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How To Decorate Your Personal Home Library in More Efficient Ways

Do you need some ideas to decorate your personal home library? So, a few tips, you need to plan the theme, color, furniture and some other more to make your library comfort for you. Here are some ideas to help you out with a few library decoration designs.

Personal Home Library - Image: Freshhome, Pinterest Community

Ideas - Decorate Your Library 

Definitely, you have a collection of books, and you too love reading.
Maybe, you love writing too. So, you need an environment to support you need and hobby collecting books.

Books serve to show a man that those original thoughts of his aren’t very new after all.
- Abraham Lincoln

Here are some, how to make a small library at home ideas for you.

Decorating Personal Home Library

Theme, Location, Color, Quantity, Category, Furniture, Layout plan, Lighting, Study or Home office, Vertical, and Comforting Accessories, these what you need to keep in consideration.
Also, these are our points of discussion as well.

Theme of your Library

To meet your taste and feel, you need a theme for your personal home library. Modern, Vintage or Classic, whatever you feel best, consult with a professional is the best.

Moreover, color and lighting also need to adjust properly. Look and practically make use the library is most important. Because you may spend more quality time with your books.

Leaf Sculpture Wall Decor Library
Source: Pinterest  A Community Library in Monzuno, Italy,
Leaf Sculpture Wall Decor Library, this is a beautiful design, outside of the wall, a leaf sculpture which is filled with books. This is from a community library in Monzuno, Italy, to inspire you.

While we are talking about, home library décor and also personal, it’s not a difficult matter. Allocate space to a proper location of your home, and mix up with your taste.

Location – Allocating Your Beautiful Small Home Library

You can allocate a corner of a room, a whole room for your loving books and for a reading space. You can occupy some unused space if your home is not big enough to make a library room.

In case, you are in a small house, just find out, which corner or space can use up to set up your beautiful Personal Home Library.

Your books need to stay safe from any hazardous situation. As many of my books damaged because of rainwater from leakage of the roof, of a tin shade house.

Space-saving Vertical small home library

In case, you have a large collection of books, you can use up the total height, until celling but you need to have a ladder as well as, to get books from the topmost shelves.

Vertical Personal Library Idea - Image: Pinterest Community
Vertical Personal Library Idea - Image: Pinterest Community

For example, as book arrangement, you can see in the picture below.

Further, you can have some comforting accessories, also sitting on the floor mat or carpet, to read or for relaxing. Also, if there is a small space on the wall, you can add some wall decoration or Photo frames, of your favorite photos.

Allocating Space for Personal Library

If you are looking for space rather than a room, then a corner of a room or main hall can use for the library purpose.

Here are some ideas.

Window Side Vertical Wall Height 

From the two pictures below, you can have an idea to decorate books and your home library in a more efficient way, in less space.

Window Side Vertical Wall Height Library - Image: Pinterest Community
Window Side Vertical Wall Height Library - Image: Pinterest Community

As in the picture above, you can see the arrangement and design of the library by the window side. It’s good to have natural sunlight, so daytime you no need extra lighting to read books.

Also, using the corner is a good idea by occupying the unused space.

Vertical Library By Window - Image: Pinterest Community
Vertical Library By Window - Image: Pinterest Community

And, this is another idea by the window too with a comforting facility. By adding accessories such as a pillow. Also, you may have drinks while sitting and reading.

Good idea to occupy small space efficiently.

Moreover, by adding lighting for after dark, so this is a nice decoration for day and night use for your personal home library.

Bed and Book

Personal Home Library With Bed - Image: Pinterest Community
Personal Home Library With Bed - Image: Pinterest Community

Multi-Layer DIY Home Library

Rectangular Multi-Layer Book Shelf - Image: Pinterest Community
Rectangular Multi-Layer Book Shelf - Image: Pinterest Community

However, there are many ideas for building a home library. Let's see a few more ideas for your home library.

Wall Décor Book Shelf Ideas

Moreover, you can occupy the empty space by decorating on a wall bookshelf. Thus, here are some ideas for you for your personal library.

Sculpture Idea

Hand Sculpture Wall Book Shelf - Image: Pinterest Community
Hand Sculpture Wall Book Shelf - Image: Pinterest Community

Holding your favorite book by two hands attaching with the wall is an innovative idea, as well.

In the image above you can see, a dozen books are arranged in messy but attractive look. Those books you need to read regulars, for say, for some kinds of reference purpose, you can allocate this way.

Also, an artistic look and utilizing space on the wall, rather than keep empty.
Certainly, intelligent décor idea for some books.

Wall Rack for Decorating Personal Library

This is another simple but effective idea with a genius look. Just by a long piece of wood or similar type material, adjusting wall with a curve angle design.

Wall Book Self - Image: Pinterest Community
Wall Book Self - Image: Pinterest Community

And, looks it is quite effective as well for certain selective books. While you fix it, keep in mind the height to pick the topmost book, and to return.

Make it as your height. If you use anything supportive, such as a chair, make sure your safety while climbing on the chair to manage your books at the top position.

