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Batam Rempang Galang - Batam Island

 From the view of a traveler, I am going to bring you along here and there of Batam Island and till around Barelang area. Also, I try to bring you to some islands as well.

Island City with Many Islands

Here At glance about Batam, also you can say the bigger area Barelang, as you might know, that, this name is from Batam, Rempang and Galang Islands.

Further, I discovered that a lot of tourists are for family visit besides holiday and business purposes. And, the same thing goes for people from Batam visiting Singapore or Malaysia.

A long history of this triangle people, a family binding.

Precisely, continue reading. Whether you are coming for the first or living here, or from a different country to visit or for the living, this blog is going to help you.

As I am writing from my own experience and images are from my own.

By the way, if any going-to-be new blogger here, you are most welcome to collect whatever the information you need those I’ve already posted. If you use any image, you may mention as image courtesy as my name.

Batam At A Glance 

However, you are going to know more about,

Tourist Interest around Barelang Area
Historical Places
Local Food and Drinks Names
Hill/ Mountain/ River/ Lake/ Forest
Well known Hotel/ Resort
Natural Resource
Birds and Animals


Information – At a Glance
Batam Lifestyle
Government Offices:

All Purpose One Stop Public Service Mall Batam for Local Residents and Foreigners

So, you are welcome to read and click on the link as you like to.

Ports in Batam

If you are reading this because you are planning to visit Batam, then you can make your trip by Air and Sea. Here you can find it.


Government and private commercial public transports are available in Batam. Land transports those you can find including motorbike and taxi to hire for a trip or rent-a-car service for a certain time duration.

You may check at ports you arrive or at the hotel you reside.

Tourist Interest:

Sea Beaches

As you know Batam is an Island, obviously seashore is surrounding Batam, as well beach. But there are few are widely known as quite a public gathering on holidays, and some are always busy and welcome visitors as Villagers are living there.

And, some are known as ‘Kampung Tua’, or you can say Old Villages. In fact, most of these villages are with a long history of 100 of years.

By the way, Nongsa, Batu Besar, Teluk Mata Ikan, Batu Merah, Tanjung Riau are like this kind. While, Tanjung Pinggir, Benkong Laut and some other are open for the visitor but not as old villages as those.
And, most of the Golf clubs at Nongsa area are with own white sanding beach. And, also arrange sea sports besides usual services.

Golf and Resort

There are few international standard Golf Courts and Resort Hotels in Batam. Further, there are situated in city and outskirt of the city, by the beach. Some are facilitated with sea sports as well.
Also, furnished high standard living facility apartments.

Have a look at the list with a short description that may help you to find the best of your choice. By the way, you may contact local travel and tour companies as well. You may try online by searching on Google, Yahoo or Bing too.

Old Villages / Kampung Tua

Kampung Pantai Nongsa (Nongsa Beach Village), Teluk Mata Ikan, Nongsa, Batu Besar, Tanjung Riau, Batu Merah and, … are considered as old villages in Batam beside those are around Barelang Bridges and some other nearby islands of Batam.

Scenic Islands of Batam

Belakang Padang, Pulau Sambu are near to Sekupang while Pulau Putri is near to Kampung Pantai Nongsa and also near to some Golf and Resorts. Also, islands are along Barelang Bridges, such as Pulau Abang.

Religious Places


Mesjid Raya is widely known as it at the center of Batam center and is the Big Mosque or Great Mosque as people know. With a big area with green and flower garden, also with a fountain. A nice place for people to attend religious affairs besides regular Shalat.

Bihara or Buddist Temple

One of the biggest Buddist Temple or Bihara is situated in Batam.


In Batam, there are many Churches you can find.

Hindu Temple

A few Hindu Temple you can find as well.

Industrial Area

Batam is filled with many industrial parks/ estates. Even though Batam is a beautiful scenic island that supposed to more welcome for travel and tourism, but it turned into a commercial and industrial area as well.

Most likely, because of taking the advantage of seashores for shipping and cargo purpose, and factory area grew up for easy and near transport.

