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Hang Nadim Batam: A Beautiful International Airport with The Longest Runway in Indonesia

Hang Nadim Batam, is the only airport in Batam Island. For the domestic and even some International flights, this seaside airport is quite busy.

Hang Nading Batam Airport - Image Credit Blog Author Hasan Imam Mukut

Hang Nadim Batam 

Here I am bringing you to the airport, follow me.

Main Entrance Gate Hang Nadim International Airport Batam 

You will see this big gate once you take your turn to the Airport from the main road.

Turn right, if you are coming by Jalan Sudirman, let say from Nagoya or Sekupang, even from Batam center, while crossing the four road junction Simpang Dam then Legenda area.

And, take the turn to left if you are from Nongsa or Punggur by Batu Besar. However, go straight while you are coming out by the road from Botania area, or from Nongsa by the circle beside the State High School.


Entrance Gate To and From the Main Road
Entrance Gate To and From the Main Road - Hang Nadim Batam - Image Credit: Author

If you want to walk and take camera shots of both side, you can do that. More or less, a 15 minutes walking distance may take longer in case, you walk slowly. However, green bushes and bird’s creeping will companion you as you walk thru this silent road.

I walked on this road a few times, I felt safe and silent.

By the way, you are going to get the road direction as you see the green road signboard at your left. And, the flying Falcon statue from far.

Road Sign Direction to Airport
Road Direction - Image Credit: Author

As you can see, at the time I took this picture, there is footpath for the pedestrian but you can walk as I did. You can see the sign on grass as people walk.

By going straight you will reach the circle junction.

To reach the airport building, take your left if you are going by any vehicle. Otherwise, straight in case, you are walking. However, to the right, way to a playground and other facilities.

Garuda - Eagle Statue - Image Credit: Author 

Here, you can see the Falcon statue at the center of the circle. I took this photo from the opposite side. I was standing as, the exit road from the airport at my right, and entrance at my left.

It looks really beautiful in the afternoon when the sun become mild enough. Sunny but not hot feel on the skin. Good for photo shooters and walkers around.

The Eagle Statue Circle Hang Nadim Batam Airport
The Eagle Statue Circle Hang Nadim Batam Airport - Image Credit: Author

This is the “Garuda” Bird statue near the entrance to the airport that you can see.

Here is another picture from a little bit near than the other above one.

Usually, the afternoon many people come to spend time here. Some families with children and some are with friends. And, sure, some couples only.

For photo shoot and Selfie, this is a nice place with a natural view. The fountain and green big trees make the moments memorable as well in smartphones or digital cameras.

Airport Car Park 

A wide ground area is allocated for car parking to facilitate taxi, motorbike and for the people who come to receive or send passengers. Therefore, many cars and motorbikes need enough space and for a long time, sometimes.

Part of Airport Car Park Area Hang Nadim Batam
Part of Airport Car Park Area - Hang Nadim Batam - Image Credit: Author

Here are a few blocks of the car park.

Parking Fee

While entering the airport you need to get a ticket and it is auto-generated. Keep it safe if you are driving, while leaving the airport, you need it to pay.

If you lose it then you need to pay a penalty.

Airport Hang Nadim Batam

This is the airport building for departure and arrival.

Batam Airport is seen from car parking area - Image: Author
Batam Airport is seen from car parking area - Image: Author

Available Passenger Airlines

Nam Air

Malindo Air


Sriwijaya Air

Lion Air

Garuda Indonesia

Batik Air

Wings Air

Also, international seasonal Hajj flights take off and land to and from Saudi Arabia.

Besides these all passenger services, cargo service is too available.

Facilities at Airport Area

Transportation to and from City area by Government Bus service.

Trans Batam service too available to and from few bus stoppage.

ATM, Bank and Money Changer you can find at the airport by arrival and departure lounge. Also, Travel Agencies, Restaurants and Coffee Shops are available on the long lounge.

If you are waiting to fetch or see off someone, or you reach earlier or because of delay of your flight, you can spend your time with coffee, snacks or local food at the airport lounge.

If you are a travel blogger or love to get photo shoots, you can spend time with your cam or smartphone or mobile phone as well.