It is a good rule after reading a new book, never to allow yourself another new one till you have read an old one in between.
– C.S. Lewis

So, you can keep those books you are going to read for the next time. Maybe you want to take notes from these.

Transforming DVD Racks into Bookshelf 

Why not transform your DVD racks for some books, like a bookshelf. Now, this the era of digital music and video. You can do this if you have one as the picture, where DVDs are arranged, or you can collect from a friend who is not using and thinking to throw away.

Here you can see, six, angled layers rack. In each, you can accommodate a few books according to the book size. But, it looks gorgeous to me.

You can look for the used one too. Many people sell too as a garage sale or something like that.

Treble to Avoid Trouble – Unique Library Idea for Music Lovers

DVD Rack Transform for Book - Image: Pinterest Community
DVD Rack Transform for Book - Image: Pinterest Community

Here are some ideas for the music lovers for the personal library. Who learn music or already in this, sure, they have a large collection of notation books besides theory materials.

I don't have any hobbies. Music is my hobby.
- Ronnie Dunn

Here are some ideas with Treble symbol.

Music Treble Symbol Book Self - Image: Pinterest Community
Music Treble Symbol Book Self - Image: Pinterest Community

With some other accessories, you can arrange a few books and CD/ DVD collections.
Nearly from the floor, and by attaching and fixing with the wall, you are occupying the empty wall.

Which will look great. Also, easy to arrange books and other accessories, as you can guess from the picture above and below, too.

Not only for music practitioners or professional musicians, but you can décor a wall with this Music theme to beautify your room and library.

Music Lover Treble Symbol Book Self - Image: Pinterest Community
Music Lover Treble Symbol Book Self - Image: Pinterest Community

And, here is another one, bigger between two doors, fixed on the wall. Starting from near to floor with a gap, which will help to clean below the book rack that designed for the music lover, a treble symbol.

This decoration is suitable for home or a music classroom, as well.

By creating layers like shelves, you can arrange more books and accessories as you need. Not like the picture above and below as smooth curved.

Treble Sign Wall Decor Book Shelf - Image: Pinterest Community
Treble Sign Wall Decor Book Shelf - Image: Pinterest Community

In this picture too, we can see how intelligently using the wall beside a door. You can use this idea for your books to decorate a personal home library.

Also, enough efficient by using little space, and that is on the wall.

Using a scrapped guitar, and by looking at the idea below as in the picture, you can be creative as well, to set up your small library.

Scrapped Guitar Wall Book Shelf Idea - Image: Pinterest Community
Scrapped Guitar Wall Book Shelf Idea - Image: Pinterest Community

By the way, I love music, also I play, I mean practice Hawaiian guitar/ Lap steel guitar and Classical guitar. However, I am thinking about décor the wall this way too.

Anyway, if you are not playing guitar, also you can design and decorate your small personal home library with an unused guitar.

It looks nice.

Decorating Modern Home Library Design Ideas

Here I pick only two pictures as an example for Modern home library décor. One is for a spacious room and another for less space. You can make your book arrangement according to your allocating space and location.

Vertical Three Wall Covering in Big Space

This is for a big room library, however, if the room is small, still you can do it according to the wall size.

Personal Home Library, Vertical Three Wall Cover - Image:, Pinterest Community
Personal Home Library, Vertical Three Wall Cover - Image:, Pinterest Community

To give another idea for your library. From here you can see that it is wall height and covering the whole wall without taking much space of the room. Also, with sitting arrangement even for the guest.

It’s lively and lovely personal home library with a window, as well.

Other comforting furniture and accessories you can arrange and manage well as your taste and feel the way you want your reading place to be.

Consider, this is a sample for the cozy home library, but still you can do it cozy for a small room too.

Oval Shape Arrangement In Less Space

To occupy little space you can get some fresh idea from this picture as showing below. It’s an Oval shape and looks like a tent. Which reminds my Scouting activity long years back. Maybe too, remember yours, or maybe a campfire.

Oval Shape Book Shelf - Image: Pinterest Community
Oval Shape Book Shelf - Image: Pinterest Community

However, you can see a sitting arrangement also managed in between shelves. Fabulous idea!

We lose ourselves in books. We find ourselves there too.
– Anonymous

In this modern and congested lifestyle, still, you can have your reading hobby continue. Moreover, having a personal library, this the example for you.

What kind of Materials are Useable
Wood, Pertex .. Plywood, Nail, Screw, Paint, Varnish.

Marilyn Monroe at her home library

Marilyn Monroe Personal Book Library - Image: Pinterest Community
Marilyn Monroe Personal Book Library - Image: Pinterest Community

 You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy books and that’s kind of the same thing.
– Anonymous

My Book Rack – Personal Library

My Books and Keyboard - Image: Author
My Books and Keyboard - Image: Author

"If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads."
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here are some links for you.

How to Do?

Another blog you can visit that especially only for different kinds of design and decor, Super Decor and Wedding Cycle is all about the wedding, including decorating reception too.


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