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My Travel Experience as Backpacker in Heart and Mind | Indonesia

In this My Travel Experience as Backpacker in Heart and Mind | Indonesia article, I am exploring my travels to Indonesia while I was in Singapore and as I am living in Batam Island in Riau Islands, Indonesia.

Train/ Rail/ Commuters Jakarta, Indonesia - Image: Author Hasan Imam Mukut

Backpacker in Heart and Mind

I love traveling but not a regular as I wish to. However, in my heart and mind, I am a backpacker, as I feel.

To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world
– Freya Stark

Moreover, as I am learning about Travel and Volunteer, it’s attracting me too. But, in our lives, all we are not able to do as we feel and want to do.

Time, energy, money, work and family, these all under the condition and our situation that we live in. literally, we face it

I don’t have images off all the places I visited, as I didn’t have a camera or suitable mobile or smartphone at the time of visiting. I am going to mention those as Image credit.

To make it beautiful, I have only choice to collect some images from the Internet.
While a few are my own as Google Local Guides, and some are only for this post from my device.


I’ve visited or traveled to Jakarta several times. I like this busy city. Where modern and traditional culture is married together. High rise building and flyovers with crowded housing complexes. Also, villages and slum areas.

It’s a place always I love to visit again.

Night Street View in Jakarta - Image: Author
Night Street View in Jakarta - Image: Author

Most likely, around 1998-1999 first time I visited Jakarta from Singapore. And, later too, a few times to collect entry visa to Singapore from the Embassy of Singapore in Jakarta.

By the way, as being not a citizen of ASEAN and Tier one countries, I’ve suffered and suffered from this Visa difficulties. It’s my bad luck. But, I can’t deny where I born and where I live
The whole process is regretful and mental suffering. But, no choice, without any choice, this is my life.

Let’s back Jakarta again.

Traveling’s not something you’re good at. It’s something you do. Like Breathing.
– Gayle Foreman

From Batam too, many times I traveled to Jakarta. Until I was holding the Resident pass in Batam, I traveled to Jakarta to collect Entry Visa to Singapore. And, to extend/ Renew my passport from the Embassy of Bangladesh.

And, later on, to attend seminar and workshops of the Insurance company. I was a freelance agent of an England bases famous Life Insurance company.

By the way, you can read My Travel Experience: While Walking Around in Jakarta & Contributing to Google Maps as a Local Guide


This is obviously one of the best places in Indonesia. And, also one of the best places in World, to me. Hills, Mountains, local culture, tradition, and food. A mixture that attracts tourists and travelers.
Once, I have visited Bandung.

Cold weather and you will blanket in nights. Local transports are available besides rental car and taxi.
A lot of hotels are there in a different price range. I felt comfort. You will too if you love nature.

I visited there with some of my friends. I got to introduce one of them who works in Tering Bay Resort in Batam,  in the ship while I was traveling from Batam to Jakarta.  And, the ship “Kelud” was a huge big ship.

By the way, I have an article about Golf and Resorts in Batam, Inspiring Golf Courses and Beach Resorts in Batam Island, you can read it.

However, Andree the friend from Batam and his other friends, all we went to the top of the Mountain Tenku Baran Parahu. A live Volcano, I witnessed flame and smoke at the bottom in the big hole from the top.

Also, later we visited another place that is a stream, warm water live fountain. Amazing! At that was the first time I bathe in such a natural huge bath tub.

A gift of nature for inhabitants of the Earth.

I travel because it makes me realize how much I haven’t seen, how much I’m not going to see, and how much I still need to see.
– Carew Papritz


You can’t avoid or deny the beauty of this hill and mountain area. Cloud is just above on my head that I felt. As, so much near as the road and the restaurant we drop by, is at so high.

Yes, the weather is obviously cold as winter.

Most likely 1999 I traveled Bogor and Bandung. As, way to Bandung from Jakarta you need to cross Bogor first. We went by Bus and back to Jakarta by Train, Railway.


Bogor is one of the old cities in Indonesia. You will love the place, in case, hill and mountain in your list.

Recently, I visited Bogor again in February 2018 while I traveled to Jakarta.

Bogor Commuter Station - Image: Author
Bogor Commuter Station - Image: Author

It was a one day tour in the city area, alone. I went there by train that called Commuter. And, back in the evening on the same day.

Entrance Gate Bogor - Image: Author
Entrance Gate Bogor - Image: Author

Balai Kota - City Square/ Alun Alun Bogor - Image: Author
Balai Kota - City Square Bogor - Image: Author

Here is a link, one of my articles, Alun Alun: The City Square, Most Popular Public Meeting & Recreation Space at Heart of Batam Center, you can read it, as well to know Batam Island.

President Palace Bogor, Abandoned Deer Grazing - Image: Author
President Palace Bogor, Abandoned Deer Grazing - Image: Author

I discovered the President Palace, just walking around and asking people what to see near and in walking distance.

Old Big Tree Just Opposite the President Palace Bogor - Image: Author
Old Big Tree Just Opposite the President Palace Bogor - Image: Author

Also, a big garden just beside the train station.

Later I get into a local transport, microbus and move around a few hours, having coffee and back to the station to catch a train to Jakarta.