As long as, you remember your flight schedule.

About This Beautiful Hang Nadim Airport in Batam

Which is also known as Bandar Udara Internasional Hang Nadim, or Hang Nadim International Airport. And, operated by the authority of BP Batam. Obviously owned by The Government of Indonesia.

And, located in Batam, Riau Islands of Indonesia.

By the way, Batam is quite near to Singapore and Johor Baru of Malaysia. In case, you are planning to travel to any of these, you can get International Ferry from Batam Center Point International Ferry Terminal.

From the other seaports, you can to go to Singapore only.

You are going to be surprised that, this is the second longest runway in Southeast Asia and the longest one in Indonesia. And, this is making 4025 m long as mentioned in BP Batam official website.

By the way, the longest one this region is Kuala Lumpur International Airport of Malaysia.

Also, it is facilitated for landing and fly aircrafts such as Boeing 747s, Boeing 777s and Airbus A380s on the 45 m wide runway. Just well-equipped for big body airbuses.

Furthermore, for your information, this airport is one of the four airports of this Business Triangle. Other airports are Changi Airport of Singapore, Bandar Udara Internasional Sultan Ismail (SENAI Airport) di Johor Bahru dan Bandara Seletar of Malaysia.

Initially, Hang Nadim International was built and developed to handle in case of heavy traffic and for emergency purposes, as I found, mentioned in both websites, BP Batam and Wikipedia.

Literally, this is one of the busiest airports in Indonesia.

Further, surely you want to know about the name that after this airport. Hang Nadim. Here is in a few words, I am explaining. You can find more even on Wikipedia as Laksamana Hang Nadim.

Literally, the history began with fall of Malacca to the Portuguese in 1511, and Laksamana Hang Nadim was a warrior of the Johor-Riau during the Portuguese occupation.

He became famous by proving his leadership and heroism by defeating the then occupier Portuguese when they attacked Bintan and Kopak.

This is a history of long Malacca Strait, Johor-Riau Empire based in Johore, the Riau Islands, Pahang and all those parts of the old Malacca Sultanate. And, the warrior Hang Nadim was the son of warrior Hang Jebat. Also, he became the foster son of legendary Malacca warrior Hang Tuah.

As described in Wikipedia,

When Laksamana Khoja Hassan died, Hang Nadim was appointed as the new Laksamana.

His gallantry was highly esteemed by the Malays and the repeated attacks he mounted on the Portuguese weakened their fighting spirit and badly damaged their trade in Malacca.

A Laksamana Class Corvette of the Royal Malaysian Navy has been named KD Hang Nadim in his honour.

Hang Nadim Airport in Batam, Indonesia is named after him.”

If you are looking for the history of this Riau islands and Malacca regarding the warriors, you can find in Wikipedia or other sources as well. Here I provide the link too.

Information Source for Airport

BP Batam website


Wikipedia about Laksamana Hang Nadim 

Nearby Areas

Shopping Mall: Botania

Wet Market: Botania

Banks: Many banks are operating at Botania Shopping Mall area.

School: A government school is there, not far from the airport.

Residential Areas/ Housing Complexes:

Not walking distance and not too far also, there are many residential housing complexes you can find.

Hotel: I have to visit again to see whether any hotel there. As I last visited, still there was no hotel just near to the Airport.

Golf and Resorts:

Sea Beach: Batu Besar, Nongsa and few Golf Resorts at Nongsa area

Hill: Batu Besar and Nongsa Area

Food and Drinks:

Street food and restaurants at Botania area, Batu Besar and Nongsa area.

However, I have explained as much as information I gathered and from my personal experience. You shouldn’t face trouble as you can get information by searching the internet, also from the Airport you fly, from any travel agency or after you reach at the airport in Batam.

If you are traveling from any part of Batam to Hang Nadim Airport, you can grab a taxi or by local bus, but it may take quite a long time as this moves around to pick passengers.

Moreover, local buses pass by the main road, unless you can get any direct bus to the Airport.

Enjoy your trip from Batam to any other city. Or, welcome to Batam from anywhere you are coming to visit this island city.


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