Whatever, this is my view as I see from the prospect of travel and tourism. However, Industrial areas have opened a lot of job opportunities too. Which is helping to grow the local economy and helping jobless people to get jobs.

Here is a list that I have collected from BP Batam.

Batam Industrial Estates Tour: International Investment in Island Helping Local Job Demands

Historical Places

Not many but a few only historical places in Barelang area. One of these is Kampung Vietnam at Pulau Galang. The rest we can say as old villages, however, most of the small islands around Batam including Barelang bridge area are with own long history too.

Local Food and Drinks

As Batam is multiracial and multi-culture, a growing city, so, you are going to test and taste a lot of foods and drinks from all over Indonesia. And being neighbor to Singapore and Malaysia, surely, you can aspect too.

Western and Thai, all, star hotels are serving this beside you can get from the Café and Food Court.
As Batam is always filled to local and foreign tourists, so, food and accommodation are always at the top service.

You just need to look for and ask for, what you want.

Hill/ Mountain/ River/ Lake

Batam is mixing with hill area, and lot hills are turned into a residential and business complex and population grew. Hope this will be at a limit not till loss the natural beauty.

Bukit Harimau or Tiger hill is at Sekupang area with a large forest. There are some hills at Nongsa but mostly belongs to Golf Courts.

Natural View in Batam

Well known Hotel/ Resort- Tourist Accommodation

There are many star hotels and Budget Hotels are in Batam to serve local and foreign tourists. According to your need, you can find in the city area also outskirt of the city, as at Golf resorts and hotels.

Even you can go for long-term monthly basis with the hotel you like, I think you can bargain or ask for a suitable discount too. Usually, every hotel supposed to entertain with a discount facility. 

Natural Resource

Beside mainland Batam Island, total Barelang area is filled with natural resources. Sea Food, certainly one of them. Varieties of fishes and fruits and vegetables are seen while driving along JalanTrans Barelang highway.

Even, in the city area, you can see the green front of houses even though a small piece of garden.

Papaya, Guava, mango, and star fruits are there in every housing complex beside beautiful flower garden.

Birds and Animals

Sparrow, Pigeon, Sea Gull, Kolibri, Oriole, Black Throat, Oriole and much other wild bird you can see while you travel by hill and forest area. Chicken and duck are available too. Besides these, people also pet a lot of kinds of birds.

Also, birdsong completion is an enjoyable event mostly on weekend.

Cat, dog and rat are there mostly in housing complexes. Also, lot cat and dog lover pet and rescue stray animals. My wife rescued a cat and now we have few including passing by cats stop over for a meal.

Also, a lot of pet shops you can find if you need.

Barelang Bridges

Now we are here, Barelang Bridges, known as Icon of Batam unofficially. People enjoy the long trip (if the start from city area), and the open sky, open air from and on the bridges.

There are six in total on the Jalan Trans Barelang. And it’s enjoyable and energetic. Nowadays, a lot of small stalls on both sides of the highway.

The lifestyle of Batam Residents

Batam is developing every day.  From school until job opportunity, housing and shopping, in every part of everyday life people are moving forward. As my wife told that, for schooling in her time, in Batam, there was no school.

And, from Belakang Padang, they had to move to a nearby island, example, to Tanjung Pinang.

Now, Batam is having few Polytechnics and Universities including ship and air.
I am here many years and I can see the upgrading development, slow, but it’s happening.

Public Space and Recreation


Government and Private education institutions are moving forward together.  From daycare center until university level. In the education sector, Batam has developed well in the last few years.

Residential Housing Complex

There are many housing developers and a lot of housing complexes in different shape, size, and price. People may purchase in cash or in installment.

Wet Market

Within a certain distance, in between a few housing complexes, you may find a wet market. Also, there are some grocery shops sell fish, meat, and vegetables in the housing area too.

Shopping Mall

There are some shopping malls around Batam. Some are near to ports and the rest are scattered around.

If you are traveling to Batam for holidays or for visiting family or for a business trip, to be sure you are enjoying the city and outskirt, just move around with somebody you know or with a local tour guide service.

This way, you can make your trip more efficient by saving time, energy and money.


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