you, sometimes under the pressure of their job, business, financial or relational anxiety. To you may seem, they are rude at the point. Maybe you want to out with friends or back late.

Now, the time, remember in future when you are going to start a job, you are going to be an employee. And, the boss, the employer is always right. It’s an unofficial rule.

If you are going own your own business, you are going to be the boss.

Will you allow some naughty employees to work for you without any discipline, job hour?

And, at the end of the month, your accounts are going to count the salary. So, learn, your parents are paying all the bills for you. All the things you need they are arranging, managing as much smooth for you.

They want to stay in worries.

They are not the ‘boss’ of a company. But, they accompany you to grow to have a meaningful life.

Train Yourself to Stay Success

You have the big land, you have many experts now and you have the formula to follow. So, what else? Dear, It’s not the matter how far or how near the path is.

Stay on the path. Have you seen Train? Rail? Tram? Always on the rail line. If it falls down, it usually a big accident. Because of some human or computerized program error.

You are learning how to stay on track. Stay there. Don’t let others make an error in your life. And, so you are. You know what or what kind of environment can create ‘error’. Avoid, leave and forget those error creator.

Next, you can pick to read.


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