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My Beach Findings: Sea Shell, Beach Stone and Driftwood Collections

A closeup image of a big shell
Source: Pinterest Community

First I visited the Sea beach was, Cox’s Bazar by the Bay of Bengal. And later on in Singapore and some beaches in Indonesia, mainly in Batam Island. By the way, I was a few days at Cox’s Bazar, and every morning I collected Shells and stones and carry back to the hotel.

Hobby Beach Walk - Find Some Collectibles 

Till the room become smelly from the shells.

I traveled there with one of my friends, we are active Rover Scout that time. And, he is migrated to London, England. I miss my friends, the unforgettable time, reminds me sometimes.

Even though I got them from the sandy shore and those were not alive anymore when I picked them, but lack of primary cleaning done, those became stinky and smelly enough till have to throw a lot.

I think I had to wash them and must put under the sun long time to dry until loss all the odor.

Anyway, I did bring back home but not less than a kilo. Also, another kilo of small stones. Those were colorful.

I allocated them in my big aquarium.

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Star Fish

Source: Pinterest Community

Fabulous! Can you see the beauty of the colorful creatures? What a gift of nature to this earth for us, for the human. You can collect the dead ones, clean and décor your empty walls.

Also, many people are collecting and selling as a souvenir, not only at the beach area but in the city too, you can get if you love.


Source: Pinterest Community

In this image above, you can some beautiful cleaned shells of different sizes and colors. And, arranged nicely decorative way.

A lot of people have a hobby to collect many kinds of collectives and the take as their leisure. Hobby is kind of mental and physical recreation. And, that can generate inner energy as well.
Collect the dead one, not the live ones. Let them live in their place.

Let’s live together with the rest of the inhabitants of the world.

Source: Pinterest Community

Beach Stone

I ever collected small stones while enjoying walking on the sandy beach, the waves fall on feet with a rhythmic style. And, brings along beautiful stones, shell and many other things to the shore.
Pieces of woods too.

For my aquarium, I collected. In a pet shop too you can get them to buy.

I can remember even though it’s already been long, many years. At Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach, Bangladesh, also, in Batam, Indonesia.

I hope to visit some other Sea beaches in the future.

Stone from Hill 

Also, in Chittagong, Bangladesh I climbed a few hills, reddish high hills filled with stones of various sized, I collected the small ones, not many but a few. And, at left them as can’t carry.

But it was joyful and quality time spent with nature, and when I recall my memories, I feel sad as can’t do that for a long time.

I was with my little cousins.

They were little at that time, now they grow up. One is migrated to Norway, one is migrated to Australia, also visited me to Batam, Indonesia, who is a local school teacher there.

Another two are in Bangladesh, engaged with the teaching profession.

By the way, if you have time, energy and situation to climb the hill, you can do that. Follow all safety, get guided by an expert in that area.

Careful, don’t destroy any part of nature willingly or unknowingly. So, it’s better to study and ask people as well, what you shouldn’t do while exploring nature.

Minimal is, burning the bush, throwing plastic shopping bags in river, lake, pond or street or on any hill.


I did collect little even though I saw many in small and big pieces. Being a long time in the Seawater, the wood color changes. I saw in hollow shapes, big and small, from the tree and from boat or ship.

If you want to collect small pieces, better you bring any bag to carry along.

Source: Pinterest Community

Nature is filled with a lot of surprises, a lot of knowledge and happiness that we can acquire. More we near nature, more we can grow our spiritual strength.

Don’t we need that? As we are more into high technology, we forgot ourselves and destroying humanity, also nature. And, bringing more disaster to the world, sure to our lives too.

Be a nature lover

We need technology, sure, but we can’t be far from nature as we breathe in and out every second as we like to be alive.

If you study a bit you can find about Global Warming because of Climate Change and this is happening as we are not aware of the result of our wrongdoing. Whatever that is willingly or not willingly.

However, it is happening from long years back.

More you spend the time to learn, you will see still, we can do something to lessen the future destroying of nature and some acts to prevent. Also, making the global environment to live in harmony with nature.

At the least what we can do is by trying to know and applying the knowledge we acquire.

To conclude this writing, you can see, I am talking to friends, relatives and nature and all emphasizing on the relation. I miss them, the people and nature.

I don’t know who you are, but if you are until here, I just want to say, increase your relationship with the people you know. Increase the relation with nature and surely, humanity as well.

Let’s stay in peace with all other creature.

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