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All Purpose One Stop Public Service Mall Batam for Local Residents and Foreigners

If you are living in Batam or just new here, and you need information, or you need to process your National ID card, passport, driving license or even about water or electricity matters, here, just reach and get your problem solved in short time.

Also, the one-stop service for foreigners living or to process to work and live, the dedicated immigration service is located here.

Gedung Sumatra - One Stop Public Service Mall - Image by Author Barelang Adventure

Can you see the Sealine? I captured this image after get in by the Entrance gate.


Multi Purpose Quick Service and Information Center

I am not promoting but what I saw and I experienced myself. Most likely, all the government and semi-government institutions are here to serve the locals, as well as foreigners, under one roof.

For example, you are not sure where it is located. Let’s just make it simple.

It’s in Batam Center area. Nearby Batam Center International Ferry Terminal. Any, taxi or rental motor biker knows Mega Mall too which besides the port.

Moreover, by public transportation, such as a bus or any other local transport, you can reach.

You need to ask people to way out and, also you can check it by Google Maps, as well.

However, I am explaining here in this writing to make it easier and comfortable, in case it become helpful to you.

I guess you got it. You can see the building.

By the way, it’s by the Seashore. And, I really love the place, whenever I go, I must spend a few minutes watching the Ferries and people fishing at waist high sea water.

And, a far view of Nongsa area at right, and left Coastarina, that Ferries cross by way and back to Singapore and Johor Baru of Malaysia.

Seaside Gedung Sumatrea - Image Credit: Author 

This image is of the behind to the building, and, amazing view of the sea. A long row of palm trees. If you visit there afternoon time, even you can enjoy fishing just near to shore.

Some are knee height or waist-high sea water, while some are on the small fishing boat.

I mean, if you love this kind of natural view, you are going to love it.

This public service building is really a nice and strategic position with beautiful natural Sea View.

However, I like this.

Image Credit: Author

In the picture above, you can see the tower of Telkomsel from far. I took the shot from opposite of the entrance gate to the building. By the way, Telkomsel is the biggest telecommunication service provider in Indonesia.

However, there are many in this kind, such as IM3, Friends, XL, and some others.

Image Credit: Author

And, this picture shows the building with the main car park, which is at the left side of the entrance gate. Anyway, I took this picture from outside, from the street while I was going there.

Mal Pelayanan Publik Kota Batam

Image Credit: Author

This is another image of Mal Pelayanan public, Kota Batam, which means Public Service Mall, Batam city. Which we know this as, Gedung Sumatera or Sumatera Building, also, as Sumatera Convention Center, as well.

Image Credit: Author

This is on the ground floor, the public service facility area. Most of the Government service you will get here, as I mentioned earlier.

There is also, a small cafeteria. A nice little place to enjoy the Seaside with a cup of coffee and local snacks.

Also, you see a mini fountain, with blue color lighting.

Enjoying, I found. For the people those who love nature and hot or cold drinks at the same time.

Image Credit: Author

Here you can see the front door of the Public Service area.

Image Credit: Author

Image Credit: Author

This is from the right-hand side after the main entrance gate. A beautiful garden with multicolor flowers with a well-maintained short green grass lawn.

Cool for eyes on a sunny day.

Image Credit: Author

This is the motorbike parking area and just facing is for the car. It’s a quite big area. And after the parking area, there is a local restaurant.

And, that is facilitated with Gazebos the just by the sea, also, bordering with the Batam Center Seaport area. You can enjoy, anchored ferries. Also, those are coming to the port or just leaving.

At free of cost, you can enjoy these all, if you like to, after or before you settle your necessary activities.

Image Credit: Author

Entrance gate of the Public Service Mall.

We can see Mega Mall shopping center from near the entrance gate of Gedung Sumatera previously named as before Public Service Mall.

Image Credit: Author

Image Credit: Author

This is just walking distance from Mega Mall, Batam center Point International Ferry Terminal, Alun Alun or City Square also, Harris Hotel Batam Center.

Even not far from the BP Batam building. So, if you have other things to do with these, all in your hand. Just in walking distance.

By the way, Masjid Raya or the Great Mosque of Batam, The City Mayor office Building, Parliament building too not far.

If you are looking for a hotel, another two as I remember too not far, Hotel 001 and Harmoni One.

You got these all near. If you planning to visit industrial area Muka Kuning Batamindo, you can take a cab or local transport, just walk by and wait near somewhere by the main street Jalan Engku Putri.

By the way, Singapore Consulate office to here in the Building, you can check with the information desk on the ground floor.

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