Street Side Pet Shop, Colored Chicks, Bogor - Image: Author
Street Side Pet Shop, Colored Chicks, Bogor - Image: Author


A crowded city area near to Sukarno Hatta Airport, Jakarta. I went there by Commuter, the railway service from Jakarta. I walked there a few hours, as I reached there afternoon and back in the evening.

Tangerang Rail Station - Image: Author
Tangerang Rail Station - Image: Author

Tangerang Train Station Inside - Image: Author
Tangerang Train Station Inside - Image: Author

I found a busy and crowded road near to the station, by following to left-hand side after came out from the train station. That was filled with a lot of verities of food. And, fresh flower outlets.

Masjid Agung Al Ittihad, Tangerang - Image: Author
Masjid Agung Al Ittihad, Tangerang - Image: Author

Fresh Flower Shop Tangerang - Image: Author
Fresh Flower Shop Tangerang - Image: Author

Bridge on River, Tangerang - Image: Author
Bridge on River, Tangerang - Image: Author

I walked by a river and crossed the bridge and headed to station as I needed to back to Jakarta.


Medan is a big city and one of the most popular cities in Indonesia. I’ve traveled there two times. Both times to attend seminars and workshops from the Insurance Company. As I achieved the target business for the total year.

After the program and in the leisure time, I just walked nearby and get into local transport.

We, the big group resided in Novotel Medan.


Once I traveled there and fell in to love. The weather and view nearly similar to Bandung and Puncak. I visited there to follow a seminar and workshop the Insurance Company.
We were at Mikki Resort, it was on a high hill. A nice place.

If you plan to visit there, you will not regret if you love hill, mountain, and winter. Also, fresh vegetables, fruits and clean air above the hill. And, you really need a blanket at night.

Jacket and woolen sweater or similar must be in your luggage.


Once I visited there to meet one of my Insurance clients to help the family to collect the approved accidental death claim of my client.

I was there for three days.

This is another popular city in Indonesia. I just moved around nearby places from the hotel I stayed as I was busy with the client’s family.

From my hotel room, 4th floor, I could see the Gunung Bromo Mountain, from far. It’s a huge and so high even from far. But, I didn’t make it visit there.

From Batam by air direct flight to Surabaya was around 2 hours.

For experience, I walked to come out of the airport area to grab local transport. Then I found and headed to the city. But I drop down somewhere to walk around then again get in a microbus, local transport.

By asking people for a hotel and after I visited a few, I selected one. And, it was just nice.

I back to Batam from Surabaya by air, too.

Pekan Baru

I visited there two times. First time from Jakarta on the way back to Batam via Pekan Baru by Bus.
Here calls it Travel.
It was a long journey overnight.

After reach, I needed to take another bus service to reach a seaport to Batam.
Around 4 hours on the sea by ferry to Batam from Pekan Baru.

Tanjung Balai Karimun

It’s a small and clean island and took around one and a half an hour from Sekupang Ferry Terminal, Batam. I visited there together with my wife. And, the same day we returned to Batam.
It was nearly a full day tour.

We walked, had coffee and meal. Asking people and by local transport, we visited some nearby places.

It’s a popular place to visit people from Batam and Singapore, also from Malaysia.

Tanjung Pinang

This is another island city that near to Batam and Singapore, in Riau Islands province of Indonesia. Popular Bintan Island and Laguna are near to Tanjung Pinang.

A lot of visitors from Singapore and Batam traveling to Tanjung Pinang which is now the capital of Riau Islands Province.

However, I visited and traveled there a few times, mostly to promote and look for Insurance clients.
It’s a nice place to visit, as well.

There are seafood restaurants by the sea.

Public transports are available in this hill area island. I spent time by walking and getting in microbus transports.


This is where I traveled before from Singapore and living here for many years. This is an island city in Riau Islands Province, Indonesia. And, it’s a growing city.

There are many hotels, Golf Resorts, and Housing Complexes.

Also, poplar Barelang Bridges and chain of 6 bridges those connecting islands with the mainland, Batam. And, that Batam, Rempang and Galang Island, abbreviated as Barelang.

Mayor Office beside Batam City Square - Image: Author
Mayor Office beside Batam City Square - Image: Author

I have a blog especially developing and dedicated with information about Batam, My Barelang Adventure.

Simpang Jam, New Road Construction with Flyover, Batam - Image: Author
Simpang Jam, New Road Construction with Flyover, Batam - Image: Author

Hang Nadim Batam International Airport - Image: Author
Hang Nadim Batam International Airport - Image: Author
And, here is a link about Hang Nadim Batam: A Beautiful International Airport with The Longest Runway in Indonesia

I am at the end of this post, I want to write more but I haven’t traveled to other parts of Indonesia. I hope I will. As I mentioned earlier, ‘Backpacker in mind’.

More I travel I will write more. While these a few articles are from my memory.
Traveling, it’s an experience, acquiring knowledge, getting to know different people and different culture.
And, foods.

Also, many people around the world are traveling and volunteering cross-border. Some are in own country.
They are helping people in many ways and traveling.

Write your travel story.

And, here are some links you can try.

Further My Barelang Adventure, that you can drop by.


  1. I enjoyed reading about your travels. You have been to many interesting places. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Laura, you're welcome. Nice to see you stopped by and enjoyed reading about my travel. I have a plan for long time traveling. Good luck.


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